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Although we are a forum dedicated to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we have quite a few gamers here, many of whom are Nintendo fans. If you're one of them, chances are you've heard of the Wii U - Nintendo's successor to the Wii.

<a href="http://wiiugo.com/" title="Wii U Go - Wii U News, Rumors, and Blog" target="_blank"><img src="http://s.wiiugo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Wii-U-Go1.png"></a>

I run another website called <a href="http://wiiugo.com/" title="Wii U Go - Wii U News, Rumors, and Blog" class="bbc_url" target="_blank">Wii U Go</a>, which is a blog dedicated to the console. I inaugurated the site on September 15, 2010 under the name Wii 2 Blog and tracked down rumours from the farthest corners of the Internet to post on it, long before what I call the "Project Café" era, which is when the mainstream media and other sites about the console began to appear in April 2011. The console was finally revealed at E3 that same year, and that's when I renamed Wii 2 Blog to Wii U Go, now knowing the system's real name.


I've put an awful lot of work into Wii U Go in the 1.5 years it has existed, having published over 500 articles and built a custom skin for it from the ground up. It has even been mentioned by G4tv and N-Gamer, a popular German magazine.


There are two things I hope to accomplish with Wii U Go:


One, since the day it launched, I've wanted to make it the central hub of news and information for Wii U fans - not unlike the role Equestria Daily plays in the MLP:FiM fandom. There's nothing I would love more for the blog than to see it become a thriving community hotspot for Wii U fans, owners, and prospective buyers alike.


Second, because of the financial situation that my family is in and my ambitions to attend an American university, my post-secondary education may very well hang on the eventual profitability of Wii U Go. Scholarship options for Canadian students studying in America are extremely limited, so I am virtually on my own to fund my education. If Wii U Go becomes profitable, I could potentially avoid taking a gap year after high school to work full-time just so I can get my degree.


So, if you like MLP Forums, please consider checking out Wii U Go and subscribing to it, particularly if you are actually interested in the Wii U. Even if you aren't, I would greatly appreciate anything at all you can do to help promote the site and get it out there - there's a <a href="http://twitter.com/WiiUGo" title="Follow @WiiUGo on Twitter" class="bbc_url" target="_blank">Twitter account</a> to follow and a <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wii-U-Go/207930475910522" title="Like Wii U Go on Facebook" class="bbc_url" target="_blank">Facebook page</a> to like, and linking to interesting articles on the blog on other forums you go to or in your Facebook feed could be very effective as well.


Every single reader counts, and as MLP Forums is the largest site I own, I hope you guys can help me achieve Wii U Go's goals as well. :)

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Phewy! I read that WHOLE article in Twilights voice! Are you sure you're not Twilight? SHOW YOURSELF!!!


I'd love to do whatever I can to help you succeed! It would mean so much to see you flourish in something you love doing, and doing your best to accomplish it at your age is one of the key things that many people fail to see at your age, which is absolutely fantastic!


I'll admit that I'm not a huge console gamer, and I usually only play my games on the PC, but I'll do anything I can to help you out!


Good luck with this and I'll be keeping an eye on everything you update! <3

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I used to flit around a community of total Nintendo fanboys. I'll let loose a title drop here and there on my old profile, hopefully it'll attract quite a few people!


Best of luck, Feld0, it's very nice!

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I knew about the wii U forums before the MLP Forums, so when i joined here and found out it was by the same person i thought, "Huh, well thats interesting." Then i heard how young he was and then i thought "hopy shoot this guy has got to be busy."


And now theres a blog for the wii u! Awesomeness. Quick question though, what do you know about the rumor of a Super Smash Bros for the wii u?

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Trust me guys, it's an awesome site from an awesome guy!


It introduced me to a lot of great things and people, even the brony fandom. Without it, I never would be here and I hope you guys will tell your friends about his awesome site!



Lots of success to you, Twilight ^_^

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