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My Episode Ideas for MLP: FIM


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"Friends Forever"
Twilight Sparkle finds an old scrapbook in Rarity's attic in the Boutique, and Rarity reveals flashbacks of how Her, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy met before she arrived in Ponyville.

"Rarity's Gold Rush"
Rarity comes across a huge pile of treasure deep in a mountain. With Rarity's new-found wealth she's able to afford anything she wants, But will her new-found wealth alienate her from the friends who were her friends before she became rich?

"Little Farm of Horrors"

Applejack, Twilight, and Apple Bloom attempt to fight off a disease that's been plaguing Sweet Apple Acres before Shining Armor and Princess Cadance arrive to visit them.

"Cakes Or Apples"

Pinkie Pie and Applejack enter a baking contest and They argue so much about their ideas that they decide to compete against Each Other.

"Uninvited Pests"

Rarity's parents stay with their daughter when their house gets flooded, and although Rarity loves them dearly, their presence overtime starts to become an inconvenient burden on her life and business Mario Star and the Mane 6 decide to help her out with taking care of her parents until Her parent's house gets fixed.

"An Old Flame"
Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash have fun being best friends and pranking others in Ponyville, but Rainbow Dash meets her Past friend Gilda who's returned to seek out Rainbow Dash's help. Gilda requests Rainbow and Pinkie's help in saving her family from a group that's kidnapped them. I don't know yet on who the group would be and what their motive is on Kidnapping Gilda's family, but I would say that The group's motive is they have a grudge against the Griffons and Gilda would have to put her difference aside from Dash and Pinkie to save her family.

"Wheel Bound"
When A handicapped pony named Spinshot enters school, The Cutie Mark Crusaders would be determined to help the pony fit in. They help out Spinshot whenever they can but it's clear that Spinshot might not want all that help with everything.

"Tribal Trouble"
Zecora mysteriously leaves one day. Determined to find out where she is going the CMC follows her. They find out Zecora is heading back home in order to witness her own daughter's mark ceremony. Will the CMC ruin the ceremony in their intention to help their friend? The episode would not only show more of Zecora's life and what it's like for her at her home, but also what they do when one of them gets their Cutie mark.

"On The Homefront" (Takes Place Sometime After The Canterlot Wedding Storyline)

Chrysalis & her Changeling army may have been defeated, but Canterlot is still recovering from their attack. Between the rebuilding efforts, keeping the Royal Guard running smoothly, and a wave of paranoia over lingering Changeling spies, Shining Armor has his hooves full & request Mario Star & Flash Sentry's help. When rumors spread that a new recruit may be a Changeling, Shining goes to investigate personally with Mario & Flash's Help. Can He juggle his search for the truth & his duties as Captain, all while keeping a lid on Changeling paranoia?

"Aces of Hearts "

The Wonderbolts aren't the only great fliers around. The griffins have their own team of ace fliers: the rough-and-tumble Talon Company. Both squads are performing together in Cloudsdale, and Rainbow Dash has a front-row seat! It's almost a dream come true for Rainbow but then she learns that her former friend, Gilda, is Talon's newest member. The two flyers would work on putting their past behind them so the old friends can share the skies In Equestria again.

 "Under The Shining Sea"
Fluttershy is saved from drowning by a group of Sea Ponies. They inform Fluttershy of ponies building a resort that would destroy their mating grounds, Which causes Fluttershy to try and convince her friends to help save something everypony thinks is a fairy tale.

 "The Life, Times, and Rhymes of Zecora"
The episode would be about Zecora visiting her homeland of Zebrica, and she's letting Twilight come along with her. Twilight and Zecora catches a ride on a trade ship and arrive at the desert city of Istanbull, without problems until they find out that the caravan Zecora arranged to take them to her village is delayed, much to their dismay. As for The reason Twilight is traveling with Zecora, Either it can be because they're on a Diplomatic mission together with Zecora as a guide, or maybe A Cutie Map mission. To cheer themselves up while they wait, Zecora, Twilight, and Mario wander Istanbull's sandstone streets, as Zecora recounts her life in Zebrica, and how and why she came to Equestria.

"The Name of the Blossom"
Fluttershy and Zecora travel to the Zebra kingdom of Zebria to retrieve a missing ingredient for an antidote for Fluttershy's animal friends. While at Zebria, Fluttershy learns some awful truths about why Zecora left her kingdom in the first place.

"Rainbow Rescued"
After Fluttershy saves Rainbow Dash's life from nearly crashing, Rainbow feels that her reputation/ego is now in jeopardy when she admits to everypony that she was saved by Fluttershy.

"Dashie's Fair Pegasus"

Rainbow Dash starts developing a crush on one of the Wonderbolt members Soarin. RD Would be Determined to get Soarin's attention by turning to Rarity to make her look beautiful and embrace being treated like A Lady and becoming a mare worthy of Soarin's attention.

