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How to make good topics?


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I never know how to tag things, never know what section to put it in, never know if it’s allowed. And I’m to scared to get told by mod “No not allowed” cuz it hurts me feelings. Ik the world dosent go around me and the mods are just doing their job with no bad hateful intentions but I can’t help but feel bad even if they just put it in a different section or rename title. How can I properly do everything to avoid wasting their time and feeling bad?

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Not salt the wound, but I'm going to move this over to Site Questions. Site Questions is the forum that is specifically there for users to ask users and/or staff how to use the site, where topics are best placed, and questions on policy and rules. 

To answer you question, make topic titles descriptive. This is a website and they show up in search engines. Tagging isn't all that critical, and when we change tags it's more about an OCD need to have consistency. Moving topics is more about trying to make your topic findable to those that may have a particular interest in the topic. Show Discussion is for elements that we have seen and might see or want to see in the show itself. Sugarcube is for topics related to the fandom, and out there hypotheticals. When in doubt poke a Mod. We aren't too busy to tell you where something is best placed. You aren't wasting our time at all. 

Making a good topic is a matter of learning how to write to engage others. Yes there are self-indulgent motivations involved (no one is going to make a topic about something that disinterests them), but too often the topic is written without understanding the audience.

Some create topics hoping for confirmation that the authors idea was oh so smart and original. When that doesn't happen, the immature types through a hissy fit that it didn't go their way. Avoid that mentality like the norovirus. Create topics where you have an idea or opinion, but actually are interested in opinions that may run counter to yours, change your perspective, or even prove you wrong. Being wrong can be a good thing. Embrace it when it happens. 

MLPF is not that busy in the grand scheme of things. If you are trying to cultivate popular topics, you are bound to be disappointed. This is closer to a boutique site, not a mass gathering of the general internet community. 

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