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Who is the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) in the show?


Most Valuable Pony (MVP) or Non-pony (MVN)  

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  1. 1. Who is the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) or Most Valuable Non-pony (MVN) in the show?

    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Fluttershy
    • Applejack
    • Rarity
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Spike
    • Apple Bloom
    • Scootaloo
    • Sweetie Belle
    • Starlight Glimmer
    • Trixie
    • Princess Celestia
    • Princess Luna
    • Princess Cadence
    • Other pony for MVP (name who)
    • Other non-pony for MVN (name who)

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Who is the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, as in Most Valuable Player (MVP) in most sports leagues and the sport playoff series? For some examples in sports: Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels was a two-time unanimous AL MVP in both 2021 and 2023, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees was 2022 AL MVP, Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Atlanta Braves was unanimous 2023 NL MVP, Jeremy Pena of the Houston Astros was the 2022 ALCS and World Series MVP, and Corey Seager of the Texas Rangers was the 2023 World Series MVP. I would like to hear some of your opinions on who your Most Valuable Pony is in the show, Equestria, the episode, sports event, or whatsoever. Your MVP of the episode, long special, movie, or the series could be either a Mane 6 character, a Cutie Mark Crusader, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, a royal princess, a background pony, or whatsoever on who you proclaim that is your favorite. For non-pony characters, I would say Most Valuable Non-pony (MVN) or who you title that works for you.

For the Equestria Girls series, which they have human counterparts to the ones in Equestria, I would say Most Valuable Person (MVP), the same letter abbreviation to what I declare as the Most Valuable Pony in the world of ponies in Equestria. I would post that separate topic in the other forum since this forum is about the show of Friendship is Magic series.

For me, I declare Twilight Sparkle as the Most Valuable Pony in Equestria and the series, because she taught a valuable lesson of Friendship to other ponies and non-pony characters. :twi:


As for the Most Valuable Pony of the Episode (or Most Valuable Non-pony of the Episode for non-pony characters), here are some episodes on who I proclaim as the MVP for their success or played hero in each episode (or perhaps the main protagonist of the episode in some situations):

