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What are you listening to right now?


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Parody Time! (I'm listening to it while singing it. Does that count?)


I want to be in Ponyville, so freakin' bad

Brushing on my mane I never had

I want to be on the cover of Equestria Magazine

Smiling next to Celestia and Pinkie


Oh every time I close my eyes

I see myself with Fluttershy

A different pony every time, all right

I swear, the world better prepare

When I'm in Ponyville

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I have this LP, actually pretty damn good remixes for such a generic electronica song.

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I've been listening to nothing but pony tunes for a while now. Stuff from the show and some of the things that have been posted to Equestria Daily. Just had this particular remix on a few minutes ago, it's lovely:




I've also been obsessively listening to Something Broke: The Continuing Story of Pinkie Pie and Ponycide by Tarby. If you haven't heard it but have heard of Cupcakes, you can think of it as Cupcakes: The Musical. Except really really good.


Other than pony music, I've been listening to Dresden Dolls (I especially love Girl Anachronism), Caramelldansen, and the soundtrack albums of both The Witcher games - very beautiful orchestral music.

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