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The abomination once known as Guardian Angel appeared at the outskirts of a small town. The time was about early morning. The sadistic smile on his face only grew even more at the sight before him. "I shall start with this, peaceful, little village." he said. Putting as much venom in to the word peaceful as much as he could.


His eyes glowed intensely until a nearby house burst into flames, than exploded. The demon got joy in seeing his power flourish. He laughed manically at his work. Soon enough, there was fire everywhere, burnt bodies littered the streets. Ponies ran for their lives. No one was safe from the sheer destruction that arose at such an early time and out of the blue.


And just as quickly as it started, it was over. The Village was in shambles. Houses that did not explode were left to burn in hell fire. Ponies that survived the onslaught were there to clean up and to bury their loved ones. Not even children were safe from the monsters wrath. A little filly that the demon caught eye of took hold of her and flung her straight into the air, and then with all his might brought her back down to earth in a body destroying impact. And all he did was laugh the whole time.


After everything was done, Tempting Demon was gone. Not a single hair from his body is left for any clue as to what caused such mass destruction. All that is left is pain, suffering, and the feeling of complete emptiness.



(I feel so bad about doing this and i'm sorry if i'm making him WAY too powerful, but all shall be all right in the end. You will see.)

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@, @@PurplePony,

Critic let go of Aixi and they turned to Night Song.

"We new him. I had only met him last night. But, he was a good friend. Or at least he probably would have been. Cant say the same for her."

Critic motioned to Aixi, still in shambles, but Critic did stop most of the crying. Critic left the two to talk for a while.

"Im going to uh... g-gonna go clear my head."

With that he went around the corner. It had only been a few seconds before she joined him.


'I can feel your pain Critic. What happened?'

Her sultry voice was gone. Now replaced with sympathy and comfort.

'I just lost a friend.'

'You don't have friends Critic. You say they just get in the way.'

'Yeah, but the two I met were... different. The one who died, gave his life for the other friend I made this day. He died protecting her.'

With that the voice vanished leaving Critic to his thoughts. Critic may not have known Blue Blur like Night song had. But he was one of his first friends, he had ever made. Loosing a real one so fast was jarring to say the least.


Critic got what he needed and made his way back to the others. It seemed his absence went unnoticed. He saw Night and Aixi speaking.

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Aixi stood shocked and horrified at the scene before her. It seemed like a bad dream. The tears spilled from her eye's blurring her vision and stinging her muzzle.

Aixi's thoughts tautened her. "You let innocent ponies pass away, it is all your fault. Blue is dead. He is gone and you can't ever have him back. This is all your doing."


She cried  drifting in and out of conversation. So much had happened in such little time. She found herself being held by her new friend. He was so kind and gentle. She felt comfort in pressing closer to his body. He made it feel alright.


@Mr. Critical,

Aixi's ears perked at the sound of Critic's voice. "Yes we should have a burial for him. That would be nice." She smiled at this.

Although the tears did not stop she felt comfort. She wished she could thank Critic for speaking for her but she just couldn't find the words. 



@Blue Blur,


Critic left them alone to talk. Aixi laughed a little, "I love every soul I find. I shed a tear for each one, and one more for the next, Blue was special and although I only met him one day prior to the others. We were not yet that close so I would not say lovers, but I did love him."

She cleared her throat and looked to Night, her eyes hardened and the tears stopped. "Night it was?" 

She didn't even give him the opportunity to speak, "You listen, and you think about this for one day. You tell not a soul. For now trust that blue trusted me we will have more time to speak later if you choose. I am going to take that monster out of existence. This has been my duty for so long, however, I realize now more than ever that I will need help."


"Please watch." Aixi walked over to Blue without missing a beat and sat down.


She closed her eyes and breathed out slowly. When she opened her eyes only the whites could be seen, "Take thee away, it is not my judgment to bestow upon you." Aixi muttered in a low mallotic voice. For a single moment Blue's spirit was visible and a dull glow could be seen about Aixi, yet as soon as it appeared it was gone leaving Aixi seated alone, once again. "


She could hear a gasp from behind her, no doubt it caught Night off guard. She looked down at Blue and cried two last tears.


