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Overrated Characters?

Lucky Bolt

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Derpygate alone should warrant putting her here. That was absolutely embarrassing 

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Twilight sparkle - She's the worst and doesn't deserve anything she got

Rainbow Dash - Annoying, self-centered, and people ship her too much (I will mention that whenever I say how bad she is because that lie is that annoying)

Pinkie Pie - Annoying, annoying, annoying, did I mention annoying?

Flurry Heart - WASTED POTENTIAL! She's just a bad copy of Poof

Lyra/Bon Bon - They're very bland and have nothing special about them

Apple Bloom - I don't understand why she's the leader of the CMCs. It should be Sweetie Belle, she's more interesting

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I just changed my opinion
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As I Pinkie Pie fan, Maud Pie, she has nothing to go for other than just literally making three facial expressions, being obsessed with rocks, and dating Mudbrair, she wasn't even in The Cutie Mark Chronicles.

Am I saying she's A bad sister, no, but the other two sisters deserve their time in the spotlight too.


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