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  2. Pinkie. Lyra (best) vs. Twist (do I even have to elaborate?)
  3. The first I read was cupcakes, and I have to say, it's not a compelling story, but it's not as gory as people will tell you. Aside from that, in my opinion, Anthropology is a good one. You have to have seen the shows and heard of the named background ponies, but I assure you that it is one of the best fics I've read. Period.
  4. My brother is obsessed with the notion that all bronies are cloppers. He also happens to be a person who will punch you in the face if you disagree with him. I'm kinda stuck...
  5. I think they're going to end up having the difficulties of being a princess prevalent throughout the new season, possibly a Princess Cadence origin story, since neither her nor Twilight have the flowing mane thingy, I would assume that she followed a similar procedure. ALSO, if they don't have a "learning to fly" episode, I will waltz up to Hasbro and slap every writer's tender face. I don't care if she was flying at the end of The Magical Mystery Cure, flight is not something to be learned simply in a day. SCIENCE TIME! The body mass of Twilight would have to obviously change to accommodate her small wingspan, thus meaning that she requires extra muscle mass in her chest area and less on her legs, thus increasing the difficulty of walking, and her bones would have to become hollow or porous. The reason for this is because of the weight factor. In conclusion, THEY NEED A LEARNING TO FLY EPISODE.
  6. As long as they give her difficulty and a hard time adjusting, I'm fine. They need an episode on her learning to fly though. I don't care if they showed her doing it at the end of the episode, they NEED a flying episode.
  7. I disliked the change, because it was just so... Random. The episode progressed too quickly, and I'd have liked a seasonal build up. Well, I think that she will probably rule Ponyville, given that... well... That's where the show takes place... The question is not if the ponies would obey, it's if she WANTED to rule. That's what I think the show will curve towards. Aand finally, I think the show will have Twilight have an interior struggle as she attempts to bond with her newfound powers and political command. She would optimally begin to mess things up as the show progresses, but recover with the magic of FRIENDSHIIIIIP! Woohoo!
  8. Yup, it's me. Quark. You've literally never seen me before, but I just had to use that introduction anyway. So I'm quark. I'm doing fine, how are you? This is sorta awkward I guess... So Hi. Uh.... I guess I'm just another brony who's making his way in the forum-verse. Whelp, I guess I should go and state some stuff about me then. I am a guy, like many of you out there, and enjoy the show as much as you do. Probably. Likes and dislikes then, I looooove science, you probably noticed too, given the whole "username is quark" thing. Anyway, that's all. Have a good day.