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  1. Feld0 can suck it! I got my chat back! :)

  2. could you just use my signature? -vexe3d made it and i dont have a photo :/
  3. Dreaming is primordial, it must be done and it must be followed! - Uncle Kage (Famous Furry)

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    2. Swordfishtrombone


      You should have asked him from a neutral perspective first, gotten to know what he thinks. Such is the life of a furry.

    3. Dark Flame

      Dark Flame

      Seems like it was worth it to find out what a true friend he was #Sarcasm

    4. Swordfishtrombone


      Maybe it is better to let it be that way.

  4. Tara Strong - Tolerating doesn't mean just dealing with it, it means to change it and make it better! #BringBackChat

    1. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      With all due respect, Dark Flame, my friend, you are beating a dead horse.

    2. Crispy


      DF, I think you're beating a dead... tree.

    3. Nightfall


      Sorry, but it ain't gonna help... Wish it did, though...

  5. i wanna talk to somepony, watch conversations, laugh, well, im gonna sleep... i hate this

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    2. /mlp/


      yeah..it kinda sucks..but Love and tolerate i guess :(


    3. Dark Flame

      Dark Flame

      Tara Strong - Tolerating doesn't mean just dealing with it, it means to change it and make it better!

    4. Jokarr


      you should geta skype acct so we could chat on there XD

  6. I now have nothing to mindlessly spend hours on, i miss chat...

    1. Twister The Twisted
    2. /mlp/


      IKR...i'm kinda bored...just posting for the heck of it

    3. TomokoKuroki


      you could be ponying ;)

  7. mrazillard please and thank-you
  8. I'm closing my account, I truly loved this place and all the people in it, but without chat i have no room here, Thanks for being a good friend everypony!

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    2. Dark Flame

      Dark Flame

      To be clearer,the forums dont interest me, ill still pop around occasionally, who knows chat may come back, but ill never really talk in forums, and well yea. ill be around, but not nearly as much as 8 hours a day like i used to

    3. Fox


      NNNNNNNNNNOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo come to skype... <3

  9. Dark Flame

    Chat is Dead

    In reference do my post-did not mean to sound like a threat- but why would i honestly want to full donate to something i will rarely ever use, i cant have a conversation not in real time and chat let me connect with other bronies. well yea.. +i know yall work for free, but site does have upkeep costs-btw iy was not meant as a threat
  10. Dark Flame

    Chat is Dead

    how does one rejoin skype group? And sorry but i feel i needed to say this, chat was the only reason i loved this place, cant stand forum talk- no chat, no donate -
  11. Dark Flame

    Chat is Dead

    this makes my heart hurt...Nothing to do here now...anypony knows of another chat please pm me
  12. Happy Birthday, dude!

  13. Happy birthday buddy! :D

  14. pretty awesome, you should make it irl few opinions - the eyes go a little darker The whole thing uses a shade of then black, a deep purple would be nice -add accents to the moon and around it to make it pop Very good otherwise
  15. Dark Flame

    Snide Comment Pic

    One more try BP "I cant even drink enough to make that look good."
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