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  1. Congrats on Graduation!

  2. I only know Artemis and Path (or know of Path). And Path gets it (flipped a coin).
  3. Yay you guys at the best! I told him that this idea would promote more donations. See dad? Now let's get down to business. The plan is to first nominate characters you want my dad to dress as. He gets to veto one and so do I. We'll keep this going until we have about ten or so valid picks, maybe more. Then we vote. The winning character will be what my dad wears to BronyCon, and does a complete vlog/blog series about completing it. I haven't decided if you guys will vote for the specific outfit or not. That will probably depend on the character. If I am being honest, it will be easier on me if I can create a Equestria Girls version out of the selection. There are some general rules here. This is MLP specific. My dad will at least have to be in cosplay at the con for four hours. My dad will attempt to stay in-character at the con. A vlog/blog must be posted every two weeks by my dad. If he misses a submission not due to health or act of Celestia then various challenges will need to be performed. Things like getting someone to take a photo with him, maybe even a costume change at one point. I'm open to suggestions for this one. Limited to three costume changes for the character. No infant characters pls thx No inanimate characters. Pets are okay I suppose. The cosplay has to be con appropriate. While I may try and make custom pieces, if I run into issues, we may wind up commissioning something. I'm thinking a hat or accessory like a staff or such. I'm never sewn a hat so while I can try, I don't want to be bashing my in head wasting fabric and such. Costuming, accessories, wigs, and makeup (if applicable to the character) will be specific to the canon character. Basically, I'm going all in on this hoping that it doesn't wind up looking like a train wreck. Ummmm. I think that's it. I can answer questions and such, or my dad can and he'll relay then answer. Also, he is being a great sport about this. I almost feel bad. Almost. I'll start. Fluttershy! Dad, do your thing to this post. @Jeric
  4. Of course it would be you to point out a flaw. If your friends here pick a character for the 2250 prize that doesn't have a singing role, the fairest solution is to do a second one. Maybe. It does complicate things, but if we end up doing two characters it really isn't that big of a deal. Let's cross that bridge when we get there.
  5. I'll let my dad add any artwork in here and stuff like that. So, @Jeric is my father. I remember that there was a plan to due a full cosplay event at Babs Con back in 2014 and a few of them got colt feet (pun 100% completely on purpose). A few of them, including my dad, decided to change things so that they would only have to cosplay in the gender-bent versions of their characters. The following year my dad took me and my brother to Babs. We both went in cosplay, and I was EqG Pinkie Pie. My father ended up bailing on his agreement of the plan to cosplay as Pinkie's Dad. So my father is going to BronyCon. I can't go since I'll be prepping for college at the time and need to save my money, but I can surely make my presence felt. Alright, revenge fueled daughter kidding aside, this is for charity. To entice you all to cross that next threshold, this is what I convinced @Jeric to do (feels weird calling him that). If we hit the $2250 goal, my dad will cosplay as any character we choose. You nominate the characters, staff and I will add some to round out a few, you vote on the picks, and I will design and put it all together for him. To keep this interesting, there will be no gender modification of the cosplay. If you pick Fluttershy then you best be sure he'll be in a sun dress. I'll probably go with the Equestria Girls designs as they are easier to assemble. Oh, and for those that will not attend BronyCon to witness this, Dad will be posting a regular blog about assembling the cosplay. There is even a hilarious add-on to this if you guys can break $2500, where Dad will have to record a music video in cosplay BEFORE the convention and ALSO will enter the Cosplay Contest that they have every year. Make this happen community! My preference, but don't let me sway you.
  6. Is there more family of yours than you and your dad at MLPF? Or liking these ponies in general?

    PS: Steven Universe is great! New episodes arc on dec 17th.

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    Interesting, when you just replied to a topic 4 hors ago.


  7. I'm glad you are running this thing again. <3 ya Dad

  8. I have some ideas Dad. You are going to BronyCon, right? My favorite part of going to BABSCon with you was cosplaying as Pinkie. I think every self respecting fan should experience the joy of cosplaying as a show accurate character.
  9. Happy belated birthday

  10. Wow, looking at your profile is a blast from the past. 

    17. Stahp getting older! 

  11. Merry Birthiversary!