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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I like my name, and I wouldn't change it. My name is Aurore, it is the french word for Dawn, and is linked to the roman goddess Aurora. When I was a child I loved my name simply because of Aurora in Disney's sleeping beauty lol But since I don't have any middle names, I think if I could modify something it would be adding one.
  3. I think Rarity would be the first to get married. She seems to be the one who really looks for somepony and I think she'd enjoy the fancy part of the mariage planning and choosing her dress (maybe even making it herself). For the family thing, Applejack would be the first and the one with the largest family. Family is *very* important for her and she's mature enough for it. Although I think Rarity would be the first to marry, I'm not sure about her having foals (Pregnancy would damage her body too much lol)
  4. RiverHaze

    Hello! :)

    Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your stay on the forum and feel free to talk to me anytime. Have fun.
  5. This one is great too ^^ http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6716898/my-little-brony I hope the ponys we buy actually don't feel this way ^^ (especially since we have to style their hair, which includes numerous baths in cold and hot water lol)
  6. Fixing Applejack's hair... Hasbro didn't bother making her bang *sigh*

  7. Slowly getting back to work...

  8. Dear Pinkie Pie, although you're just *way* too outgoing for me, I still love how you manage to stay optimistic through all possible situations. You are a good character anyway.
  9. Temperance without hesitation. But I also have its darker side. It means that even if somepony hurts me or bothers me I won't show it and keep calm, but I won't forgive and eventually take my revenge.
  10. In a relationship since 2011 with an older man. I have to say I was quite lucky when it comes to relationship, even if I was also victim of manipulation with one of my ex. It was love at first sight with the man I am currently with. He was the owner of a shop in my town and I fell in love right away when I entered his shop. I know it can sound crazy but that's how it happened. I bought something from him and came back two days later, giving myself one day to think. We started dating two weeks later.
  11. Hello there! Could you please rate my main OC, RiverHaze? She's a pegasus from Cloudsdale. Here's the link for more details and picture of her: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/riverhaze-r4336