Aixi turned to face Night. "You have one day to decide if you will fight along side us. Meet me here in one day if you choose to."

Her face softened and her next words were spoken solemnly, "I am terribly sorry for your loss, he will not be forgotten."


@Mr. Critical


Aixi noticed Critic standing awkwardly behind them, she wondered how long he had been waiting for. "Critic, I have a couple things I wish to discuss with you tonight, and I do not wish to drink alone. If you would care to escort me to dinner in a few hours, I hear the local pub is quite nice."

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Night was shocked at what he saw Aixi do, but it was not his place to judge, and so he nods. "Miss, if Blue trusted you, then so shall I, and you have my word that I will not tell a single living creature,, be it pony, dragon or animal. Your secret is safe with me." He walks over to her and Critic, "Blue was not just a great friend, but he was like a brother, and my heart will forever mourn the loss of his life. But miss, please know that, he died protecting a beautiful and from what I've seen, very nice and caring young mare. He died, doing his duty and doing what he loved the most." Night Song says, wiping the tears from his eyes, he lifts a foreleg offering to give Aixi a hug, it was in his usual, cheerful nature to do whatever he can to comfort those in need.

He thinks for a few minutes, "Miss, I do not need a day to think about it.I will most certainly join you in this fight. But as Critic had told me before, not out of vengeance but out of doing so to keep Blue's memory. How-ever, that does mean I will have to let my parents know and also take time off from my music studies. But this is important, and I can see it is very important to the two of you as well."

He smiles cheerfully, "How about we all go out for drinks? My shout"

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@Blue Blur,

Aixi felt cold, she was tired of trusting and hurting. And why should she trust him? They had only just met. The only reason she showed him was simply because there was no use hiding it anymore. There was clearly a new demon to fight


 'Beautiful' she scoffed "I wonder how many mares he has said that to, all life is beautiful." Her thoughts were often rude, she needed walls to protect herself and that was the best way she knew how.


She hugged the stranger awkwardly and stepped back. Getting serious Aixi responded to Night. "If you want to join for drinks that is fine but go home and say good bye to your family. This could very well be the last time you are able to see them again. You may die. So think about it."


She laughed, almost carelessly, in a knowing sort of way, "You don't have to dye."


@Mr. Critical

She didn't care what else Night had to say until tomorrow. The only thing Aixi wanted was for Critic to get her out. She didn't much care to linger around any spot were spirit residue once lingered, the emptiness crawled across her skin. "Critic, would you accompany me to town? I have a few things I need at the market and I would not mind the company. I also wish to discuss a few private matters."

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Night understood the hesitation, well he did his best to anyway. He sighed a little but kept his positive attitude, "You're right, i could die, but that could happen any day, life is uncertain, any one of us could die, any day." He smiles, "sure I'll join you, I need to get home anyway, put my music gear away."


Night was a little hurt at the coldness of Aixi's words, but after losing Blue, he could understand. If he hadn't trained himself to be positive, he would have been cold as well.


He picks his music gear up, and turns to leave. He looks back, "Miss, I hope that one day you will learn to trust me." he says as he spreads his wings.


He flies home, walks into his room, puts his music gear away, and hugs his parents with a smile,

"Mother, father, I am going out, I want you to know that, if I don't return, that I love you with my all my heart, body, mind and soul."


His father looks at him, "What do you mean if you don't return?"


Night Song didn't want to tell them but he had to, "Mother, father, it's Blue Blur, he...he's dead. He got killed. He was defending a mare and..and he got killed."


"NO! NOT BLUE!" His mother breaks down into tears, "Such a beautiful, sweet innocent stallion."


Night Song nods, "I have promised to help fight what killed him, so that is why I may not come back."


His father nods, "You do what you have to do son, but please be careful."


He hugs his parents and kisses them on the cheek, "I will do my best."


He then flies back to where Aixi and Critic were, hoping they'd still be there.


@@PurplePony, @Mr. Critical


"Good you're still here." Night says as he lands down where they are, "My parents understand, they are upset, but they understand."