"Chaos City"

Ponyville still views Discord as a bad guy So with the help of Fluttershy, he creates a new amusement park called Chaos City. All of the ponies enjoy the rides, games, and prizes but Discord's magic starts to attack the ponies against his will and after Twilight saves every pony they leave the now destroyed park. Fluttershy later tells Discord that to be friends with others he should be himself.

"Pony For A Day Part 1"
Princess Celestia starts to be Tired of not relaxing because of her Duties as Equestria's ruler, so she decides to cast a spell on herself which transforms her into a normal Pegasus. With Celestia's new disguise, She's determined to find out what her subjects really think of her, but can she keep her identity secret from a suspicious Twilight?

"Pony For A Day Part 2"
Princess Celestia's attempts at normal Pony life end in her wanting to stay as a normal pony because she just wants to relax. Twilight also discovers Celestia's identity and is convinced to change back. Will Celestia want to go back to being a monarch after seeing what her subjects are like when she's not?

"The POV of Big Mac"
The episode would mainly focus on Big Macintosh's point of view and we would learn what really goes on inside Big Macintosh's head and how Big Macintosh sees everything around him.

"Seeds Of Truth" (Rewritten Version Of One Bad Apple)
One Bad Apple was the 4th Episode of Season 3, and I still consider it to be a Bad Representation of Bullying. My take on the episode would have Applejack along with The Cutie Mark Crusaders going to Manehattan to visit Babs Seed, but they find out that Babs has been avoiding her Friends & Family. It's later revealed that the reason why Babs Seed was avoiding them In Manehattan was due to her being bullied by some of the Manehattan Citizens which makes her feel like if she was seen with her family, she would be made fun of even more, but AJ and The CMC Decide to help her through it.

"It's a Harmonious Life" (Rewritten Version Of Three's A Crowd)
I just rewatched the "Three's A Crowd" Episode and to be honest, the episode isn't as good as I remembered it. here's what it would be about: Discord reluctantly travels across Equestria to take notes regarding friendship at Celestia's request. While doing so, he disguises himself as a pony so he won't be recognized. And no, his cover is not blown at any moment. At the end of his adventure, he returns to the princess with a list of valuable lessons he's learned. However, the one lesson that stuck out the most to him was about friendship is a two-way street. If that's the case, shouldn't the rest of Fluttershy's friends try to trust him more if he's actually trying to change his ways?

This episode would acknowledge something about Discord's story throughout the series that has really bugged me. I would've loved if it was actually addressed in the show. It would make Discord a little more sympathetic so viewers can better understand his reason behind the inevitable betrayal. It would be kind of inspired by the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "Zuko Alone" as Discord would go on a solo adventure that would give us a deeper look at him.

"Ponyville: The Musical"
How the episode would go is that Twilight performs the wrong spell from her spellbook on accident which causes A strange plague that spreads across Ponyville. It causes everypony, Including the Mane 6, to start singing everything they say and Twilight must find a way to stop it before it becomes permanent. It would basically be a parody of the show's musical aspect and would have songs similar to the ones from the Henry Danger The Musical episode.

"Sister Eclipse Part 1&2"
Part 1
would serve As A detailed flashback of how Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon when An argument occurred between Princess Celestia & Luna that caused a solar eclipse. Luna threatened to use her powers as Nightmare Moon to keep the sun in its current state. Twilight and Shining Armor can still learn the details of how it happened as a present-day framing device for the story.

Part 2 would have A Nightmare Moon-Related Cult start causing the eclipse and threaten to send the whole world into chaos unless Luna surrenders herself and becomes NM again. The solar eclipse starts to cause Natural Disasters across Equestria and Twilight, Shining Armor &  Spike would be trying to help Princess Celestia and Luna compromise or else Equestria is doomed. Meanwhile, The Mane 5 would be saving as many lives as they can from the Natural Disasters occurring. I'm not entirely sure how this would narratively connect to Nightmare Moon's origins or the tensions that built up to the downfall, but its an idea.

"Moving Day"
On a normal day, one of the girls overhears Twilight discussing a topic with Shining Armor related to A "Moving Day." The Mane 5 starts to come to the conclusion that Twilight is gonna move  to Canterlot in order to train as Princess and Prince, therefore leaving Ponyville. For the ensuing week, each of the Mane 5 do them to give Twilight The Best Week Ever since it will probably be their last together before they see her off to Canterlot. At the end of the episode, it turns out that Twilight will not be moving away at all, but converting the library into a much spacious home for their training, which has the Mane 5 relieved.

