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Underrated/Overrated episodes


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Let's get the negativity out of the way first. Got way more episodes I think are underrated anyway. 



Look Before You Sleep - Nearly unwatchable from the obnoxious bickering between two characters who always, with almost no exceptions, bring out the worst in each other. 


Luna Eclipsed - Seriously, does nobody care about how Pinkie more or less got away with ostracising Luna? That was awfully mean-spirited of her, and the episode tries to play it off as all being in good fun. 


It's About Time - Might play better to me on a rewatch, but I just don't really enjoy watching Twilight make ridiculous leaps in logic, even if it is justified by her sleep deprivation, and this episode doesn't have any of the depth of "Lesson Zero." It's also the first I watched when it came out, and it just wasn't a good start. 


Magical Mystery Cure - Hey guys, did you know that ponies have to obey their cutie mark and have no control over their own lives? And clearly Twilight is the only character who matters, because it's not like all five other main characters have accomplished just as much as her. The songs sound good but everything in them is pure poison. Honestly though, as much as I hate Twilicorn, it's really the emphasis on "destiny" which makes this episode so gross to me now, especially with the context of the S4 premiere. Speaking of which...


Princess Twilight Sparkle - The Tree of Harmony would have been enough to get this episode on my bad side, but it's also overstuffed, Twilight's emotional arc is given no breathing room, and it puts a cliffhanger in a flashback which has nothing to do with the main story. AND it's a cliffhanger which we've already learned the resolution to, so it's kinda impossible to rewatch once you know what's going on. Bad writing all around. 


Bats! - Y'know, Applejack's stance is perfectly reasonable, so it seems kinda odious that the episode paints her in such a negative light. I think that's only supposed to refer to her approach, but that this doesn't come across well only underlines how poorly executed this episode is. And, yeah, that stinger is kinda messed up, and basically invalidates the episode's plot anyway. 


Maud Pie - Maud is nice, but the episode over-emphasizes the contrast between her and the mane six to the point of making her appear a little insensitive. Plus, the rock poetry is a little too silly when treated as an oddity - makes Maud almost feel like a one-joke character. 


Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 - Half of this is great, but the opening bit with Twilight and Rainbow is brutal. Lot of flat jokes, all of which rely on obnoxiously exaggerated characterization. Makes these two seem almost like Rarity and Applejack in how much they bring out the worst in each other. 


The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone - The unfortunate implications of one culture bettering another by introducing their values is kinda hard to ignore, especially with how difficult it is to believe that the destitute griffon society would not have a single person try to make friends, even if just out of sheer necessity. That's not how societies work, dammit! Plus, Gilda is drained of all life here, and I was never really able to be invested in her. 


Amending Fences - I'm sorry, I cannot sympathize with Moondancer. We know that Twilight was a recluse who had no interest in friendship, so it's hard for me to picture exactly how Moondancer would come to perceive their relationship as meaning anything to her. Furthermore, Twilight barely knows Moondancer. How does she know that Moondancer is actually being self-destructive, and didn't just decide that friendship wasn't her thing either? Was it necessary for Twilight to stalk her and shove friendship down her throat? How does Twilight react to people who just don't have much interest in social interaction? What is this episode's moral?! I'm baffled that so many people consider it one of the show's best!


Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? - At least half of this is just action and callbacks, which I already happen to think have nothing to do with the show's strengths, but it's also pretty weightless, unimaginative, crappy action, and that action focus combined with the callbacks and the fact that this is a "serious" Luna episode gives it an overwhelming feeling of pandering to the fanbase to me. Not necessarily dispassionate, but misguided, and the fact that the humour in this is painfully lazy doesn't help, nor does the extremely questionable moral of "getting over" obvious trauma. Barely any redeeming qualities here if you ask me. 


Hearthbreakers - The main plot is tedious as all hell and drowns out all the charming stuff happening in the margins. Mostly frustrating, though not without its merits. 


The Mane Attraction - Coloratura's main conflict is powerful and her response is admirable, but I can't remember her personality at all, and Applejack learns absolutely nothing from this. It's yet another one of those episodes where a main character helps another character with their issues, while learning nothing in the process, and stands out for adding almost nothing to the show itself. 