Edited by Blue Blur

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Critic turned to Night Song as he returned from delivering his somber news to the next of kin. He could only imagine how they handled it. He nodded at the news he delivered from his return.

"Thank you Night Song. I may rest easier knowing the family has been contacted of this... news."

He stammered a bit at the last part because this was not something a family should know. Telling a wife is one thing, but a mother should never have to deal with this.


@@PurplePony, @,

Critic looked to the two that were before him.

WE will discuss what to do with the being at a later time. For now I... just want to let this all sink in and allow us to calm down."



Critic then looked Aixi. She had asked him to accompany her for today. Critic gave a nod in acceptance to her offer of companionship.

"We shall speak again later Night Song. Good day."

With that, Critic and Aixi took there leave, while Night Song was going to do what ever it is he was going to do. The two ponies made it to the market. It was full of ponies, how they would maneuver through them was beyond Critic. He looked to Aixi.

"So. Anything in particular you were looking for today?"

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Despite the somber mood of herself and her companion, the streets of Windermare was packed; almost shoulder to shoulder with ponies. Aix never realized how many ponies were in this quaint little town. She preferred a crowd to shadows though, blending in tended to be easier.

 @Mr. Critical

Aixi turned to her friend, "I need two knives, and some poison if they got any. Am I missing anything else that we could need Critic?" She chuckled to herself. Her words never sounded quite right.


Critic looked as if he was pondering the outcomes, this made her smile, such a caring tentative pony, "Well lets see if he can keep up." Aixi's thoughts laughed. 


"Ok, I want you to follow me the best you can, If we get separated we meet back here. ok?" Aixi smiled cheekily at her new friend.

"Come on!" light giggles could be heard as Aixi quickened her pace.


She swerved her way though the crowd weaving between the countless number of ponies. Never missing a step Aixi trotted along. She turned her head to see if critic was still following. She noticed Critic stumbling through the crowd only a pony or two behind her. "Not bad, I didn't think he would keep up quite this well." Her thoughts provoked her and she laughed enjoying her game.


As she tucked her wings close to her body she looked back one more time, making sure to catch Critic's watching eyes. With a playful wink she was off! Being tiny had it's advantages, she loved the child hood game of tag and was always best at it. She quickly gained distance between her and her companion.




After a short distance Aixi noticed a shady booth displaying some odd looking weapons.  "Perfect." she thought as she walked over.


The dark looking stallion attending to this stall had a scar that stretched his entire face. He forced a smiled at AIxi as she approached him. The toothy grin sent a chill up her spine. He clearly didn't smile often. 


"Hey little Missy, what's a pretty little mare like yourself doin alone here?" His greasy voiced slipped though his teeth as he spoke. 


"I need these two daggers", she pointed without hesitation at a pair of daggers placed safely out of reach.


The stallion thought for a moment and then replied. "Those are quite expensive, and I doubt you could afford them, let alone handle them. The smallest scratch would have you poisoned."


Aixi smiled and pulled out a tiny sack of gems from somewhere in her mane. Without a word she spilled them across the counter. "This is more than enough for the items I request, however you seem to think that I am in capable of handling such equipment."


As she gathered the gems up and pushed them back into the pouch she continued "Let us wager, If you can knock me out before I knock you out, you keep my gems and don't sell me a thing. If however I win, I walk away with the daggers and my gems."


The gruff looking stallion let out a laugh as he scanned the tiny mare over. "Ok, but I will not go easy on you just because your a kid." With that he reared up ready to attack


Aixi smiled taking off to the air, as she flew higher she could hear the land pony yell at her, telling her it was unfair to fly, all the while uttering curses his mother would not be particularly fond of. She giggled lightly as she dived the pony with an out stretched hoof. She smiled as she neared the side of his face, her hoof made a loud clap as it connected with the stallion dropping him in an instant.

"You should have just sold them to me." she laughed as she place a single gem on the counter


Walking through his stall she helped herself to a bag and tossed the sheathed daggers carelessly into the bag. As she glanced up she noticed a familiar perplexed gaze. 