  • Friendship is Magic (S1E1 & S1E2) - Twilight Sparkle, after defeating Nightmare Moon in order to return Princess Luna to her own self with the formation of the Elements of Harmony.
  • Applebuck Season (S1E4) - Twilight Sparkle, after convincing Applejack in the need of help to harvest apples as she was apple-bucking all day all by herself, which led her to being tired and drowsiness. Applejack was the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) just the first part of this episode by diverting the cow stampede away from Ponyville.
  • Dragonshy (S1E7) - Fluttershy, after bravely confronting the giant dragon to leave.
  • Bridle Gossip (S1E9) - Apple Bloom, after working with Zecora to cure the poison joke for the Mane 6 ponies who ran into a blue poison joke plant on what Apple Bloom was up to. She was evident on what Zecora was up to and taught about the poison joke to the Mane 6 ponies.
  • Winter Wrap Up (S1E11) - Twilight Sparkle, after persuading other ponies to clean up winter (all the remaining snow) in Ponyville through the organizational checklist of phases to setup in time for spring.
  • Call of the Cutie (S1E12) - Apple Bloom, after establishing the Cutie Mark Crusaders with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle at the party, which she named the group with the ultimate goal of earning their cutie marks. Apple Bloom had most of the screen time in this episode, which made her the main focus.
  • Suited for Success (S1E14) - Rarity, after showcasing her dress designs for her fellow Mane 6 ponies to Hoity Toity.
  • Sonic Rainboom (S1E16) - Rainbow Dash, after performing a sonic rainboom and rescuing Rarity and the three unconscious Wonderbolts attempting to save her from falling from a great height, because Rarity's butterfly wings was burned in front of the sun's exposure.
  • Stare Master (S1E17) - Fluttershy, after rescuing Twilight Sparkle trapped in stone and the Cutie Mark Crusaders by bravely confronting the cockatrice to counter the petrifying gaze.
  • A Bird in the Hoof (S1E22) - Fluttershy, after trying to do the right thing to take care of Philomena, Princess Celestia's pet bird, who was depicted to be in sick condition at first. Philomena rose back to life as a beautiful, flame-like phoenix from a pile of ashes upon Celestia's persuasion "stop fooling around", which relieved Fluttershy by surprise.
  • The Best Night Ever (S1E26) - Twilight Sparkle. She knew what things have turned out to be a mess in the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot.
  • -
  • The Return of Harmony (S2E1 & S2E2) - Twilight Sparkle, after returning her friends to normal, turn Discord into stone using the combined power of the Elements of Harmony, and restore Ponyville to normal.
  • May the Best Pet Win (S2E7) - Tank, after rescuing Rainbow Dash that her wing was stuck on the fallen rock and slowly made it to the finish line with him carried her on his back, despite the slowness as a tortoise.
  • Hearth's Warming Eve (S2E11) - Twilight Sparkle, after saving her Mane 6 friends by forming the heart-shaped fire that melted the ice with heat and caused the blizzard windigos to disperse. That's when Earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns get along, it formed the Fire of Friendship.
  • The Last Roundup (S2E14) - Applejack, for how many ribbons she was rewarded for competing at the rodeo competition.
  • Hearts and Hooves Day (S2E17) - Sweetie Belle, after strategizing a way with her fellow crusaders for an intention to make Cheerilee and Big McIntosh both fall in love with each other for Hearts and Hooves Day with the use of the love potion, which turned out to be "love poison" as what she realized in the book about the effect. Sweetie Belle was responsible for keeping Cheerilee at bay in her older sister's Boutique to switch on to the wedding gown before she breaks out of there by 6:00, the hour where the love spell should wear off, upon being called by Big McIntosh inside the dirt hole.
  • A Friend in Deed (S2E18) - Pinkie Pie, after trying several ways to cheer up and befriend Cranky Doodle, she brought up Matilda to him as what he was looking for.
  • Putting Your Hoof Down (S2E19) - Fluttershy, after standing up against Iron Will by the end of the episode, despite what she did as the "New Fluttershy" in terms of behavioral change.
  • Hurricane Fluttershy (S2E22) - Fluttershy, after successfully getting water to Cloudsdale by overcoming her humiliation of being teased by other ponies.
  • A Canterlot Wedding (S2E25 & S2E26) - Twilight Sparkle, after getting things right again by rescuing the real Princess Cadence to reveal the truth to the other ponies, and then Cadence gets married to Shining Armor.
  • -
  • The Crystal Empire (S3E1 & S3E2) - Twilight Sparkle, still proclaimed as the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) of this episode for telling her assistant Spike to rescue the Crystal Heart from the hands of King Sombra with help from Princess Cadence, as Twilight was in a situation being trapped by King Sombra. I would pass it on to Spike as the Most Valuable Non-pony (MVN) of the episode for this case. After the results in Princess Celestia's test assigned for Twilight Sparkle as Spike actually did it, she finally passed her test in retaking the Crystal Empire to Princess Cadence with Spike's help.
