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Debate Pit: Closed for Renovation

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33 minutes ago, Luna the Great of all the Russias said:

From my impression, it struck me that many posts that were considered hostile in some way could have easily been rewritten to be strictly argumentative -- it seemed there was often substance, but the presentation improper.


I‘ve always made sure to always make a point with those posts, even with the amount of emojis. And yes, I was fully aware the lack of presentation that would cause, but alas circumstances forced me to adapt to the game field.


38 minutes ago, Luna the Great of all the Russias said:

 It is possible to disagree strongly -- very strongly -- with the other without resorting to insults.

AND constant Ad Hominem, which unfortunately led me to such things. Again, thank goodness the current Debate Pit evened the play field for everyone

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1 minute ago, Fluttershutter said:

I've always supported the debate pit though I rarely use it. When people are restricted in what they can discuss it makes things worse, not better.

Conflict happens. It's not the end of the world.

If one wants to Debate - they can do it another forum. Why does this forum need a political channel? That's not what the forum is about.

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I'm keeping my responses limited as this is not debate pit, but I have read every post and appreciate the input and outstanding example this discussion has set for how all ought to be conducted within that arena.

When the U.S. House of Representatives had a 5 day work week, many opted to live in the capital. This resulted in members frequently running into each other at restaurants, places of worship, sporting g events, even while bringing or picking up their children from school. Housing was so limited in some instances that representatives would have to become roommates, and they hardly had a choice in who they found themselves with. Today we see just how nasty politicians can be to each other, could you imagine what it'd be like having to potentially live with a person who's motions you've spent the entire day arguing against? Well it turns out you learn very quickly how to live with one another. You set differences aside for cooking, eating, keeping the house in order, and so forth. You learn to break bread, and the best part is that this gets brought back into the workplace. When politicians can't escape from each other, they find compromise, and in everyday life form a community. That community had sadly faded with the intensity put towards fundraising and the ability to fly in for only a few days each week.

Why am I sharing this?


Because this forum is a community that mirrors all of the aspects of real life. Some think that because there's a screen between us that they can just do whatever amd get away with it, but that's not really the case. Every section, every discussion is like the representatives encounters in the real world, whether it's passing by on the street or bumping into one another at the supermarket. Things can get heated in the debate pit but any responsible user knows that there is a decorum to uphold, no matter what part of this site we participate in. We also know that at the end of it all, we are here because we share a passion for a show that teaches us about love, friendship, and tolerance. It's up to us as individuals to carry on these virtues, and it's why we can climb out of the pit, hand in hand, heads held high and smiles wide. In the pit we test these virtues, explore ideas and broaden our perspectives. We listen and learn from one another in hopes that we all come out better for it.

The purpose of the pit is not to roll in the filth, but to brush off the dirt.

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