@Mr. Critical


Tossing the bag over her shoulder she trotted happily over to the familiar pony "Hey you, I got everything I needed, for a good price too!" she exclaimed excitedly.

She nuzzled Critic's mane, "Do you need anything?"

She laughed to herself, she wasn't sure what all he had seen. "I wounder what he must think of me." She thought.

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Aixi and Critic Were in the center of the toen market district. Aixi thought she could out maneuver Critic. Well, she was in for a hell of a surprise. Not only could Critic keep up with Aixi, but he was quickly losing distance on her. 'she thinkds she's so slick. Its adorable.' He thought to himself. However, Critic accidently ran into another pony and lost sight of Aixi.

"Crap baskets."


Critic looked back to the pony that ran into him and noticed that it was the hooded figure from the other night. Critic began chase and tried to catch the stranger. But to no avail. the pony had lost him and Critic was looking over all the other ponies in search of him. But there were several ponies with hoods and couldn't tell each apart. Leaving the crowd to find his friend, Critic then came upon Aixi with a triumphant look on her face.



She then spoke...

"Hey you, I got everything I needed for a good price."

She gave a smile. 'Man I love the smile of hers.' He thought. Aixi then came up to Critic and nuzzled the side of his mane.

"Need anything?"

"Not really. Got everything I need already. Where do you wanna go next?"

Critic gave her a smile back. 'I really don't need anything. All my supplies are back at the tardis.' He thought to himself.

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His mane smelled sweet and glistened in the sun light. Despite the earlier events of the day it was quite beautiful out. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping a happy song.


"well alright, If you have no need to shop let us be on our way." Aixi said pushing herself closer to critic as on coming ponies squeezed past them.


"This time I will allow you to keep up." Aixi smiled and winked at Critic.

 With that being said the pair trotted off together away from the bustling market place. As they continued the crowds of ponies thinned out.

The two of them walk for a while in silence. AIxi didn't mind this silence, she liked not having to feel alone, this eased most of her thoughts, however there were still a few tiny details picking away at her. Aixi stopped suddenly and turned to face her comrade. "Critic," she paused, "Do you know of a quiet place we could talk. Away from any prying ears?"


"It's just I would like to discuss a few more details, and I do not think Night is prepared to hear them quite yet, I also wouldn't mind spending sometime alone, with just you. It's just it has been so long since I had the company of another pony and trusting is hard and I just can't." Aixi rambled on as she lowered her head to hide the fact that her cheeks had grown bright pink.



She felt flustered and was at a loss for words, these emotions felt so obscure to her. 

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'A quiet place. hm.' Critic thought for a minute when it hit him. Aixi must still have her hotel room. He brought her head up with his hoof on her shin to try to get her to eye level.

"Do not be so sad milady. IF you wish to speak in private, you should still have your room still. We can go back, set your stuff down and have a talk. Sound good?"


Aixi gave a nod in agreement. They made their way back to the hotel room. It was... awkward for Critic. Aixi kept nuzzling Critic's mane. He was very unfamiliar to this. He didn't know if this was a species thing or a mare thing. Or maybe both. It mattered not. Critic enjoyed every bit of it. She herself was soft to the touch. even through his own coat. Within a few minute, which Critic kind of wished lasted a while longer, they had returned to the hotel room.


Critical and Aixi opened the door to the apartment. Critic liked indoors. He was not one for outside, unless he had nothing else to do. Critic looked to Aixi and spoke.

"Okay, What would you like to talk about?"

He was unsure if this was going to be pleasant or unpleasant. He waited to find out.

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Night Song shook his head to clear his mind of his sad thoughts.

"Right, I'm going for a fly, maybe that will help." He says to himself as he spreads his wings to lift off.

After flying around the town for some time, he decides to get some gear for the journey.

"Ok, now, what would Blue use? A sword, a shield, armor.. should probably get some health potions.. Shit! This is all going to be so expensive, I'll have to ask mum and dad."


Night Song flies all the way back to Canterlot and gets home,

"Mother, Father?"

His mother smiles, "Yes Night, what is it love?"