  • Wonderbolt Academy (S3E7) - Rainbow Dash, after being promoted by Spitfire as the team leader of the Wonderbolts, and knew how she worked to become a Wonderbolt in spite of Lightning Dust's recklessness of clearing the clouds in attempt for a record.
  • Apple Family Reunion (S3E8) - Applejack, for organizing a reunion of the Apple family and getting things right in Sweet Apple Acres again, including the reconstruction of the barn.
  • Keep Calm and Flutter On (S3E10) - Fluttershy, after she taught Discord a lesson in order to be a redeemed character later in the series.
  • Games Ponies Play (S3E12) - Rainbow Dash, after making a confession to Princess Cadence that her fellow Mane 6 friends welcomed Ms. Peachbottom, who was mistaken as the Equestria Games inspector, Ms. Peachbottom cheered up Ms. Harshwhinny that she came up on an approval for the Crystal Empire to be the next host of the Equestria Games, which cheered up Rainbow Dash for what she wanted for Cloudsdale to compete.
  • Magical Mystery Cure (S3E13) - Twilight Sparkle, after getting things right again with the cutie marks back to their respective owners and evolved to an alicorn.
  • -
  • Princess Twilight Sparkle (S4E1 & S4E2) - Twilight Sparkle, after she fought against the Everfree Forest black vines that invaded Ponyville, by storing the Elements of Harmony at the Tree of Harmony in order to release Princess Celestia and Luna out of there.
  • Daring Don't (S4E4) - Rainbow Dash, after helping Daring Do in her mission to take down the fortress of Ahuizotl by stealing the last, giant heavy ring.
  • Flight to the Finish (S4E5) - Scootaloo, after successful audition that led the Cutie Mark Crusaders, including herself, to win the flag competition for a chance to carry the flag for Ponyville in the Equestria Games, with strong encouragement from Rainbow Dash.
  • Power Ponies (S4E6) - Spike (Hum Drum), after rescuing his fellow Power Ponies and persuaded them into using their powers in order to defeat Mane-iac and escape the comic book. Additionally, I also proclaim Fluttershy (Saddle Rager) in second place as the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) of this episode for countering Mane-iac's beam attack, which Spike (Hum Drum) persuaded Fluttershy to use her own emphasized power against the maniacal supervillain.
  • Rarity Takes Manehattan (S4E8) - Rarity. Persuaded by Coco Pommel to reward Rarity the trophy and won first place of the fashion competition in Manehattan than Suri Polomare, Rarity was also rewarded with a spool of rainbow-colored thread. The rainbow-colored thread she received from Coco Pommel was used for later by the end of this season as the Key of Generosity to the Chest of Friendship.
  • Rainbow Falls (S4E10) - Rainbow Dash, after succeeding in making Ponyville qualify for the Equestria Games by barely making it to the finish line with a horseshoe, and she was rewarded with a golden lightning bolt badge from Spitfire. The badge she received from Spitfire was used for later by the end of this season as the Key of Loyalty to the Chest of Friendship.
  • Pinkie Pride (S4E12) - Pinkie Pie. She planned a birthday party for Rainbow Dash. With Cheese Sandwich in town, Pinkie challenged him to see who a better party pony, and she was rewarded with a boneless squeezy duck gift from him before he moved out from Ponyville. The squeezy duck she received from Cheese Sandwich was used for later by the end of this season as the Key of Laughter to the Chest of Friendship.
  • Filli Vanilli (S4E14) - Fluttershy, for her own singing voice talents including her difference in voices.
  • It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (S4E16) - Fluttershy, after taking care of the breezies and showed kindness to them. She was rewarded a gift from Seabreeze, a blue flower, to commemorate her memory on meeting with the breezies just before the portal is closed. A blue flower she received from Seabreeze was used for later by the end of this season as the Key of Kindness to the Chest of Friendship.
  • Maud Pie (S4E18) - Maud Pie. Introduced as Pinkie Pie's older sister, she saved Pinkie Pie by bringing her to safety before the giant rock on top of the rock slide she made falls down into her.
  • Leap of Faith (S4E20) - Applejack, after telling the truth that the Flim Flam Brothers' tonic were fake, Silver Shill rewarded her the gift of a bit that was inspired of her honesty and bravery. The bit she received from Silver Shill was used for later by the end of this season as the Key of Honesty to the Chest of Friendship.
  • Equestria Games (S4E24) - Spike, after saving the day in Equestria Games by melting the frozen cloud before it lands on the stadium.
  • Twilight's Kingdom (S4E25 & S4E26) - Twilight Sparkle, after defeating Lord Tirek with help from her fellow Mane 6 friends by the Power of Rainbow Power and restore all ponies' stolen magic including herself. The sixth and final key used to unlock the Chest of Friendship was the medallion necklace given by Discord whom Lord Tirek gave, which was transformed into the Key of Magic.
  • -
