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Well, I would like first start off by saying or rather asking about how to get into digital art.


I have done a couple of things in digital media but, never really drawing or anything very intricate. I would love to be able to draw things digitally, and I don't just mean ponies but, well... all my art.


I have talked to a couple of people, and for the most part, they have told me that Paint tool sai and Manga Studio are two of the best drawing/painting softwares out there. I have even bought a digital drawing tablet. ( Its an ADESSO- Cyber Tablet z12 10"x 6.25") Shout out to !



I would use Paint Tool Sai but, unfortunately I am on a mac so Paint tool Sai isn't really an option for me. I know that there are converted files so it becomes compatible but, most of the files like that I have found don't seem to alsways work correctly. sleep.png


Im thinking about getting a HP laptop latter down the line and then just using PTS(Pain Tool Sai) on that or may be buying Manga Studio.

I have also tried GIMP but, the learning curve for that is a little high.ohmy.png


So if there is anyone out there that can help me in anyway at all, with anything to do with getting into digital art/media I would really appreciate it! wub.png


I dont want to spam anyone with too much so, I put most of them in a spoiler. If you would like to see just about all my art, I'll as add the link to my Deviant art. Let me warn you now that I do have some crappy art there. XD











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I like them-you've got a good eye for facial expressions and body posture.

I don't have a clue about digital art programs-but I dig what you've done so far.

Thank you, that actually means a lot, the truth is I really struggle with poses and facial expressions along with hair but, thats another story. tongue.png

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