"I..I need a fair bit of bits so I can prepare for my journey, I need to get things like a sword, a shield, armor and some potions."

His father reaches into the vault, and puts quite a fair bit into a bag, "Here you go son, you'll need money for travel, food and accommodation expenses too. This should be more than enough."

Night takes the bag, "T..thank you father."


He hugs his parents and kisses them on the cheek, "I love you both very much"

"We love you too Night Song" his mother says


@@PurplePony, @Mr. Critical


Night flies back down to the town and buys everything he needs, "No point taking all this home, guess I'll go rent a room at the inn."

He finds the inn and rents a room,  when he gets to his room, he hears familiar voices from the room next to his, with all his gear still on him, he knocks on the door..


"Critic, Miss Aixi? Is that you?"

Edited by Night Song

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Aixi chuckled. "Right to the point hey? There really is no messing around with you." She let out a short sigh and made herself comfortable in her seat under the window.


Critic nestled down on the couch and waited patiently for AIxi to start. Aixi drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Ok, so being the last of my kind I can not risk passing away, although I have to prepare for anything. somepony needs to be at least knowledgeable on soul reapers. Would you allow me teach you my ways? Would you be able to document us so we are not lost forever?"


Aixi felt ashamed asking so much from him. There was so much to her heritage and the ways she governed herself and her people. What shamed Aixi more was what she was about to ask of him. 


"I need to teach somepony how to take on our duties, I am not asking you to fulfill them that would be far too much to ask for but who we are can not be lost in the event that our world becomes infested with spirit residue others will have to be taught how too... 'clean up' in the event that I am not around to do so."


Asking this of her new friend bothered her immensely however, who else could she turn to? Aixi was not in the least prepared to deal with her demons and needed help one hoof at a time. 



Just as she finished her inquiry a knock could be heard at the door. "Oh Critic I am sorry I was hoping to talk in peace for a moment, please think about it."


She got up rather lazily and headed for the door.

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Night Song still had all his gear on him, but he had a cheery look on his face, "Oh it is you miss Aixi, hello.. Just thought I'd pop in to see how you were going, and it also looks like our rooms are next to each other." He says with a smile, "I've got everything I think I will need for this..journey, and then some, my parents gave me a lot of bits, mainly for expenses, but who says we can't have a little fun too, eh?"

His packs were getting slightly heavy on his shoulder so he shrugs them off, and as he does, his sword falls out, "Drat! I gotta be more careful with that.." He says as he picks it up and examining it, "I hope this sword will be good enough." he mutters to himself.


"anyway, if you ever need or want anything, I'll be in my room, preparing for everything." He says with a smile. Picking up his packs again, he sees Critic,


@@Mr. Critical


"Hello Mr Critic, same goes for you, you ever need or want anything, my room is right next door."


He waves to his new friends cheerfully and walks into his room. As he puts his packs down and starts unpacking, the overflow of emotion sweeps over him and he finds himself curled up in a ball, crying loudly.

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Critic watched Aixi walk to the door of the room. She wanted to pass her knowledge of her people onto him. Critic felt... honored. But a bit unsure. To escort the souls of those that have past was a huge responsibility. And one that is not to be taken lightly. But Aixi was the last of her kind, if she died before that knowledge passed. From what he was told, could be dangerous to this world. He began weighing his. options. He didn't really want to do it, but... This was for Aixi. And he liked Aixi... Maybe a little more than he should.


Critic looked to the door and saw Night Song. No clue why he was here. Critic saw him say something and wave. He gave a wave back in response. He needed help with this decision. And there was one thing he could talk to right now.

'Are you there?'

I'm always here. And I know why you're calling. This is a big decision. Are you prepared to handle this task?

'Will you help me?'

We are bound to the same fate. If this is what you choose, I will stick by your side.

'What did I do to deserve somepony like you. Through unknown time...'

And uncharted space.


Aixi made her way back. She sat down and spoke yet again.

"Look, I know it may not be something you want but, I only as-"

Her face was somber and she didn't get a chance to finish her sentence.

"I'll do it."

Her face lit up with surprise at Critic's response to her proposal.

