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  1. I was right! There would be a problem found in that post too! Bye

    1. Nohbdy


      I saw your post before it was deleted, and it sounds pretty clear that you need to chillax. Follow the rules and dispute any problems via a support ticket, and you should have absolutely no problems. So calm down.

    2. DozzyDash


      You know, I should just stick to Skype chats. I can say whatever I want without anyone telling me I can't. Forums are just not my thing I guess

    3. DozzyDash


      So just ban me or something I don't really care

  2. This must be very awkward for you two

  3. I left because i felt like my energetic nature was annoying people but now i dont really care and i will just act like myself
  4. Yeh im bored so im coming back to the forum. OK! also Your post contains only 36 characters, this board has a minimum of 50 characters per post.
  5. I searched porn with the dimensions 478 × 283 the funniest part was i never actually got any porn images
  6. Search=i cant believe its not butter Size=478×283
  7. Does anypony want to know a dirty secret? Whatever you search on google and set the image size to exactly and put a weird, abnormal size like 156X587, you almost never get anything relevent. For example: I search Algebraic Proof and i got this Now. EVERYPONY TRY AND GET THE MOST IRRELEVENT IMAGE. GO GO GOOOO!
  8. This is confusing. I haven't got porn once on this. I don't understand. I'm getting stuff like
  9. Just so you know: since this is Imgur, many photos you will receive will be NSFW. Use common sense and don't post them here. Aka you might get porn Post interesting things you get here! Have fun everypony
  10. I met my first brony in real life. I was at school and I saw a guy with a 20% cooler shirt and I said his shirt was awesome and he said thanks. ... Big moment for me.... biiiiiiiiig moooomeeeennt

    1. Ethan Pow
    2. Colon Leftbracket

      Colon Leftbracket

      I know 2 Bronies who go to my school. And in a mall in New Hampshire the guys at the register were Bronies as well.

    3. DozzyDash


      Not very many in north Hollywood

  11. The sequel to QWOP is........ CLOP?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Colon Leftbracket

      Colon Leftbracket

      just mash the keys for the front hooves for the most hilarious walk cycle!

    3. DozzyDash


      LOL i did it and it said lame horse mode unlocked

    4. DozzyDash


      Just repededly press l

  12. Eating a chipotle chicken sandwich from Starbucks
  13. Ugh... I accidently came across a fanfic which happened to be a really disturbing clopfic. Its going to take a while before I get over this... *Shudder*

    1. null123456


      The Scootaloo Diaries?

      That one gave me some very awkward nightmares..


    2. DozzyDash
    3. null123456



      Even more awkward nightmares.. D: