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  1. Playing monster hunter 3 ultimate, LoZ master quest, and don't starve. Really getting into monster hunter. I used to play MH2 freedom a lot, so I'm getting hooked again
  2. Glasses, horn, vibrant colored hair... Put some books in some traps, that oughta do it. 4/10.
  3. Well, I scored a 2, so I'm more than incidentally homosexual. Kind of makes sense, as I have done my experiments, but I definitely prefer women to men. I went through that phase, and it did not end well. Glad I did though.
  4. He carefully picks up an adder from the ground, carrying it carefully so it doesn't bite anypony. "This might come in handy for anypony who isn't welcome. Maybe we can cook it and save the poison for our weapons, whadda ya think, thunder?" he asks, having heard him walk by.
  5. Pretty wicked moon axe/scythe/spear/thing. 5-7/10 depending on how she handles it.
  6. Blaze sharphoof (my RP OC,) Tree Twist - Causes trees to appear as if reaching with deadly intent. Here Fishy - Lures fish to Blaze Shine Bright - Horn shines bright, blinding others temporarily Burn Bright - Causes flames to burn hotter and higher. Sharpen - Makes even blunt objects razor sharp. True Aim - Things launched by horn always find their mark.
  7. I would like to be the leader of team amazon. I enjoy these survivalist roleplays, and think I can do a good job with this.