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"Critic, words can not even express how grateful I am for you. I understand this must be a difficult decision to make. I honestly wanted to pass it down, I however was never able to have a pony of my own, just no time for family, it is one of my deepest regrets. This really should not lay on your shoulders." Aixi expressed her gratitude to her friend but was deeply sorrowed.


She began to tear up, "This isn't fair, I should never ask this of you. I am so sorry. please think this over tonight, in order to learn and further understand I need to partly consume your soul, for a single moment we will be one entity. You will see and know all that I know, as will I. I promise to only teach you this when the time is right and if I can no longer carry out my duties. I promise to avoid this at all costs."


Aixi understood privacy probably better than any pony, merging wouldn't be easy for her either and she wanted to avoid it at all costs, she had made herself rather uncomfortable by bringing this up. Wanting to dismiss it to a later date she looked at Critic and said cheerfully, "Well, I suppose we should meet up with our new friend and discuss a few things."

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'Merge together.' That was a sentence he was not thrilled with. He would know every dark secret Aixi had, and she his own. Now Aixi probably had some dark things hiding in the crevices of that head of hers. But what scared him the most was the fact that she would know his secrets. Critic was a traveler of time and space itself. IF she peered into his mind, she would know things nopony else should. And very dangerous knowledge. She would know things. Dangerous things. Things that could bring empires to their very knees. Things Critic dared not use under any circumstance.


@@Night Song,

"I-I'll give it a little more thought okay.  IF you don't want to rush, then We can do this at a later time."

She looked up at him with a smile. She wanted to go next door to discuss things with Night Song. Critic agreed and they made their way next door. Aixi was about to knock when Critic held up a hoof to stop her. He put his ear to the door and he swear he could have heard crying. But, it was probably a private matter. Aixi knocked on the door and they both awaitedfor a response.

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When Tempting Demon arrived at a random location after his last jump, he was breathing rather hard. "Damn this weak body," he thought to himself, "With that much power, but being in this weak body has left me tired and it will be a while before I can cause more destruction. I shall find a suitable place to rest until I am ready."


With that in mind he lazily wondered for a good while until he stumbled upon a cave. "Perfect." he said smiling to himself. When he entered the cave, he used what little he had to seal himself inside as to not be disturbed by whatever wants to come his way if they ever should.


Deep inside the cave, the abomination settled down and closed his eyes to concentrate. He thinks that this will help him return to full strength if he were to look inside to find it. Sure enough, he could feel small amounts come to him. But only every once and a while did he feel it. "This will be a while." he muttered to himself


Unknown location


Guardian wept. He cried and cried and cried. He felt like all of this was his fault. He watched from inside but could do nothing. Now, it feels as though his life was being taken away from him, bit by bit.

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@@PurplePony, @@Mr. Critical,


Night Song heard the knock on his door, uncurling himself and trying his best to wipe his tears away, he gets up and answers it,

"H..hello." He says, with a bit of a sombre tone in his voice, "c..come in" he steps aside to let them in, He still had tears in his eyes but did his best to smile.


"I...is there something, anything I can do for you?" Night Song sits down on his bed, and starts looking through his packs to see if he forgot anything.


He comes across the armor that he bought, something catches his eye so he takes a closer look. A angry look crosses his face,

"I...It c..can't be. It j..just can't be!"

He takes another closer look, and lo and behold, there were initials, scratched out but still visible, "V.C B.B" which stood for "Vice Captain Blue Blur"

"H..how...how is this possible!"



He picks it up and throws it with all his force at the wall, it hits the wall with a loud thud and lands on the floor.


Aixi and Critic look at him strangely, he angrily points to armor,

"Take a look for yourself, and don't tell me you don't recognize anything!"


He curls up in a ball again, the anger and frustration taking hold of him.

