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Applying a multiverse theory to fanfiction


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I have been thinking about this a lot before and I've been wondering. Is their multiple MLP Universes in fanfiction from alternate to comedy or from Tragedy to sad or from horror to romantic and so on and so fourth? The reason I asked this is, because I've been listening to a lot of fanfic reading of MLP on youtube. they are very great and all, but it got me to the main question of this topic now a days. For example. Is their a universe where Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are a romantic couple? Is their a universe where one of the background ponies are not friends anymore and just tried to move on? Is their a universe where one of the mane 6 becomes a psychopathic murder that they try to murder all their friends in ponyville? Is their a universe where the heroes become the villians and the villians become the heroes! Next thing I know is that the list of questions of the fanfic universe keep going on and on. What do you ladies and gentlecolts think about this theory I've brought up? Have you ever had any theories on this before, too?


( To be honest, I feel like Rick from Rick and Morty when I was explaining my theory! )

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2 minutes ago, Midnight Solace said:

There are tons of fanfics about alternate universes everywhere on the Internet. It's crazy to see how far the fanfic authors can go.

That is true! It's like they let their own fantasies and imaginations run wild on a fanfic they write! Their are a lot of great fanfic writers out their that are willing to share their version of MLP whenever they post their fanfics!

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I’ve always considered every fanfic that doesn’t explicitly state that it takes place in the same universe as another to be in its own universe. I figured that was the default.

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Yes, there are tons of.

 I love to write story differently than the show. I have to add my own OCs, set my own backstory for some of them, and that's rarely have to do something with cannon. 

I sometimes keep the changes to minimum, just in case my stories follow the same storyline. 

Moreover I guess I never write the more than one story in one universe. Heck, I have a story in which I have tried many possible universes and many possible ways my story could take place. 

I just love fanfic writing. It gives me a chance to try different characters and sceneries I'd never see in the show.

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There are fanfics with alternate universes that have just about every premise imaginable. Some of them just have one little change, like a romantic pairing that isn't canon, and some switch character genders around to play with how different things would be. Some of them have massive changes where something big in Equestrian history happened differently, like one in which Rainbow Dash became Celestia's student instead of Twilight.

And of course, there's a particularly famous fic that has this premise:

3 hours ago, Phasereale said:

Is their a universe where one of the mane 6 becomes a psychopathic murder that they try to murder all their friends in ponyville


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