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(New: Twilight) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Drawings (56k Warning, Images are large!)


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Hey guys. While I had some spare time, I drew some pictures. Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Yes, it took a while. I am improving everytime i draw. Hope you enjoy..

(Couldn't get the apple right, got confused with Rainbow Dash's wings)




Apple Bloom

Sweetie Belle




Big Macintosh + Luna (hugging)

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Awesome! great job you did there. I must agree, mlpforum has a new good artist. 6/5 :)


you should try fluttershy, derpy hooves or pinkie pie(I hope I wrote her name correctly).


Oh thank you! Since all 3 ponies requested look so cute.. I'm on the progress! :D

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Nice pictures.

I would try to draw those two hugging but it would probably come out looking like a bowl of spaghetti ;)


Me 2 once I become more experienced. But, my next project is gonna be Pip (pirate colt) as a stallion B) .
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sounds awesome :)


Thanx, hey that gives me an Idea for a fanfic. About two decades have passed since the event's of "Nightmare Night". Pip has grown up into a handsome stallion and Luna remains ageless and beautiful. Luna has also become a more mature mare and the time has come for her to choose her stallion to marry which had to be a royal guard or competitor in the royal Canterlot games. Upon hearing this, Pip heads off to Canterlot to take part in the games.


Anyways, the games include dueling some of the toughest monsters in equestria (dragons, constellations, even some other stallions). Anyways, he wins the games and Luna but the day b4 the wedding he is kidnapped in his sleep and wakes up to find... that he is not in Canterlot anymore...


Anyways, he was moved in his sleep (which was caused by him drinking a potion that was mixed in his wine at his bachelor party) to some harsh place with even bigger monsters than the ones that were in the game, he must fight them blah blah blah, get back to Canterlot and marry Luna. Time is running out...



Anyways, that's my Idea for a fanfic, anyone is welcomed to use it and add onto it but make sure you tell me b4 doing so.

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