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Working on a Project and Need Some Advice...


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I'm currently working on my blog/website for my writing called The Pony Library.

The purpose of the site is to house all my writing and Original Characters bios. I have a preview (which I'll post below).

I need some advice on how it looks, if everything is working and looking good etc.

So if you want to suggest anything, by all means, just add your comments here.

Here is the preview link to this site.


Note that things like links and audio won't work for the time being. 

So what do you guys think so far?

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34 minutes ago, SharpWit said:

I'd probably add The Pony Library to the website so it's clear what it is. Hard to provide much input since there's not much on it yet but appearance wise it looks alright.

Thanks @SharpWit. I'm going to be adding a front page at some point. I just needed to know if the images are aligned correctly.

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I suppose a question to ask might be, is there a particular reason you're making a website for your creations from scratch? Not to say that you shouldn't, though, but I am curious, as I noticed there are some that already exist for that purpose.

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