Gauntlet of Fire - Look, it's fine, but I have no idea how this forgettable, by-the-numbers adventure episode became so popular. It's moderately amusing at times, it has an okay message, and while it does have the uncomfortable idea of non-ponies adopting pony values, at least the dragons don't seem to be in utter disrepair when the ponies arive. And yet... it's so unexceptional. Ember is a sterotype, it's not really about anything the show hasn't been about many times before, and no returning characters really grow from it or express an especially meaningful internal conflict. It's just okay. 


Viva Las Pegasus - I kinda like this one but there isn't a whole lot memorable about it. The setting is merely window dressing, Applejack and Fluttershy spend a good amount of the story separated, any memorable new characters are underused, and the plot lacks originality. I get why people like it, but to praise it to the high heavens like everyone else is doing is confusing to me. 



Feeling Pinkie Keen - My god, that's some top-tier slapstick. 


Owl's Well That Ends Well - Always thought this supplied some good, emotional development of Spike and Twilight's relationship. Spike's a bit silly and Twilight's a bit pedantic, but I liked seeing how much they care about each other. 


Putting Your Hoof Down - "New Fluttershy" is charismatic. As flawed as this episode is, that one fact does a lot to keep it entertaining. 


Dragon Quest - Aside from the cold open, this has top-tier characterization around the board, it's very funny, and I think its moral is really nice. Always struck by how far Rarity and Rainbow Dash, arguably the show's two best characters, have come since S1. 


Ponyville Confidential - Distinctly recall pushback against this one back in the day, but while the Ponyville ponies were kinda petty and hypocritical to the CMC, what they were doing was wrong, and it's not hard to see why ponies around them would be angry and mistrustful. Need to rewatch this one. 


One Bad Apple - Empathy: it's good. Babs Seed is a fully fleshed-out and ultimately sympathetic character, and I like her, and I really like that the CMC were able to welcome her and show her a better way in the end. Plus, I'm weak against pro-empathy morals in general. 


Spike at your Service - This episode is funny, and the conversation around the middle where Applejack is complaining to Rarity is one of the most organic and casual scenes in the entire show. I want to see that kind of conversation more often. 


Just for Sidekicks - It's funny. 


Daring Don't - It's very funny. 


Leap of Faith - I think this is just as good as "Rarity Takes Manehattan" and "Pinkie Pride," in no small part because the conflict to Applejack's honesty is quite possibly the most difficult one to face. It takes imminent danger for her to open up, and it's very understandable why that would be. 


Equestria Games - An exercise in sustained empathy. As jokes, the awkward moments don't work, but on some level I think this episode is supposed to be kinda painful, because it lets us empathize with what Spike's going through, and I find his struggle to be very sympathetic and interesting. Plus, this is quite possibly Cadance's best episode. She's just the sweetest thing, and I'd rewatch this episode just for her. 


Party Pooped - The yaks consider lying to be a grave insult, and wars have definitely been started over less than feeling that your people have been personally insulted and disrespected. Furthermore, this is very funny, and I just love the whole premise that Twilight and friends are dealing with diplomacy for the first time and are woefully unprepared for this. I would watch an entire show of that. 


The Crystalling  - A bit heavy on exposition, but Starlight's conundrum is sympathetic, and I really enjoy seeing Shining Armour and Princess Cadance struggling with being new parents. Think this is the first time in a while we've gotten a significant amount of Shining Armour, too, and combine that with the focus on character development, the lack of a major villain or even threat until halfway through, and the mane six acting more as damage control than big heroes, and this is still the freshest the show's been in ages. 


The Gift of Maud Pie - It's the little details which make this one. Rarity and Pinkie Pie have the sort of warm, amicable dynamic which is my favourite in this show, and they're really funny together. Then there's Maud, who's not only funny but has come to show emotions in subtle but percievable ways, making her a much more endearing character than in her debut. Plus, learning about the Pies' tradition is great, and it's a good non-map excuse to have two characters in one place, as Rarity expanding her business is also lovely. She's gonna be a big name some day! 


On Your Marks - Hardly great, but it's a lot funnier than everyone seems to give it credit for, and I like that it at least tries to point to a new direction for the CMC, even if it stays pretty surface level and inconclusive. 


