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Most overrated ship


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I made an A Ship That Shouldn't Exist topic, but since I can't find one for this I'm posting this (And I don't know how to delete topics or if that's even possible)



The absolute worst. I hate the "Friends with benefits" dynamic because with them it's annoying, they feel like basically the same pony, they have like no personality to work off of, and it literally came from them standing next to each other. STANDING NEXT To EACH OTHER

It doesn't make sense. Pinkie annoys Twilight too much and their dynamic is very pretentious

Hate it. It sucks. They fight too much. The only pro I can think of is that they're both terrible characters so they kinda deserve each other. The "nerd and jock" dynamic is ok, but also weird

I've always thought these two were cousins so, enough said

They're too different. Before anyone says "Opposites attract", yeah I hate that trope. I don't see their chemistry because they're usually fighting. Sure they make up in the end, but it never feels deserved. also, people really need to stop looking at every scene they're in together and say "Oh my god they're lightly blushing near each other! They must be a couple, it has to be canon!"

....................... Who da heck is Button Mash

The fans are annoying. Discord does NOT flirt with Celestia, he gave her two bouqets to say sorry, one for her and one for Luna. If he had for fall for one of them I'd say Luna would be better

*Sigh* I can see why people ship this, but I'm pretty sure people are just trying to feed their lesbian tendencies (let me make myself clear, I am not homophobic, the fact that it's a lesbian ship isn't the problem. For me, it's the fact that it feels like that's the reason why people ship it. I doubt it would be as popular if Trixie or Starlight was a boy)

They barely know each other. Big Mac has shown to have no attraction to Fluttershy and she just doesn't seem like one to fall for a Stallion like him

Meeeh. I prefer them as friends. Rainbow Dash is too pushy with Fluttershy. Also Rainbow Dash definitely doesn't deserve a mare as good as Fluttershy

Just not my type. They're better as friends. I guess I can kind of see it. But people need to calm down

No. Just no

I prefer them as friends. And I prefer Spikebelle and Gabbymar

Derpy doesn't deserve Doc's intellect and Doc doesn't deserve Derpy's derp. Rosewhooves and Derpyshoes forever!!!

Eh. It's the least annoying background pony ship, but it's still boring

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I understand what they were trying to do with Fluttercord, but its cringe, and forced, they dont belong together. Hes a weird simp, and shes literally being pitted into accepting him based on his weird hyper obsession it almost feels like. I hate the ship, i understand the "opposites attract thing" i think they should have just had a unique friendship, I dont think it was good, I see her with a man that is actually masculine, and redeeming, not a psychopath manipulation control freak. 

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The Titanic. It was quite overrated.

As far as MLP anyone can ship anyone to anything to their heart's content. But if you put a gun to my head and told me to choose a ship to erase from existence, it would be Dislestia.

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