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2D slice of life 3D adventure.


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I believe the 2D show will be a slice-of-life comedy show with a lot of random humor. I sincerely hope that the 3D show will be an epic adventure series with an arc of some kind if this apparent first season is purportedly only going to be eight episodes long. Like, come on. 

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I sincerely hope that both of them have good writing. I don't want some random comedy show like pony life but with G5, that'd be a waste of a good chance to get some good adventure with it. Maybe make it something more detailed than that. 

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Sticking slice of life into that Californian trashcan for 3D to be adventure is a sacrifice I'm willing to embrace. However, that is not how these things work. History teaches that 2D will be 50 IQ trash along the lines of Teen Titans GO, and 3D is gonna be one big tea party toy commercial.

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