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Are there any tie-in comics for MLP FiM after the final episode of The Last Problem?

Jon the VGNerd

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So after The Last Problem, I always wondered where Luster Dawn and her new friends were headed after the final episode has concluded? Were there any tie-in comics related to Luster Dawn's adventures? Or were they never published in the form of comic books? Does anyone know if there are tie-in comics regarding Luster Dawn and her adventures with her friends, or has IDW stopped publishing MLP FiM comic books altogether?

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No such stories yet.  The last of the regular FiM issues were set right after the present day portions of the final episode.

Minis have been done with FiM cast playing out roles in classic literature.  A line called Classics Reimagined.

First was Little Fillies based off Little Women and recently done (Need to do a catch up with the last few weeks of comics) was Unicorn of Odd, based off The Wizard of Oz.

The book not the movie since for example Disney had to pay a fee to use the Ruby Slippers in Return to Oz.  There are some jokes about public domain stuff.

Also I found recently is a one shot coming in February based off Romeo and Juliet with Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich.

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I would really like to see IDW return to the FIM era, if not for an ongoing monthly title then at least for a series of miniseries. More could be done with the School of Friendship and the Student Six (plus the school could use a full-time teaching staff that doesn't include the Mane Six). There is also the Undiscovered West to be explored and the lands to the South of Equestria and East of Griffonstone and the Dragon Lands. One of the Storm King's airships should be refitted and given a crew of explorers. 

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