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its dat Maximum Rainbow.

Maximum Rainbow

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Hello everyone a bro from Canada here! How are you? That's wonderfully wonderful! Or not, depends on your answer :I
You can call me a number of names, but I mostly either go by Max or Rainbow. New nicknames are awesome to B)
I haven't been a MLP fan for a long time [like...6-8 months or so (\o3o/) ]
I guess you could call me a Pegasister, but I like the word Brony better. I love all my bros~

umm what else... I never liked talking about myself...

I guess my favorite thing to do (other then watch MLP) is play scary video games like Amnesia for example! So scary...but so much FUN :wub:

Lovin' the emoticons ~ :lol::unsure::wacko::blink::blush:

Brohoof /)(\!

That is all.

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Welcome to the forums, Max! The more bronies in our forum family....the more fun there is to be had! Also, I've never played Amnesia myself, but I have watched a friend play and I can agree that, in the words of Pipsqueak the Pirate "It's scary, but fun!".
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