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OC drawings done on mypaint with no tablet


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I'm not the best at drawing especially on a computer but I still want to share these with you guys. Tell me if you like them, I didn't put too much effort into it but I still think te final products are ok and also the secound one is a direct copy of my oc. Btw I'm new here so I don't quite know how everything works.



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Looks pretty darn good actually! Especially considering your "not very good at art, and didn't put alot of effort into it".

The lines around it are a bit. Shakey and not super clean, but the overall picture is actually pretty good considering you aren't using a tablet or anything and aren't really use to this either.


So good job :).

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Thanks, it is hard using a software to draw, I was thinking about doing some vector art but it looked too boring. Anyway thank you for the reply, fun fact the first one is actually a modification of when I tried copying a pinkie pie picture off the internet, the secound one was a trace though but I'm going to try to improve

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Vector art, boring? :o


Good effort, though. The key is to keep practicing, it doesn't matter which software you use (well actually it does, a little bit), what matters is getting the muscle memory. You'll find that every subsequent piece you draw gets easier and easier :)

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