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what nicknames do you have for the rooms in your home?


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When I was a little kid (we’re talking like 5 or 6) I used to think “the great room” (another name for living room basically) was actually called “the grape room”.

Yes, like the fruit.

I’m not sure why. Besides misunderstanding my parents when they said great room and thinking they were saying grape instead. We also had carpet in there that was kind of similar in color to green grapes so… I dunno. I guess that was enough to convince 5 year old me :bea:. Even now “grape room” is the first thing that pops into my mind whenever I hear the words “great room”.

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The front entryway is the Airlock. It's a short hall with a stacked washer and drier closet at the end. We keep that open so it blocks the view into the rest of the apartment for privacy, and for the most part blocks one of the cats from touching our gross work gear we remove to not contaminate the rest of our home 

The bathroom used to be my office, but since each cat has their litter boxes and food dishes in them, they're now their rooms.

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