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  1. Dark Flame

    Group Picture

    could you just use my signature? -vexe3d made it and i dont have a photo :/
  2. Dark Flame

    Official MLP Forums Skype Group

    mrazillard please and thank-you
  3. Dark Flame

    Chat is Dead

    In reference do my post-did not mean to sound like a threat- but why would i honestly want to full donate to something i will rarely ever use, i cant have a conversation not in real time and chat let me connect with other bronies. well yea.. +i know yall work for free, but site does have upkeep costs-btw iy was not meant as a threat
  4. Dark Flame

    Chat is Dead

    how does one rejoin skype group? And sorry but i feel i needed to say this, chat was the only reason i loved this place, cant stand forum talk- no chat, no donate -
  5. Dark Flame

    Chat is Dead

    this makes my heart hurt...Nothing to do here now...anypony knows of another chat please pm me
  6. Dark Flame

    Mau5Head Design - Nightmare Moon

    pretty awesome, you should make it irl few opinions - the eyes go a little darker The whole thing uses a shade of then black, a deep purple would be nice -add accents to the moon and around it to make it pop Very good otherwise
  7. Dark Flame

    Snide Comment Pic

    One more try BP "I cant even drink enough to make that look good."
  8. Dark Flame

    Snide Comment Pic

    A little bit wider now
  9. i may be able to assist you in coding the whole thing, i just cant devote too much time to it
  10. Dark Flame

    The Big Chat Record Thread 3/10/12

    I was so there!
  11. Dark Flame

    The Big Chat Record Thread 3/10/12

    I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!
  12. Dark Flame

    Name a big name brand then...

    Hooters -Ive worn the khackis and polo, hated it.
  13. Dark Flame

    My MLP Forums!

    Whos who?
  14. Dark Flame

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Figured id finally put my pic online Here goes nothing **young children advert your eyes**
  15. Dark Flame

    Planning Minecraft ponies?

    sounds fun, would it be in game or just a forum rp? cus im building a daring do map and that might be fun