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What's going on in your home right now?


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Not much:

  • cats staring at me
  • roommate took the trash out
  • its hot and fans are blowing
  • I'm just trying to get the chi flowing to adult 
  • :Cozy:
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We got a new dog last week and she currently listens good enough to be a show dog and is curently making our two other dogs look bad!:jazz-hooves-please:


one of our others may as well be a cat and spends almost all her time under a blanket but she’s always happy and wags her tail non stop and runs in circles then the other likes getting in trouble. :Daydreaming:

I love them all so much though!

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Me, alone in my room, my body present in the now, my mind elsewhere. In my mind, I stand on the edge of a cliff, the fall for which will surely kill me. In the palm of my hand, I have a coin that will decide my fate. Heads: That's all that's left of me. Tails: What I get to keep telling. All I must do is flip the coin and fate will decide. But no matter how hard I try to flip the coin, I can't. As the same words repeat over and over in my head: Why can't I do it?

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It’s fairly quiet, being the middle of the night. I’m ticky-tacking on the laptop, my hubby is out of town, my daughters are (mostly) asleep, my cousin is on her usual nocturnal prowl outside, and my not-sister is cycling between watching TV and pestering me. Nothing too extraordinary here.

  • Hugs 1
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