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  1. Initially its looking extremely similar to Sonic Generations but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Considering its thought of as the best Sonic game of the last decade its at least a welcome return with hopefully much more expansion. The OC's are something of a weird left turn but I guess Sega said 'fuck it, give em built in mods" since were going to be changing the models anyway. But since Sonic Generations basically has turned into my favorite 3D sonic game ever essentially another but hopefully with more "fun" is a welcome return than a sudden shift into another genre. I can only assume the next game after this will be a Sonic farming simulator
  2. A coooooooOOOOOL leather jacket?
  3. You're right the switch does have motion controls. I keep forgetting
  4. Web

    I am expecting greatness or nothing great at all from that feature. It really depends if I can make my Sonic Dreams character a reality
  5. So many people here with more than one waifu. For shame. What would baby Celestia think.
  6. Mega Thread

    "How can I get out of jury duty?"
  7. Pretty much this. I only had hair long enough to my shoulders and that was WAY too long to deal with after it was always getting in my mouth, my food and getting food bits stuck in it.. Also where I worked I constantly had to look down so my bangs were always getting in my face. Oh and the reason why all that was happening was the back of my hair was long enough to tie back but my bangs were too short but long enough to go down to my chin. So thats why it was flopping around all the time.
  8. I've got a fear as well but have training myself to cope with it more. Now anything below 4 stories is generally unconcerning to me. Anything higher however and I start getting the shakes when walking ya know. I think I got it from my dad becuase he has it WAY worse than me. Even to the point to where I thought he was telling a joke. He says his fear starts even a step ladder. Not that bad but still a little uncomfortable. When he gets on a full size ladder he gets really bad. When in a hotel above the first floor he will NOT go near the window. He purposely sleeps in the bed on the farthest side from the window just out of anxiety. I remember getting a 30th room or something in a Vegas hotel and he couldnt go within 12 feet of the window without losing balance from shaking.
  9. I've only recently heard about it from others online and they said they've been having success with it. There's a whole community looking out for each other and creating coping strategies. Its a good place to start if you've never attempted to break the habit already.
  10. I can relate to this EXTREMELY well especially now. The internet addiction not so much as long as i'm entertained by something at the time. Its when I dont have anything to do that I get antsy and want to jump on the computer. The OCD intrusive thoughts are disastrous right now for me and do infact create that urge to harm my self and sometime others tho it seems to have gotten worse the longer I take my medication for it. I do wish I had your support system as i'm literally alone. Its something i've always been and never had a significant other or friend to lean on when things got bad. In fact the fact i'm perpetually lonely is almost entirely the cause of my OCD development. At least you seem aware of your situation and do realize you have others to support you. Its the intrusive thoughts that cripples me in social situations almost preventing me from gaining that support. Im in a losing battle and have been for the past 10 years. My patience has already worn out for a positive change.
  11. Web

    I dont particularly hate any "channel" but its always the LP'er or host that will rub me the wrong way that will make me avoid their channel. A simple example would be Game Grumps. During the first few years we know it was Arin and Jon. Thats how I watched it and thats how I liked it. I felt their personalities meshed really well since they were obviously already long time friends. When Jon left and Dan came on I couldnt watch it. At the time Dan felt so...out of place for me and I wasnt digging his straight man persona to Arin's outbursts after seeing how Jon played off of Arin and vice versa basically taking jokes father and farther. So for about a year and a half I just stopped watching Game Grumps and sorta moved on to discovering other LP'er. Over time I did start watching again and got in the mindset to start enjoying Dan playing innocent to Arin's shenanigans. It was just a thing I wasnt enjoying at the time but there are other LP'ers I never got used to. Basically the same thing happened when I first started watching Steam Train and couldnt stand Ross screwing everything up. It was funny at first but then the more it happened the less I liked it and basically almost never watched another episode again. For other channels if I dont like the content even if others do thats fine. I cant expect to like everything popular, i mean look at Justin Beiber If I dont like the content or LP'er I just dont click the channel but there are rarely any channels I "hate" or think "suck". There's often alot of talent going on in front and behind the camera and I can recognize it. I just cant get into it.
  12. I wouldnt expect fursuits at all at this release. Or at least if there are it would probably just be at the first possible showing at a large theater. You REALLY gotta be hardcore to go in, in fur suits but even if you did you'ed have to take the head off to see the movie and basically break the fursuit immersion rule. At best you'd see regular cosplayers but I never saw ANY of that for the EqG theater viewings.
  13. Thats exactly what I said
  14. Wendy you smug son of a bitch...
  15. Physics do not apply to the derp