  • The Cutie Map (S5E1 & S5E2) - Double Diamond. Introduced as one of the new characters since this episode, he is honored for restoring the stolen cutie marks from ponies of Our Town and the Mane 6 ponies with the aid from Party Favor, Night Glider, and Sugar Belle.
  • Castle Sweet Castle (S5E3) - Twilight Sparkle, pretty much for being away from her castle to visit the spa in order to make herself look fresh with her own mane, while her Mane 6 pony friends decorates the Castle of Friendship before she returns home. This pony is my best guess as the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) of this episode, despite doing too much work for the day with her Mane 6 pony friends that led to her messy mane, muddy coat, and being tired.
  • Slice of Life (S5E9, 100th Series Episode) - Matilda, the one who's getting married with Cranky Doodle was the focus of this episode.
  • Amending Fences (S5E12) - Twilight Sparkle, after meeting back with unicorn ponies in Canterlot, and persuaded Moon Dancer to rekindle her friendship and happiness with Twilight and her old unicorn friends.
  • Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? (S5E13) - Twilight Sparkle, after persuading Princess Luna in the dream world, rallied by Mane 6 ponies, to forgive herself and move on from the past from what she has done as Nightmare Moon, which defeated Tantabus in order to prevent it from escaping the dream world and absorbed it back to Luna. It was discovered that Luna's self-forgiveness was the only weakness against Tantabus.
  • Canterlot Boutique (S5E14) - Rarity, after doing all she could to keep the Canterlot Carousel business going with the implementation of "Rules of Rarity," as she decided to keep Sassy Saddles as a managing employee.
  • Rarity Investigates! (S5E15) - Rarity. She investigates as a detective in film noir style for a culprit.
  • Made in Manhattan (S5E16) - Applejack. For a friendship problem mission in this episode partnered with Rarity, she worked hard to get things right in Manehattan for Coco Pommel's big project to get the show on the stage going.
  • Crusaders of the Lost Mark (S5E18) - Apple Bloom, after succeeding on getting their cutie marks along with her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, all at the same time. Apple Bloom and her fellow crusaders led Pipsqueak's presidential campaign on winning the election against Diamond Tiara, which his goal was to rebuild a school playground. She was also the reason to persuade Diamond Tiara to reform.
  • Scare Master (S5E21) - Fluttershy. The one who told a story to her critters under the bed about her time in Nightmare Night with her friends, and the time she dressed as Flutterbat.
  • The Mane Attraction (S5E24) - Coloratura a.k.a. 'Rara' and Applejack (tie). I proclaim a guest pony Coloratura, voiced by Lena Hall, the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) in terms of outstanding singing performance in the episode as she was Applejack's childhood friend; while I also proclaim Applejack as the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) in terms of helping and persuasion with her childhood friend Coloratura to setup her performance tonight.
  • The Cutie Re-Mark (S5E25 & S5E26) - Twilight Sparkle, after redeeming Starlight Glimmer to accept friendship and undo the altered timeline.
  • -
  • The Crystalling (S6E1 & S6E2) - Sunburst. He was the one who is very smart and collected the crystal ponies' power in order to repair the broken Crystal Heart that Flurry Heart was responsible for.
  • Gauntlet of Fire (S6E5) - Spike, after retrieving the scepter in which Princess Ember wants to obtain to proclaim her as the Dragon Lord.
  • No Second Prances (S6E6) - Trixie. Upon reformation since "Magic Duel" (S3E5), her success in the episode came up with her stage show that she launched herself and dived into the Manticore's mouth, and then teleported herself out of the manticore body into the box, which intrigued the audience that she was still safe. This worked well with Starlight Glimmer's help, assistance, and friendship.
  • Spice Up Your Life (S6E12) - Rarity. For a friendship problem mission in this episode in Canterlot partnered with Pinkie Pie, she led the promotion to other ponies in Canterlot to a grand reopening of the father-daughter family restaurant, the Tasty Treat, after resolving their relationship struggles between each other and improve their restaurant business.
  • 28 Pranks Later (S6E15) - Rainbow Dash. Being the one who put on a prank to other ponies in Ponyville; during the night, she was the only non-zombie pony left until it turns out to be a prank.
  • The Times They Are a Changeling (S6E16) - Spike, after persuading that Thorax, a changeling that he ran to in the caves of the Crystal Empire, was not a threat but a defector that he learned about something valuable about friendship. Spike convinced the ponies that Thorax was not a threat but friendly.
  • To Where and Back Again (S6E25 & S6E26) - Starlight Glimmer, after accomplishing the mission to rescue the ponies (Mane 6, royal princesses, Discord, and Trixie) that the changelings captured under the orders of Queen Chrysalis, and persuaded the changelings to reform and metamorphize by sharing love (doing the same as what Thorax just did) that eventually destroyed Queen Chrysalis' throne, which led the changeling leader to be defeated and chased off.
