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  1. Maybe the cartoons were not popular statistically but DAMN if everyone I know hasnt seen and liked the chipmunks movie in their childhood which was an extension of the cartoon.
  2. Suck is...such a strong word. "Special" maybe would work better. Like when your "special" brother puts dimes up his nose and sticks carrots in his eyes. Really Apple products are best described as the "automatic transmission" of the digital world. They are certainly well built and stylishly designed products both physically and software wise but their main problem comes from the lack of "control" or "customization". They really do limit what you can do to what apps apple allows you to have. There are all sorts of development and program specific customization tools that Windows and Android has that allows common users to fill whatever experience they want to have. If you can code you can make it and install it on Windows and Android but for Apple products they inherently treat users like they are in day care where the grown ups get to decide whats best for you and your tastes. If you have ones that differ from apple. You're wrong and need to learn better. This lack of customization does have one benefit in that it reduces crashes and unexpected bugs to a minimum. Obviously the more control you have over your product the more things can go wrong but then there is just some stuff that is made to be more of a "you gotta buy another" business methodology. If you want a bigger hard drive in your Mac "screw you buy another". If you want to expand the memory on your iphone "Screw you buy another". If you've had your products for a while and the batter no longer holds a charge and you just want to change it "screw you buy another". Apple KNOWS you may at one point want to upgrade or simply replace faulty parts of their products that would be super easy on other platforms but since that would mean 3rd parties would some control in their market with their products that would eat away at Apple's profits, Apple would rather you just suck it up and buy another with the features you want. By having such a stranglehold on their products like Nintendo they can essentially blackmail their customers into buying more products by saying "oh im sorry, it seems you need more space to fit your apps. Oh you dont have space and cant expand it...WELL we do have this new iphone 7 with the exact same capacity size but it is a lot nicer looking". "Oh thats not what you want? Well dont you want to be a somebody? Because you are a nobody without it. We encourage our customers to think where they spend their money not with us".
  3. Im not sure the market for MLP games anyway. Especially at this point where the show has sorta gone past its heyday. I mean you put the right people behind the development of an MLP game and it could be epic yeah. Tho am not sure how one would create an MLP game now that doesnt feel like you just took a game concept and could have slapped any franchise characters into it. I do gotta agree tho that I expected a MLP game for this gen YEARS ago. I mean we got phone apps and several movies. A video game seems something Hasbro could have easily slapped together. I mean they already had the basis and art style of a game already
  4. Technology

    Gotta agree that its a lot. .Tho the only people I know with that much space are filling it with less friendly content. I mean if you're gonna go, you're gonna go big or go home. Thats more content I think I have time to watch if I was unemployed for 3 months.
  5. Movies/TV

    Ya know...memes wernt funny or entertaining BECAUSE they were memes...they were funny and entertainment despite being memes. I dont foresee anyone lining up to pay money to see "lol random meme references". Cuz like...we've had that for like a super long time and has been done to death. Sony, you obviously have animation talent...why you no have script reading talent.
  6. Gaming

    I've got several. Mainly getting all emblems/achievements in Sonic Adventure, Sonic CD and Sonic Generations. Considering how hard and time consuming some of them are its really of more dedication on my part. Misplaced dedication im sure with lapses in sanity over getting good at "going fast" but i've achieved stage clears in times I didnt even think possible.
  7. Considering the premise of the shows they've already made, yeah im sure they can make a good show even out of the chipmunks considering how popular the cartoon was in the past anyway. That being said this is all prefaced with the idea that they continue to direct the show and not leave for other projects halfway and then the executives decide to go their own direction.
  8. Unsure if cake or just really thick cookie