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The Guide to Replying on the Forums

Lady Rarity Pony

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Since I've already given a guide to arguing on the Internet I figured it was time I instruct you how to reply to posts on the forums. Trust me, these methods have been repeatedly tested by members on these forums and have been proven to not be in the least bit obnoxious, arrogant, or condescending.


There are three major methods you'll need to know.



1. Post piggybacking


If you wish to use this method it's best if you don't post too much on the forums. Otherwise the piggybacking is less effective.


Basically you never or rarely ever make original posts in any threads and only reply to other threads. This way no one ever knows your opinions and yet you get to play the role of the perpetual debunker who goes around trying to undermine everyone's arguments. Don't worry if the posts don't look like arguments or if they were clearly intended as a joke, just reply and act as if they were. Preferably you should use patronizing phrases to refer to the member you're replying to. "My dear", "my friend", etc.



2. Word-by-word refutation


This method comes in handy when arguing. Rather than posting one long post in reply to another long post in order to assert your inflated sense of pride it's more efficient if you reply to the post when divided up into shorter quotes. This way you can multiply how pretentious you are in only a single post!


Don't worry about repetition or arrogance, so long as you make it appear as if you've utterly destroyed the opinions of the one you're replying to then you've done all you need to!


If you can't think of snobby one-liner replies for each quote then write what is essentially a long version of a "no u".



3. Presuppose the ignorance of the member being replied to; presuppose your superior knowledge--then show it.


This method can be done in many ways. There is, however, one simple method to accomplish this. We all know Wikipedia is the greatest source of information, am I right? There's never any bias in the text or in the choice of sources. This means linking Wikipedia pages shows you may have read them--which clearly shows your superior knowledge.


When replying to a post with the intention of mentioning a location, concept, event, etc. just highlight your text and link a Wikipedia page through it. This gives the implication that the person being replied to was in need of help from Wikipedia, thus proving your intellectual superiority.





If you've mastered all these methods then you're ready to begin posting!


Good luck!

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