Newbie Dash - Finds a very inventive way to evoke just how far Dash has come in order to become a Wonderbolt, using a name which was once used to mock her as her Wonderbolt callsign, thus inverting its meaning. In simpler terms, this is about Dash reclaiming the name "Crash" as a symbol of her accomplishments, and that's really satisfying. It also finds a fresh spin on the "Dash needs to learn some humility" theme by having Dash's boasting escalate with her insecurity, therefore meaning that she actually needs a boost to her ego in order to stop bragging and showboating. If only it weren't for the impressions scene, this would be one of S6's very best. 


Spice Up Your Life - It's fun and there's nothing wrong with Rarity's characterization. 


28 Pranks Later - It has a cool atmosphere and a lot of funny jokes. That makes up for a lot in my book. 


To Where and Back Again - It's only a couple people who are griping about this one, but I really don't care about the plot contrivances or even formula beats as long as we get to spend time with such endearing characters and see them express insecurities and bounce off each other. Does what "Viva Las Pegasus" tried to do but way better. 

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Unfortunately, Slice of Life is extremely overrated for me. :lie: I’ve seen everypony go on and on about how brilliant it is and how it was so great that the background ponies got their moment. :secret: And while I don’t have a problem with them getting more prominent roles every once in a while, that doesn’t mean that you just completely toss the Mane Six aside. :( Even a supporting role wouldn’t be so bad. :worry: I don’t even mind when we get a CMC episode because at least they’re fun to stick around with. :catface:

Future episodes that don’t have the Mane Six I think are unanimously disliked so there’s no problem there but this one is an episode I constantly see on people’s lists of great episodes and I just don’t see why. :mlp_rarity: Again, sorry to anypony who likes it! :coco:

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Top Bolt

Stare Master

May the best Pet Win

Hearth's Warming Eve

Buckball Season

Marks and Recreation

Discordant Harmony

Common Ground


The Last Problem

The Perfect Pear (I don't dislike this episode, I just find it a bit overrated)


Suited for Success


There are more episodes I'd consider underrated and overrated, but these are just some that came to mind.



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Back in the haydays (pun intended :P) I'd say that Sonic Rainboom was the most overrated episode. Now, I'd kinda have to go with @TomDaBombMLP and say that Slice of Life is the most overrated simply due to the huge amount of fan service. 

Most underrated? The Mane Attraction. That was such an amazing episode and it really showed what happens within a parasitic relationship. 

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Mysterious Mare Do Well: I don't really like this episode anymore, but I still don't think it deserves the rock bottom reputation it has. There are plenty of great jokes and the scene of Rainbow alone on the cloud is one of her best character moments.

The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows: I don't see many people who're that negative towards this episode, but I don't think many other people would call it their favorite episode of the season. I just think this episode is incredibly funny.


Hurricane Fluttershy: It's a solid episode, but I don't know why people call it one of the best of the show. I don't even think it's one of the best of the season. It plays out a cliché story without much of a twist on it. It tells the story well, but there's just nothing exceptional here.

Wonderbolt Academy: Same as Hurricane Fluttershy, except a little weaker.

Rarity Takes Manehattan: The story is paced so badly that it has no impact.

Amending Fences: I can't ignore how insincere this episode is. The set up kills this episode by having Twilight go back to Canterlot because she feels guilty, not because she genuinely cares about her old friends. She doesn't even remember their names.

Crusaders of the Lost Mark: Diamond Tiara really is just the poor man's Pacifica Northwest. Also having the CMC all get the same cutie mark is a cop out.



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Underrated: Bridle Gossip, The Last Roundup, Feeling Pinkie Keen, Honest Apple, Look Before You Sleep, and Tanks for the Memories.

Overrated: Luna Eclipsed, Sparkle Seven, Frenemies, A Royal Problem, and Putting Your Hoof Down.

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Friendship is Magic (Exclusively part 2): Twilight contributes NOTHING. Why is she the element of magic? All she did was say "ThIs PoNy DiD tHiS" and she gets all the credit.

The Ticket Master: The mane six literally JUST saved Equestria, why is Twilight the only one with a ticket?

