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mr. critical's critical review of MLP season 4 ep. 1+2 critical events maybe.

Mr. Critical

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Ah, its good to be back. Season 4's debute was a smashing success with breaking momentum that would put dashie to shame. A new threat, Discord, and answers... well answered. But with plenty of questions as well. Is Discord really reformed, looks real shaky if you ask me. Where did the elements really come from, were they originally there or did some one make them. And finally my #1 question, what in the name of lauren faust is in that box. WHAT'S IN THE BOX! Gold star to who gets that reference. Heck, we even got a new intro. And a look into the rise of nightmare moon. If you haven't seen it yet... wada ya doin here guy, get yo butt to a tv or inernets and check dat stuf out mane. Honestly some people.


The story involves the attack of the everfree forest, and kidnaps our beloved princess's of the moon and sun. Leaving twilight who flies like a hammered seagul. Don't ask how I know what that looks like. So it's a race to find the supposed source of the elements of harmony. Friendship will be tested, lives on the line, and twilight must find what it means to be- WHATS IN TH- sorry, sorry. So the stage is set, for a fantastic season filled with mystery, friendship, and no Flash Sentry in sight. Yeah, life is good. So until Saturday, I'll see y'all down town at ponyville. I don't have a clever closi-


Critic, out!

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