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Could there be a G4.5?

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I had a crazy idea. If G5 fails among fans (or fans just don't want to leave their G4 ponies), could there be a possibility of a G4.5? I mean, come on! G3 got a G3.5. And I know that there's already Equestria Girls, but that doesn't really count as a G4.5 (just a spinoff). Maybe it could have some more mature themes since everyone who started watching G4 will be teens or adults now.

Maybe include the CMC, Daring Do, or someone else as a "mane" character?

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If there's a G4.5, I would say it would take place years in the future! 40 year old Mane Six, Spike's grown up and getting too big for the castle, CMCs are travelling, Student 6 become the Teacher 6, stuff like that!

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It depends on what you count as a Gx.5.

I (and a few others) consider 'My Little Pony Tales' as G1.5. It's the same toy line, and pretty much the same art style, but the setting and characters are wildly different from My Little Pony 'n Friends, the original G1 animation.

G3.5 is a bit more confusing, as they had a toy line-up change (called Core 7) where they sliced the number of toys to just 7 characters. Then they had a toy and animation art style change (starting with the 'New Look' line), but they kept the same Core 7 characters. Where exactly 'G3.5' is in that mess of changes is a bit wonky and opinion varies. :)

So a G4.5 could be... anything. If they keep the same characters but change the setting and art style, then what everyone's been calling G5 might *actually* be G4.5 depending on your definitions.


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The thought of a G4.5 makes my mouth water! It would be a great way to transition fans from G4 to G5 or to soothe those of us who want to keep the Mane 6 in the heart of things. It would also give the CMC a much needed venue for storylines at a slightly older age, something I've always wanted to see.  

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A man can get struck by lightning and H-Bro can make G5.4. It is not an impossible event. However, G5 would fail for the same reasons G4.5 would. In other words: if G5 fails there is no short-term future for pony.

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