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Anyone seen Equestria At War which is a mod for Hearts of Iron 4? 

A couple of my friends discovered it and thought it'd be a great way to finally get me to play Hearts of Iron (It was). The depth it goes into is insane! and I'm honestly surprised it's never been talked about on here. If you don't know what Hearts of Iron is then it's basically a grand strategy where you play as a nation and "basically" try to take over the world. The base game is set within World War 2 so you have a choice of many "fun" nations. Equestria At War changes the entire map and adds a bunch of nations such as Equestria, Crystal Empire, The Changling Lands, Stalliongard (yes, I know..), and many many more. There are a lot of made up nations as well to fill in the gaps that tend to involve the other races within MLP such as Griffins and Dragons.


All these nations have their own goals and events that can take place. I think the Equestria, The Crystal Empire, and the Changling lands are the most developed in terms of events that they can get but I could be wrong. Examples of events being that you can play as Sombra and have him take over the Crystal Empire, or have Nightmare Moon or even Dawnbreaker form the Luna Empire or the Solar Empire respectively.


I think the best thing about it really is just the insane things that can happen within what is meant to be the MLP Universe. It's really not as "cutesy" and calm as you'd likely think. 


Very accurate meme from the Equestria at War reddit : mylittlepony

Not sure how many people have heard about this mod but I thought I'd try to bring some more awareness to it as it's honestly super impressive for a fan project about ponies going to war xD

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2 hours ago, cuteycindyhoney said:

Quick question. Can magic be used to split the atom? If so, the region with the most Unicorns will win!

xD There are nukes but sadly I don't think magic can SPLIT THE ATOM. Some nations like Sombra's Crystal Empire have goals to get nukes

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