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What have you done today?


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Today i took a Shower, watched some Markiplier, JackSepticEye and Brutalmoose Videos and randomly decided to draw the Deer Rambi from the Game : Wacky Funsters - Geekwads Guide to Gaming.

Of course this was inspired by the Review that Brutalmoose did on this Game. :squee:  

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5:00pm  --  Woke up;

5:15pm  --  Replaced dimmer switch in kitchen;

5:30pm  --  Drove to hardware store to buy electrical tape;

6:00pm  --  Showered;

6:15pm  --  Pet my cat.  Checked MLP Forums on wife's laptop;

6:30pm  --  Cursed when I discovered that the new MLP RPG I'm a part of hasn't started yet;

6:45pm  --  Left house.  Bought dinner (pizza from a local establishment called Bada-Bing);

7:00pm  --  Arrived at work, where I am right now.  And where I'll continue to be until 7:00am.


Yeah.  Not so exciting.  :/

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I fought in a galactic civil war, saved a planet from destruction, obtained an incredibly powerful magical artifact, and set a new world record.


No, I went to school. That's it.

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