Winter Wrap-Up: "Oh NO, Twiwight doesn't fit in! Now she's ruining everyone else's work and listening to a baby dwagons instructions and being surprised when it goes wrong!" I'm sorry. But isn't Twilight supposed to be the smart one? Why is she taking Spike's advice. And this episode is trying so hard to make me feel bad for her but I don't.

The Cutie Mark Chronicles: I wish a different member of the mane six got everyone their cutie marks and not Rainbow Dash, or maybe just not have their cutie mark stories be connected at all or better yet not show the stories to allow some freedom. But this isn't a bad episode as it was well paced, and having the CMCs be in search of RD made it a wait.

Lesson Zero: Twilight should've been scolded for what she did. But no. Her friends were in the wrong for not taking her "seriously" even though she was being stupid for worrying. They had the right reaction. But I guess this episode was made so Twilight wouldn't have to be shoehorned into episodes anymore.

Luna Eclipsed: What is there for Twilight to LEARN! She already knew Luna was a good pony. This episode would've worked better if Twilight was the only pony who didn't believe Luna was good now or at least something like that where there's an actual lesson. Oh, and also, what the actual heck Pinkie Pie? What is wrong with you? Pinkie Pie pretty much shuns Luna and never apologizes.

Magical Mystery Cure: This episode is so terribly paced. And the Starswirl spell makes no sense! Oh, and by the way, I knew it was obvious Twilight was going to become princess, but not under this episodes context. Twilight hasn't achieved anything the mane 5 hasn't. Heck I'd say they deserve it more than her.

Twilight Kingdom: God this episode doesn't make senes. The princesses are idiots for giving their magic to Twilight. So much could go wrong. They just made it easier for Tirek to get their magic because they decided to give their magic to an inexperienced idiot that can barely control her own magic.


Amending Fences: Did you know that Twilight used to not appreciate friendship? And did you know that she used to have friends but lost them because she was bad at friendshi- Wait what? I thought the point of the mane six was that Twilight didn't used to have friends. Now you're telling me she already had friends? I don't feel bad for anyone. Moondancer is so dang clingy to Twilight that she just becomes emotionally destroyed by Twilight not coming to her party. And so is Twilight.

A Flurry Of Emotions: Flurry Heart is so annoying. This episode tries to paint Twilight as the "bad guy" when she yells at Flurry Heart, but her bringing Flurry Heart to SICK ponies. Flurry Heart was endagering ponies with her magic. What was Twilight supposed to do? "Oh she could've asked nicely!" yeah, like that would work.

The Perfect Pear: This episode is so boring and generic and cliche. I guess the love story was sweet though.

The Mean 6: Such wasted potential! The Mean 6 could've been interesting, but then they just had to be turned into... Wood? What the-



Look Before You Sleep: This episode is perfectly harmless. I guess Applejack and Rarity are a bit childish, but I thought it was entertaining. Might've worked better if it was Rainbow Dash since she's less mature and it would make more sense but this episode is good.

Green Isn't Your Color: I really like the concept in this episode. Fluttershy being a model is really interesting to watch. But this episode does force Twilight into it.

Owl's Well That Ends Well: I thought it was an ok conflict. Twilight needing a different assistant than Spike made sense, and I thought Spike wanting to be her assistant so badly was sweet.

Putting Your Hoof Down: God was this entertaining as heck. I loved everything about this. And this was a really great step for Fluttershy's development and assertiveness.

Somepony To Watch Over Me: I honestly didn't mind Applejack. I thought it was sweet how protective she was being over Apple Bloom.

Forever Filly: Or in other words Sisterhooves Social 2.0 This episode doesn't get enough love. It's really sweet.

Parental Glideance: Rainbow Dash's parents were great and unique. I thought this was an interesting conflict, for them to be TOO supportive. It actually suits RD to have those type of parents.

Fake It 'Til You Make It: This was a great episode. Another great step for Fluttershy. Fluttergoth, Hisptershy, and Snootyshy were entertaining to watch

Grannies Gone Wild: No one gives this episode the recognition it deserves. Rainbow Dash was really endearing andGranny Smith and her friends were funny. But, Google. What kind of cover image is this?


The End In Friend: People hate on this episode too much. This was an important step for Rainbow Dash and Rarity's friendship.

Sweet And Smoky: I thought this episde was very sweet and light-hearted. It was a nice reform for Garble.

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