  • -
  • Celestial Advice (S7E1) - Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle honored Starlight Glimmer for her graduation day since she taught valuable lessons of friendship from Twilight. Despite some simulations attempting to send Starlight Glimmer away that would otherwise result in a worst-case scenario, Twilight had another idea for Starlight during the party.
  • All Bottled Up (S7E2) - Starlight Glimmer. While Twilight Sparkle and her fellow Mane 6 friends were off to a friendship retreat during the episode, Starlight Glimmer has her duties of taking care of things inside the Castle of Friendship with Trixie. She resolved her emotions by telling Trixie to restore the Cutie Map table inside the castle throne room, which Trixie was responsible for making the table disappeared that was meant to be an accident of her teleportation spell.
  • Hard to Say Anything (S7E8) - Big MacIntosh, after succeeding in having romantic relationship with Sugar Belle in which he had to fight for.
  • A Royal Problem (S7E10) - Starlight Glimmer. For a solo friendship problem mission called by the Cutie Map, she accidentally and temporarily switched the royal princesses' cutie marks in an attempt to resolve the friendship problem between these two, because of their argument with each other. After the royal princesses' cutie marks returned to normal, Starlight Glimmer's friendship problem mission is accomplished.
  • The Perfect Pear (S7E13) - Apple Bloom, after persuading Grand Pear that the story was in the past, and make amends with Granny Smith in modern day Sweet Apple Acres to resolve the feud with some help from her fellow siblings Applejack and Big McIntosh. Apple Bloom led the way with her fellow siblings about the story of her parents, Bright Mac and Pear Butter. (Pear Butter a.k.a. 'Buttercup' in flashbacks that Bright Mac had a crush on despite the feud between the Apples and the Pears, which they both were Applejack's parents as what it relates to a romance story of Romeo and Juliet. I will also proclaim Pear Butter a.k.a. 'Buttercup' as the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) of the episode but just in flashbacks.)
  • Fame and Misfortune (S7E14) - Twilight Sparkle. Despite the unintended outcome that the background ponies in front of the Castle of Friendship were in argument about friendship journals of whoever wrote the best lessons, she said that things written in published materials doesn't have to be perfect but they come up with some flaws.
  • Triple Threat (S7E15) - Spike. Despite accidentally invited both dragon lord Princess Ember and changeling leader Thorax to Ponyville, Spike persuaded both of them to be friendly in order for them to get along with each other, as they both were Spike's best friends.
  • Campfire Tales (S7E16) - Rarity, after leading an alternate way out with her glowing horn for Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to escape the cave.
  • To Change a Changeling (S7E17) - Starlight Glimmer, after persuading Pharnyx, Thorax's older brother who hasn't been metamorphized yet, to accept the changelings' new way of sharing love. After Pharnyx responded that he loves the changeling hive, the other changelings cheered on him and he transformed to a metamorphized changeling as a result.
  • Daring Done? (S7E18) - Daring Do, after rescuing Rainbow Dash from sinking into the slime tied up by Dr. Caballeron in the pyramid, and foiling Dr. Caballeron's plans in stealing the glowpaz from the desert village of Somnambula by telling the truth of his lies. After the Statue of Somnambula was rebuilt in the desert village namesake, the villagers cheered and A.K. Yearling/Daring Do won't be blamed for the trouble.
  • A Health of Information (S7E20) - Fluttershy, after collecting flash bee honey with help of Mage Meadowbrook's mask to divert the flash bees in order to purify herself and Zecora from Swamp Fever.
  • Shadow Play (S7E25 & S7E26) - Twilight Sparkle, after convincing Stygian in the form of Pony of Shadows to let go of what he has done a millennium ago that he betrayed the Pillars of Old Equestria for his past actions. This episode was her mission with her fellow Mane 6 ponies, Starlight Glimmer, and Sunburst to bring back the Pillars from limbo by finding their respective artifacts that played hero in the old past (i.e. Somnambula's blindfold, Mage Meadowbrook's mask, Rockhoof's shovel).
  • -
  • School Daze (S8E1 & S8E2) - Twilight Sparkle, after establishing the School of Friendship and saved the school from being shut down by the Equestria Educational Association (EEA). She also partake in rescuing the Young 6, with aid by her fellow Mane 6 friends and Starlight Glimmer, from getting hurt by the puckwudgies.
  • Non-Compete Clause (S8E9) - Ocellus. Her valuable acts in the episode was to save Yona from drowning by transforming into a seapony along with Silverstream, and be a distraction to get the bite-acudas away from Applejack and Rainbow Dash in order for her fellow mates to save them.
  • Molt Down (S8E11) - Spike, after attaining wings that granted him the ability to fly, he, along with Twilight, saved Rarity and Zecora from the roc. His developmental stage of molt during the episode led him to grow his wings.
