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What would each pony smell like?

Flutter's lover <3

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This topic came to me before I fell asleep last night(I Do my best thinking then),and I just remembered it now. We know prettymuch everything about the ponies in the show, except, well what they smell like.


I was thinking of what Fluttershy would smell like, just before I fell asleep.


(I think about her every night, before I fall asleep.)



Fluttershy: I think she'd have a soft clean aroma of a fresh water spring, with a hint of evergreen, topped off with a gentle dash of crisp mountain air, and maybe a pinch of lavender or lilacs.





What do you think your favourite pony would smell like? Or any pony for that matter? Be it a natural smell, or an enhanced aroma with perfumes or what have you.

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Pinkie Pie would smell like diabetes

Rarity would smell of expensive perfume

Fluttershy would smell of urine

Applejack would smell of sweat

Twilight would smell stale
Rainbow Dash would smell of stress sweat
If they all took a shower they would smell like candy flavored horses  :wub:
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Applejack: Smells like apples

Pinkie Pie: Smells like candy ("I smell sex and candy..." well, okay, maybe not sex.)

Rarity: Smells like expensive perfume

Twilight Sparkle: Smells like poprock candy

Rainbow Dash: Smells like fresh rain

Fluttershy: Smells like wildflowers

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Twilight Sparkle - Lavender


Rarity - The best smelling and highest priced perfumes in all of Equestria


Rainbow Dash - Sweat, adrenaline and clouds


Fluttershy - I couldn't agree more with your interpretation


AppleJack - DEFINITELY NOT apples, duh. Maybe a little perspiration, because she is a hard worker.


Pinkie Pie - Cotton Candy, Cupcakes, Flesh, Cocaine and a hint of death.



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Rainbow Dash - Sweat, Rain

Pinkie Pie - Lollipops, cotton candy, bubble gun

Twilight Sparkle - Lavender, Lilac

Rarity - Marshmallow, perfume

AppleJack - Sweat, apple, apple pie, apple cider, apple crumble, apple fritters, apple turnovers, apple sauce, apple                danish, apple juice, candy apple

Fluttershy - Pet food, cats, dogs, birds

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I bet Rarity would smell like expensive perfume and just clean and pristine all over :D


Yes, I mean ALL OVER


AJ would smell like apples and mud.


FS would smell like animals and a bit dirty.


Twilight and RD would smell like shampoo and hair dye.


Pinkie would smell like cupcakes :D

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Must. Not. Descend. Into. Gutter.


Fluttershy - Very neutral scent, doesn't use perfumes but has hints of something fresh/springy in her mane.

Applejack - Kind of 'dusty', earthy scent when she's not perspiring from a long day of work.

Rainbow Dash - Light scent of ozone, thanks to her flying, a bit of a fainter variant of AJ's scent otherwise.

Twilight - Touches of flowery scents like lavender and camellia and whatnot.

Rarity - Heavier variant of Twilight's scent, uses an actual perfume with oil so a bit musky too.

Pinkie - Somehow always protrudes the scent of something sweet baking in an oven no matter what the context.

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AJ - Apples and possibly mud

Twilight - The inside of a Fortune Teller store (with all the incense)

Pinkie Pie - Candy and Sweets

Fluttershy - Pet Store (without a doubt)

Rainbow Dash - (Skittles..........)


I bet Rarity would smell like expensive perfume and just clean and pristine all over :D


As expected.............very expensive perfume, :D

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These answers should be predictable, but:


Applejack: dirt with hints of baked apples.

Rarity: Expensive but not overpowering perfume.

Fluttershy: Meadows and wildgrass.

Rainbow Dash: Light, drizzing rain, from flying through clouds.

Pinkie Pie: Fresh baked cakes.

Twilight Sparkle: Dusty old books, parchment and ink.

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Fluttershy: She might have a natural scent or a scent that smells like nature

Pinkie: She would smell like a bakery or just various sweets. A very sweet smell that makes me always want to be around her.

Twilight: This is hard to put my hand on maybe a little dusty from reading or a motherly smell if that makes any sense.

Rainbow Dash: Probably like rainbows or skittles or sweat from her flying.

Applejack: Like a barnyard or like sweat from working all day or like freshly grown apples.

Rarity: Like hair care products from all the product she puts in her mane.


So if I was to smell any of them, defiantly Pinkie!

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Fortunately, my TV is equipped with Smell-O-Vision, so I gotcha covered...
Applejack smells kinda sweaty and very outdoorsy. Hint of plant-matter with a bit of earthiness and just a touch of Vegemite (keeps ya strong).
Pinkie smells of baked goods, bubble-gum, and balloons.
Twilight has that old-book/library smell about her.
Rainbow Dash: you know how your hair smells after you've been standing out in the wind for a while or have been driving with your windows down? That. And sweat. Lots of sweat.
Rarity smells like top-of-the-line shampoo and perfume. Bit overpowering if you ask me, but I'm sure Ghostie doesn't mind...


Fluttershy smells like dirty hippie. It's really NOT GREAT. Like, -3/10 status...

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