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Stupid, stupid school projects

Akemi Homura

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I’ll be honest the older I get (I say this like I’m 40+ years old) the less and less I remember of my K-12 education lol. At least the specifics. So I’m going to pick a college project.

In which case the first thing that comes to mind is this MIPS project we had to do for my computer organization class. Basically taking C++ code and trying to translate it over to MIPS assembly. Which was mind numbingly hard and not really that relevant for 90% of us in class. Just felt like a waste of time trying to teach us this low level stuff we’re absolutely not going to remember and will never actually use.

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While I don’t remember too much I’ll say this. I’ve done two projects during my school years where what I wrote got me pulled into a private conversation with the teachers after class lol.

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