  • The Mean 6 (S8E13) - Twilight Sparkle. She taught her fellow Mane 6 friends and Starlight Glimmer that misunderstandings of what they've done in the middle of the forest (done something wrong by the Mean 6 artificial ponies created by Queen Chrysalis) could be resolved with the means of friendship and forgiveness.
  • The Washouts (S8E20) - Rainbow Dash, after rescuing Scootaloo from pulling off a dangerous rocket stunt made by Lightning Dust, which Scootaloo had never experienced going extremely fast and skyrocketing in the air, and that would be extremely dangerous for her to get hurt from great heights.
  • A Rockhoof and a Hard Place (S8E21) - Twilight Sparkle, after persuading Rockhoof with Applejack for the purpose on where to find that should be good for him to fit in modern-day Equestria.
  • Sounds of Silence (S8E23) - Fluttershy, after leading the way with Applejack by hearing something from a squirrel who knew where to find the ingredient of foal's breath, a blue flower, in order to make the kirins' voices heard again. She and Applejack showed the ingredient to Autumn Blaze and put them into the water fountain, which made the water more blue that made the cure to the kirins.
  • School Raze (S8E25 & S8E26) - Ocellus, after leading her fellow Young 6 friends to grab the artifacts together at the same time in order to restore Equestrian magic and rescue Starlight Glimmer out of there, while stopping Cozy Glow from taking over. She also told them what would happen worst if they don't try. She also realized that Cozy Glow was the one behind the draining of Equestrian magic by linking six artifacts together that was seen from "A Matter of Principals" (S8E14).
  • -
  • The Beginning of the End (S9E1 & S9E2) - Twilight Sparkle, after defeating King Sombra once and for all by the Power of Friendship with her fellow Mane 6 friends, and restore everything and hypnotized ponies to normal.
  • Sparkle's Seven (S9E4, 200th Series Episode) - Spike, upon winning the Sibling Supreme crown for his effective strategized plan with help from secretly telling Princess Luna.
  • The Last Crusade (S9E12) - Scootaloo, after deciding to stay in Ponyville to keep the Cutie Mark Crusaders organization going after her parents were around.
  • Daring Doubt (S9E21) - Fluttershy. Despite coming with Dr. Caballeron's gang, she told the truth showing her own bravery and kindness to Ahuizotl for the talisman that Dr. Caballeron's gang, Daring Do, and Rainbow Dash attempted to steal was an extremely dangerous job, but for Ahuizotl's desire to protect one of his artifacts from being stolen.
  • The Big Mac Question (S9E23) - Big McIntosh, after getting married with Sugar Belle in spite of some things that turned out to be a mess prior to the wedding earlier in the day. His wedding with Sugar Belle was attended by Applejack, his family (including Granny Smith and Grand Pear), Spike, Discord, Mrs. Cake, the Cutie Mark Crusaders (his youngest sister Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle), and Sugar Belle's fellow three ponies from Our Town (Night Glider, Double Diamond, and Party Favor).
  • The Ending of the End (S9E24 & S9E25) - Twilight Sparkle, after defeating the trio of villains Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow into stripping away the power from the Bewitching Bell by the combined, amplified Power of Friendship from her Mane 6 friends and Spike, the Pillars of Old Equestria, and the Young 6. The trio of villains are defeated for good for their crimes against Equestria with Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Discord turning them into stone.

In My Little Pony: The Movie 2017 film, I proclaim Twilight Sparkle as the Most Valuable Pony (MVP) of the movie after returning things to back to normal with the Staff of Sacanas wielded from the hands of the Storm King, defeated the Storm King with Tempest Shadow's own sacrifice but released a moment later for the Mane 6 ponies to dodge the petrifying projectile, and released the three royal princesses (Celestia, Luna, and Cadence) from stone.

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Some more episode MVPs in season 4.
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Twilight Sparkle is the nearest thing in the show to a main (mane?) character. She's pretty much the focus of the series, though we do spend more time with the rest of the Mane Six and others as the show goes on. 

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I mean, it's obviously Twilight, she's pretty much the main character. Show's marketing says Pinkie Pie, but otherwise I'm confident in saying Twilight

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Applejack is my fave (The only one out of the mane 6+Starlight+Spike that doesn't have some kind of magic to help her out) but Twilight easily wins from what the series actually showed us, though I personally think Starlight could have filled Twi's role, just without the whole taking cutie marks thing. I also think Pinkie could use her 4th-wall breaking powers to fix most anything, Discord too if he actually cared.

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