"Brothers Unite (Two-Parter)"
Part 1
: After hearing about a prison raid in Tartarus, an army led by Lord Tirek attacks Equestria. The Mane Six calls upon Princess Celestia and Luna for help, and Shining Armor asks for Spike's help to locate Scorpan once again to help against his brother Tirek.

Part 2: The Mane 6 and Princesses start to get overwhelmed by Tirek while they fight against his army, So It's up to Flash Sentry, Shining Armor and Spike to rescue their friends and stop Tirek with the help of Scorpan. Scorpan shows reluctance to go near his brother due to their history at first, but Shining and Spike in some way convince him too since if He doesn't help them, Equestria could be doomed. The climax of Part 2 would have The Mane 6 and Princesses cornered or trapped by Tirek and his army, but Flash Sentry, Shining Armor, Spike, and Scorpan arrive to save the day. Scorpan would try to reason with Tirek at first, but he ultimately refuses, which gives Shining Armor and Spike and Scorpan no choice but to take him down by force.

"An Old Friend" (Two-Parter) 

The episode introduces Tirek's brother Scorpan for the first time. How that would work is Twilight, Shining Armor and Spike decided to travel with Princess Celestia and Luna to the land of the gargoyles and centaurs, where they meet up with Tirek's brother Scorpan. However, they find out that Scorpan has become exiled for a thousand years after leaving his brother, Lord Tirek, imprisoned in Equestria, So Part 1 and 2 would focus on them finding ways to help Scorpan regain the respect of his people.

"The Cutie Mark Snatcher" (Two-Parter)
When the CMC Hang out with each other In Ponyville, the Cutie Mark Crusaders meet a unicorn stallion named Snatcher carrying a strange book filled with what appears to be cutie marks. When they introduce him to Ponyville, he secretly reveals his true colors and starts stealing all of the cutie marks in Ponyville by using magic to literally pull off cutie marks including Twilight's and place them in his book. Those affected by his spell become depressed vegetables.

What is more, Snatcher can use the talents of the ponies whose cutie marks she's stolen. Despite his ability to perform all of these different talents, he still finds herself unhappy. The only ones unaffected by his spell are the Crusaders and Spike, and they try to stop him unsuccessfully. Snatcher then devises a game for him and the three Crusaders to play because they were so nice to him. He invites them to partake in designed challenges, the catch being that they have to go at them separately without assistance in order to reach him at his throne.

Snatcher's challenges would go down like this:

1) Snatcher challenges Scootaloo to a race of speed, and I know Scootaloo can't fly in the original show, but in my version let's say she does and isn't a disabled flyer. Snatcher surpasses Scootaloo at first, but Scootalo starts to remember some encouraging advice she got from Rainbow Dash related to the need for speed, which gives Scootaloo the motivation to catch up and beat Snatcher.

2) Sweetie is pitted against an army of living dolls that see her as their "Princess," and try not to smother her so that shell is their "best friend forever." Seeing as how the dolls will only listen to "Princess Belle," Sweetie Belle uses this to her advantage and declares it to be naptime, but none of the dolls are tired so she sings them a wonderful lullaby that lulls them all to sleep, which allows Sweetie Belle to be allowed to pass, while Snatchy is clearly mesmerized by her voice.

3) Apple Bloom is pitted against Snatcher's "Trojan Pony," armed with pies, slingshots, and a flamethrower. Apple Bloom is forced to run for the most part, but a rock gets caught in the robot, causing it to fall apart and fling Snatchy out. However, Apple Bloom can't pass because she didn't really "defeat" Snatchy. Apple Bloom then offers to fix the Trojan Pony if she can be allowed to pass. Snatcher agrees, and Apple quickly fixes it.

When all three Crusaders finally meet Snatcher on his throne in the center of Ponyville, where he tries to make them one more offer to make them his personal bodyguards. The girls immediately refuse, with Snatcher retorting that they just are stuck the rest of there with nothing but stupid colors on their flanks.

This sentence strikes a chord in the Crusaders, and they look at their flanks with great surprise: Their Cutie Marks are finally there! Snatcher is just as shocked as they are, but he quickly steals the new Cutie marks right off their flanks and puts them in his book. However, this is more than the book can hold causing it to explode, releasing all of the stolen cutie marks and sending back onto the ponies' flanks. It's then revealed that Snatcher already has his cutie mark and talent: Singing. He points out almost immediately that he hates it and he hates his talent because it's embarrassing, so he wanted to find better talent, thinking he could replace his old cutie mark with a new one. Princess Twilight comforts him saying just because you have a unique talent, it doesn't automatically mean its bad and that he should be proud of it because its what makes him special.

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@YoungJustice12334, I love all these episode ideas! However, the topic of this thread doesn't spark much discussion, therefore it would be more fitting as a status update or blog entry (yes, we do have a blog system here! :sassy:) So with that, I will be locking your thread. :)

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