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  1. I had a vhs of it when I was a baby and since I was used to Barney and friends, it scared the crap out of me with the bad looking Barney costume and his low voice. By the way, Barney sucks and you should see the ratings it got on imdb. I am okay with bill bye, old blues clues(nostaliga reasons), and the best out of the bunch, mister Rogers neighborhood. And now the long list of crap: with parody names for each one(what they should actually be called.) Barney and friends= stupid and phonies Caillou= shut up spoiled brat Little bill= (same one with caillou) Dora the explorer= dorka the tardslporer Boobah= poopah Teletubbies= show for druggies I haven't seen any newer baby shows, so there's nothing else to say. P.s. Admit it, we all liked or was scared of Barney when we were little.
  2. I think it would actually work out. We'd be a good couple. Go tell her that. Even though she'll probably hate me after that. I'm being literal, seriously.Anyways, pucksterv x blobulle
  3. Pucksterv x sirene Cmon people give me a perfect girlfriend
  4. Can we pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeee trade places. You can have the cold, I don't want it.
  5. Here's my reaction Seriously, I hate snow and winter.
  6. Is it weird that I had a dream about summer vacation and I woke up thinking it was the middle of June even though it's the beginning of March? I'm becoming insane from the snow.

  7. Are you sick of snow? I always hated snow, it makes me depressed.
  8. I know I said I missed summer and that was the reason I started this topic, but one thing I HATE is the DAMN BUGS!! Them Mosquitos will eat you ALIVE!!!
  9. I kissed a girl in kindergarten and got in deep deep trouble, the teacher was literally screaming at me.
  10. Have you been kissed before? I was kissed by a girlfriend I had in fifth grade. It was an experience I cherish to this day. She moved a year after and it really sucked for me. But hey, if any of you girls on the forums want to date me, pm me or something like that.
  11. I am sooooooo weird when I'm bored. Just a little bit ago, I was WATCHING FREAKING BARNEY!!!!! What wrong with me? Am I becoming stupid?

  12. I got a collectible rainbow dash and a dr hooves. They were $30 A PEICE!!!

    1. Blackened


      If only I had that kind of money...

  13. I went to my moms friends house with my mom and she let me on their computer. I was trying to get on when I realized I was using DIAL UP INTERNET!!

    1. Kurai


      Dear god! Thats horrifying

    2. Kurai


      Thats horrifying

    3. Metallic Strings

      Metallic Strings

      This is 100% true, I swear.

  14. CRAP!! You beat me to it.But, here's part 2:
  15. Hi guys, metallic guitar here. Well, this is a blog that I want to try out. Hi everypony, welcome to my blog, tell me something I should do in the comments. If I suck at this blog, I'm sorry because it's the first blog I've ever done.
  16. Yay Friday. Thank god I didn't wake up to a Monday!

    1. Blackened


      IT'S FRIDAY FRID- *gets shot*

    2. 碇 シンジン
    3. Metallic Strings

      Metallic Strings


      Don't even remind me of that song, it's sooooooooooo annoying.

      P.s did you know the music video has over 1 million dislikes.

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  17. *hugs* You just described my life at school, but I don't have a bisexual friend. If I was there, I would help you with this problem.
  18. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 100 brohoofs!!!

  19. That's how I roll even though my topic is mainly about Monday's. But who cares, waking up in general is the worst. By the way, I want to break my alarm clock and throw it in a hole.