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Unsure about making mlp opinion videos on youtube

Nicole Artist

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Well, I have a pretty booring youtube account, and I have considered making an account discussing mlp, favorite episodes, my opinion on some things, and clarifying other things, but at the same time Im not sure its a very good idea, for a list of reasons


* For one I think Im booring and no one would care to watch

* I believe theirs already quite a few of youtube accounts out there like this, whats special about me?

* Were already in season 3, abit more than halfway through if im right. Maybe its too late?

* Does anyone actually even watch these?


I mean, I could do special effects like pictures pop up on the screen and sound effects but, I mean, Im not sure if I want to do it or not. Opinions?

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Well, now that you've figured out what you want to do and how it compares to what's already available, it's just a matter of figuring out what you can do to make that content compelling enough for people to watch. You've already taken the first step. Now just figure out how to differentiate yourself from others in a way that will make people want to watch.

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I, I am still unsure. I guess I could make a test video, with some video editing, and maybe post it here and you guys could rate it! Then I know if their good or not before making death videos on youtube. But what would it be about  :huh:

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Please note before you read this.  This is my opinion and you don't have to take it into consideration or seriously at all; but I do want to try and help make something's clear.


First off:  You are your own worst critic.


That's not meant to be taken literally as just you.  I mean everyone as their self is their worst critic; me, your boss at work, the prime minister, your teachers, you get the idea.


It's very hard to understand what a good idea is if were the only one who knows what the idea is.  That's why we need people to help us understand what a good idea is, and help us apply ourselves to make it a better one.  Now your idea is to make videos with you discussing elements of the show, your favorite episodes and any other ideas you had.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  Personally I think it's great you thought of the idea in the first place!  That is the first step.


Now for your points you've listed.


First Point:  "* For one I think Im booring and no one would care to watch"


Research, Apply, Feedback, Success


Research:  I know it sounds dumb, but ensuring you have the facts correct will indulge people to trust your judgments.  Let's say a C.E.O. of a company had just put out a new line of chips.  He decided that it wouldn't matter to put wheat in the list of ingredients on it.  I go and try these new chips and become sick for the next three days.  Side note:  I'm allergic to wheat.  I would then not buy or recommend the product to any of my friends.


It wouldn't be so impact full if it was on a video but constant inconsistencies can cause people to lose faith.  Errors are absolutely fine as long as there aren't too many and their minor ones.


Apply:  Do everything you can to make it a success.  If you're going for a biased opinion, it can be the hardest to pull off but also the most rewarding one.  Try and make the most out of it, but start off easy and let your audience know what your opinions are.  Start with the show itself explain it then go into your opinions on the show itself.  Now you can delve deeper into specific characters and locations in Equestria.  From there you choose what you want to delve into.  Just remember to let your opinions be well outlined and you'll do fine.


Feedback:  This can be the toughest part.  People will judge for biased opinions no matter what; there is no way around it.  Once you've got a couple videos up and people start commenting, they will be looking to put their own opinions into perspective.  Welcome them with open arms do not shut them out.  Ask them why they thought that, engage in conversation with them and if they're willing get a quote from them to show the contrast of opinions between your own for future content.  They will be happy you respected their opinion and in kind they will be interested to hear more of you.  By doing this you effectively bring the widest array of people in, including the ones that don't agree with you.


Success:  If you made it to this point then you've pored your heart and soul into making this work.  This is where you need to keep your gears in your head turning.  Try and keep motivated and strong.  If you run out of ideas then ask around on the forums and friends for ideas.  Don't give up until you've finished everything you set out to do and in turn others will respect your efforts.


Don't be quick to judge if you think you're boring or not.  Try and let others help you give tips and advice for making the videos better and you may be surprised with the outcome.


Second Point:  "* I believe theirs already quite a few of youtube accounts out there like this, whats special about me?"


If there are other youtube accounts that do the same thing, then try not to watch it until you've got your opinion down and out on a couple of videos.  After you've done that I do recommend you watch them, find out what their opinions are and their style of presenting them.  If you like what you see adapt a little but don't copy.  Ask them if you mind getting an opinion on your videos from them.  If they say yes just do what I said in the section I made about feedback.  Getting to know your fellow creator can be a big asset and can be a big help in the future.


Third Point:  "* Were already in season 3, abit more than halfway through if im right. Maybe its too late?"


No.  It's never too late.  Just because your deciding to do this when were at the end of season 3 doesn't mean anything.  The other seasons are there to still comment on, they haven't been erased from time from a Brony hater from the future.  If we thought it was too late to eat we would starve ourselves.  In this case you'd be starving the entertainment you'd bring us.


Fourth Point:  "* Does anyone actually even watch these?"


You wouldn't know until you tried.  If you're really unsure, put up a topic about 'Would people want to hear opinions about the show and its characters?'  Doesn't have to be that but anything will do.  This topic you have is fine too.  If you're confident there's an audience for it, I'd start right away and try and start a ripple in the water.  Personally I wouldn't even worry about audience; just because they're so many people in the world that there is always an audience for something.


Final Point (My point):  Ideas are fragile things.


I've done so many things wrong in my life it's not even funny.  Every time I get an idea I start typing about it and then all of a sudden I think it's stupid and close the document and walk away.  My advice:  Try.  Try hard, really hard.  Work your apples off like Applejack, research like Twilight Sparkle, devote yourself like Rainbow Dash, enjoy your ideas like Pinkie Pie, and generously give back to the community like Rarity and release love and compassion to the fans of your work like Fluttershy.


If you do this your ideas will become strong and will never die.  You trying is already inspiring enough for me.  The next step is for you to go out and show the world what you're made of.


Good Luck Nicole Artist.  I hope you do well.

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Well I have a youtube account and I just make silly videos involving MLP. And seriously it's your account, your video page put whatever you feel like showing to the public. Just have fun making videos and as you keep uploading new ones your technique on entertaining others will grow. I never think about what I need to do to have people watch my videos. But I do enjoy reading comments, even if they are there to criticize the video. :3

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