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  1. just a couple of questions...

    If I could interject, our pre-reg has been scheduled to close on Friday, August 12th. If you'd like to take advantage of the pre-reg price, you should register as soon as possible. If you're unable to pay before closing, fear not. You will be able to pay for and pick up your pass at the desk, the discount still intact. If you bought any items through the reg system, you will be able to pick those up as well through our on-site con store. Click here to register now!
  2. BronyCAN Extra Pass

    And before anyone asks if he's joking around, no. He pressed the wrong button and he got himself an extra pass as a result. You'll have to take him up on his offer quick, 'cause the reg system is closing very soon!
  3. Hey a couple questions...

    Apologies more making you guys wait! Our full website is nearly ready to go, so our detailed guest list will be available very shortly. In the meantime, here's the list of guests that we currently have: As far as what you can do at a con, our schedule won't be released for a good long as we're rounding up panels and events. But you can rest assured that there will be many great options available. We'll also have our gaming rooms open to anyone who needs a break in between events.
  4. S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark

    I'm almost certain that I've witnessed a fanfic writer's wet dream. I've seen cases of Back to the Future syndrome before, but good lord this was one of the most extreme. So many alternate timelines, all showing what happens after the villains won. Wars, fights for survival, complete desolation. Christ, there's just too many sad emotions just thinking about 'em. Starlight's backstory doesn't justify anything she's done, but then again, we've seen people who've taken extreme measures to prevent their past from happening again. (Hell, I even know a couple folks who do just that). She just didn't realize what the consequences of her actions were until someone like Twilight took a stand and showed her. It took a lot more than just showing a decimated Equestria to convince her to try another way, but I'm impressed Twlight managed to do her job as the Princess of Friendship and let Starlight have a second chance. And y'know what, I'm glad to see Twi take such a powerful unicorn under her wing. It hearkens back to when she was Celestia's student, just a little filly with a lot of power just waiting to be released. Now she's got a fully grown unicorn to watch over and make sure that power is used for everyone's benefit. I look forward to seeing what these two will get into next season! It was more "You have to live with your past, but you can't let it define who you are" to me. Simply going back in time to change the past doesn't help you learn what went wrong. It's more a foolhardy bargaining tactic that more than likely will make things worse. This was a fantastic finale, easily the best one they've done. Here's to Season 6 and the movie!
  5. S05:E24 - The Mane Attraction

    Sheesh, anyone else here wanted to buck that high horse of a manager where it counts? Amy Keating Rogers is certainly leaving on a high note. This episode hit a lot of the right marks, both in feels and in conflict. Rara isn't the first to have a crummy manager dictating her life and making event organizers feel like garbage, and I'm glad she (literally) pulled the veil that blinded her and told that jerk to stuff it. Just needed a little push from our favorite Apple farmer. Lena Hall really strutted her stuff in this one, her singing voice is phenomenal. I can see why she earned herself a Tony. The first two songs were proof enough, but man that song in the ending. Holding back the tears was a near impossible task. Really good episode, and I hope the next guest star they bring shines just as bright as Rara.
  6. S05:E21 - Scaremaster

    See, people could wait another four weeks for this one. Long as you have the right tools and know who to unfollow. As for the episode itself, I was taken aback at the ending. Even though Fluttershy shows she can find a way to participate in the festivities, she decides to go home and ride out the night. You don't see that often, a character sayin' "Hey, it's just not my thing. You guys have fun, I'm headin' home." A good lesson for kids, saying not everyone wants to join in on Halloween. Well played, DHX.
  7. S05:E19 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

    Aw come on, he's a dork, a lot of dads are like that (mine included). And who knows, maybe he'll give their foal something from his collection someday.
  8. S05:E19 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

    Ohhhh man, poor Pinkie Pie. I'd hate to be in her shoes through all that. Poor gal just fell to pieces trying to keep her mouth shut. I've been wanting to see this ever since Hasbro revealed Skyla and people thought she was Shining Armor and Cadance's kid. Twilight's reaction to becoming an aunt made it all worth it. By the way, who else choked due to laughing at Shining Armor's reaction to his room? Particularly the one re: his comic?
  9. Got the MLP Season 1 DVD and Over the Garden Wall we were supposed to get a few weeks back. Thank you dad's stateside coworkers. :D

  10. S05:E18 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    I would love to share my thoughts on this episode, but I have blue-screened from all the tears shed from that ending. I mean ho-ly CRAP. Five years of pony and the staff tear us apart with the feels. I'm at a loss for words.
  11. S05:E17 - Brotherhooves Social

    Big Mac should take some acting lessons after this, he's got a lot of potential as a stage performer! (And why shouldn't he, he's got Peter New providing the talent). Pretty gutsy for the writers to take on such a tough issue in this day in age, but hey, better than having no one talk about it right? And I think they handled it pretty well. All Big Mac was trying to do was earn Applebloom's happiness, he wasn't gonna let some drag stunt hold him back from his goal. He knew he was in trouble from right off the bat, but he pressed on like a champ! Too bad that didn't save him on the obstacle course. :/ And that ending was probably the most heartwarming moments I've seen this season. The visuals, the dialogue, the acting, it all came together perfectly. Not one of the best of the season IMO, but I'll be darned if it didn't have some lovely moments.
  12. Equestria Girls Friendship Games Discussion Thread

    Oh wow. OH WOW. I haven't the words to describe how amazing that ending was. Even watching it for the second time I'm still blown away by it.
  13. Friendship Games just aired in Canada and... hoho boy I think a lot of you guys south of the border are gonna have a hard time not smiling at this one.

  14. S05:E16 - Made in Manehattan

    As if I needed any more reasons to love Coco Pommel. I love the idea of her bringing back an old neighborhood tradition that she grew up with. She cares so much about it and the legacy that Charity left behind, it's hard not to sympathize with her. Not to mention they highlight importance of community, something I think a lot of people have lost over the years. Also, filly Coco is the best hing. Poor AJ. If "Applebuck Season" taught us anything, is that a big job is just too much even for a pony like her. It's no apple orchard, but even a small park can take a lot of effort to keep it tidy. My older sister works as a lighting designer for the theatre scene, so I'm willing to bet she's gonna love this episode just as much as I did. This was a fun episode, but ho boy I can't wait to see how next week's episode in Ponyville goes... namely with Sweetie Belle.
  15. Hasn't Apple learned by now not have Derpy Hooves at the controls?

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Blame the communication b/w Apple and Hasbro. Scare-Master was the fifteenth episode in production order, but it got pushed back.