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Another feature request: volume control

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I know this was covered in our Skype discussion, but having an in-browser volume control seems like a rather basic function for Pony.fm to have. Sure, you can modify your own system volume, but in the event that you want to overlap audio (however rare of an occasion that may be), it would be handy.

Virtually all media players have some form of volume control, whether it be YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. (Surprisingly, Bandcamp lacks such a feature.) A website devoted to sound seems a bit out of place without something like that.

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I don't think Pony.fm really needs a volume control. Playing songs on-site is intended as a way to preview them; in my opinion, if you are doing something more than just listening to the music to see what it's like, you should be downloading it and setting up a custom playlist or what-have-you offline.


The reason Bandcamp doesn't have a volume control is outlined here: http://bandcamp.com/faq#volume


Right at this point in time, I'm a little more focused on the music distribution aspects of Pony.fm. But... taking into account that some of the upcoming features like playlists will simply involve using your web browser as your "media player", a volume control may make sense to introduce at that point. In Pony.fm's current state, it's just unnecessary if you ask me.

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I've always felt that volume controls were redundant at least on my computer that has buttons for volume right on the keyboard.  I never use any of the volume controls.

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