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What would each pony smell like?

Flutter's lover <3

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Twilight would smell of paper, Fluttershy would smell of the forest, Rarity would most definitely have perfume, Applejack would smell the like the barn or apples, Pinkie would smell of cupcakes and I think Rainbow Dash would have a bit of a fiery smell from all the Rainbooming, if it does that. :dash:

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Twilight Sparkle - Freshly printed books

Rarity - Expensive perfume

Pinkie Pie - Like a sweet shop

Applejack - Sweat and wet mud

Rainbow Dash - Nice and clean, she can shower under a rain cloud whenever she wants

Fluttershy - Like a petting zoo or a pet shop, pretty unpleasant

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Pinkie Pie would definitely smell like sweets. If you ever were around kids or worked in a kindergarten, you probably know that smell. :ButtercupLaugh:
Rarity would smell like perfume, the best perfume! :proud:
Applejack might smell like an actual horse. A clean one of course. And hay! :)
Rainbow Dash likes to smell fresh (like freshly coming out of the bathtub :wub:), but wouldn't admit it. :fluttershy: If somepony notices it, she would just say she cleaned Mr. Turtle!
Fluttershy smells like nature and flowers! :wub:

Twilight Sparkle: Library, books, paper. :twismile:

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Twilight Sparkle: Books

Fluttershy: Animals that she takes care of during the day. 

Rainbow Dash: Sweat and determination 

Applejack: Sweat and apples

Pinkie Pie: Desserts 

Rarity: Fancy imported perfume 

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I'd say that either Rainbow Dash or Applejack would smell the worst out of the mane six. The latter works on a farm and is usually muddy but I'd say she certainly takes a bath at the end of a long day. Otherwise Rarity definitely smells the best due to an obsession with cleanliness and possible use of perfume, with Fluttershy being second since she probably smells like flowers and likely cleans up as well. Pinkie Pie probably smells like a bakery since she works in one. Twilight Sparkle is more average but I assume she bathes on a regular basis.

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Here's what I would assume they smell like 

Twilight~ Books, the best books... 

Rainbow Dash~ Rain water 

Applejack~ Apple pie 

Pinkie Pie~ Chocolate, licorice, cotton candy, etc 

Rarity~ Fabric softener and perfume 

Fluttershy~ Flowers 


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