Edited by Night Song

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@Night Song,

Aixi walked over and examined the suit, it was their friend Blue's. The sight bothered AIxi, not that the armor was re sold, that seemed practical to her. Why have a perfectly good suit of armor go to waste? If it was damaged fine but it was clearly usable. No that did not bother her in the slightest, what bothered her was seeing somepony mope around in their own sorrows, she couldn't take that. It just felt selfish. She looked down at the mess of fur balled up sobbing on the floor, Aixi looked down and scolded Night. "The time for sorrow has passed. Be thankful that this particular item wound up in your hooves and not another pony, you could perhaps call it fate. Now gentlehooves it is time to celebrate life, you only get to live it once. Cherish the moments you have whilst they are in your grasp."


She hoped his words were encouraging and helpful, she understood the loss all too well.


"Now I am rather thirsty and would like to have a cider in Blue's honor, and then get on to other pressing matters. I have heard your local pub serves the best cider! Will you escort Critic and I?" Aixi asked trying to cheerfully change the subject.


It was clear to hear that his actions were valiant and noble, Aixi looked at her newest comrade and spoke, "You will need to toughen up a bit for this fight, and the journey should help with that, but your heart is in the right place. I am honored to be able to call you an ally."

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Night looked up, "I..I'm sorry it's just.. Blue was very proud of his armor. It was his pride and joy, and to have it been stolen from his burial site..." He stood up, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over, he takes another look at the armor, "you're right though, I should be thankful that I'm the one that gets it, and gets to wear it, and really, I am honored." He smiles at his new friends.


"Of course I'll 'escort' you two there, and I wouldn't say the best cider, that would be bragging, and honestly, I don't care much for bragging and ponies who do that." He picks the armor up, and says seemingly to noone "I"m sorry Blue, brother. I am honored to have and wear your armor, I just hope that, wherever you are now, that you will always be in my and my parents' hearts. We love and miss you terribly." He smiles again as he wipes some tears from his eyes, and gently packs his gear away into the vault, locking it up securely.


"I am honored as well to be a part of your 'journey'..." he continues but there's a knock on his door, he opens it to see a mailmare, "package for you mr Song."

He takes the package and thanks the mailmare, when he opens it, tears form in his yes, but tears of happiness and a smile creeps its way across his face.


Aixi and Critic looked at him, they saw him smile and smiled back.

"What is it, Night?" Aixi asks


He takes it to them, and shows them, there was a photo that was taken of him and his parents when he was a little colt, and a note saying, "We understand that you have to do this son, but please, be careful, we both love you very, very much, please, son, look after yourself, and take extra good care of your new friends. We're very proud of you.

As Always,

with lots of love, hugs and kisses,

your loving parents,

Stardust and Starstruck."


Something else falls out of the package, Night picks it up and "o..oh" It was his father's neckchain with a phoenix for a pendant, he said it always has healing properties of some sort, there was also a note, "I was going to give this to you on your wedding day my boy, but as that may not happen, I want you to have it now, you need it.. Use it well,

Your loving father,



A little bewildered, he just sits on the bed and stares at it..

Edited by Night Song

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@@Night Song, @@PurplePony,

Critic and Aixi look to the now stunned Night Song sitting on the bed, transfixed on the pendant he had acquired from the package. Critic and Aixi each other a glance to try and figure out what might have been going through his mind. After a few minutes, Night song stood off from his bed, a tear in his eye, Approached the two.


He said with a little bit of difficulty.

"Lets head to the pub and discuss our plans."

Critic and Aixi nodded their heads in agreement and were on their way.


The trio had entered the pub. There were very few ponies in here, which gave them the opportunity to talk freely without anypony getting curious. They took their seats and they awaited to discuss their plans. However, Critic got up and went over to the bar-tender. He had a black vest and a handlebar mustache. And he was almost as tall as Critical. HIs coat was a light-ish grey, with a dark blue mane. Critic flashed a few bits, showing the bar-tender he'd like a drink.

"What can I get 'cha?"

He spoke in a gruff manner.

"Applejack Daniels Cider. Bottle, please."

'Why Applejack exported that stuff I will never know.' The stallion came back with a bottle of the drink I ordered. This was going to be a long night, and Critic knew it. He gave the bits to the stallion, and took the bottle in his mouth and made his way to the others sitting in a both, in a secluded part of the pub.

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@@Mr. Critical,


Night Song had finally gotten over the shock of getting his father's pendant, and was no wearing it proudly. He smiles as Critic brought the bottle over, "mmm Applejack Daniels, my favorite." He says, he takes out a few bits, "Well seeing as Critic bought the drink, it's only fair that I pay for our meals, what would everypony..." He was about to finish his question when he hears a familiar female voice.


"Night Song? Is that you?" A mare asks and as she gets closer, she says "IT IS YOU!" she tackles hugs him, wrapping her arms around him, "I haven't seen you in such a long time"


Aixi and Critic look at the mare a little bewildered, Critic asks "Is this lovely mare, a friend of yours?"

Night Song nods, and the mare says, "Oh, you've got some new friends! that's wonderful!"

She extends her hoof and shakes Aixi's and Critic's hoofs, "Name's Violet Rosepetal, Night and I went to school together, and well..."

She leans in to the two ponies and whispers, "I've always had a bit of a crush on him." she blushes a little.

"Anyway, what are you lot doing here?" She sees the bottle, "NO! NO YOU DON'T MR. NIGHT SONG! NO ALCOHOL FOR YOU!" she says slapping his hoof away from the glass.


"But what mr? You remember what happened last time you got drunk?"

"BUT VIOLET!" he shouts, "s..sorry.. But Violet, Blue died today."

"N....no! Not Blue!"

Night Song nods, "but he died doing what he loved the most."

"Oh, I see."


She then takes a closer look at Aixi, "D..don't tell me you and N..Night S..Song a..are..." she can't complete the sentence, but Night had a good idea.

"No Violet, Aixi and I aren't together, we just met today, though I think she had feelings for Blue however."

"G..good." she gains her courage, "Night Song, I've been hiding this for a very, and I mean a very long time."

"What is it Violet?"

"I...I think I'm in love with you. I've had this crush on you ever since we were at school together.."

Night Song blushes, and because of his blue coat, he couldn't be bothered hiding it...

"Violet I..."

"you what?"

Night Song sighs, "I think I love you too."

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Love. Of all the things in this world that this planet was filled with, it would be love. This new mare that joined us seemed to know Night Song. And they have confessed their love for one another. "Tis a time of celebration and Mourning. Critic grabbed the bottle with his hooves to try and open the bottle. Maybe he should have gone through that genetic modification. Oh well. After a minute of struggling with the bottle, he finally managed to undo the top.


@@Night Song,

Critic grabbed the glasses and poured some in everyponies class. He made sure to give Night Song a "little" less than the other three glasses. As to not inquire the wrath of this new mare.

"So, miss Violet. tell us how you know Night Song here."

Critic took a quick swig of his drink. 'Good stuff.' he thought to himself. He saw Aixi do the same. Critic looked to the new couple. Critic may know know what love is, doesn't mean he has seen it up close before. With the exception of a few romantic comedies he's reviewed. Critic and Aixi just continued to look to the Two, awaiting an answer.

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@@Mr. Critical,


Violet giggles a little, "Night Song and I went to school together in Canterlot." She says with a big smile then smooches Night Song on the muzzle. "Aaah! It's good to finally do that!" She chuckles at everypony's reaction, especially Night Song's.


"So, you two By the fact that you're here with my silly filly friend Night Song, I am guessing that you two were also friends of Blue Blur's?"

She didn't wait for an answer, she grabs Night Song's glass, pours it into hers and drinks it, "Sorry Night Song, my love, I'm not risking you getting hurt again. I finally told you how I feel about you, and now I know you feel the same way, I'm not risking losing you."


Night Song hangs his head, "I'm sorry, but that might happen. I' going with Critic and Aixi, to fight whatever it was that killed Blue Blur. I may not return." He says, fiddling with his father's pendant. "I gave my word that I would."


Violet hugged him, "then take me with you! I promise I won't get in the way and I can help with both of my magics, please!"


Night Song sighed, "I don't know Violet, you'll have to ask Aixi, this is doubly personal for her. Not only because she lost Blue Blur, but I think there's some history between her and what attacked Blue."




Violet looks at Aixi, "Please, let me come with you"

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