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  1. Just noticed I havn't been here in agggggges. Work is wearing me out^^ I'll try and be a bit more active. Sorry^^

  2. Saethwr

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Best part is for my next charge blade upgrade I need 4 silver rath tails >.<
  3. Saethwr

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    1 ruby and 3 azure tails to complete my Rath Soul gear. Farming this weekend I think^^
  4. If i want Nuggets McDonald's...if I want burgers Burger King.
  5. Yay Mewtwo came back to Smash Bros today^^

  6. 6....azure....rath tails.....WHY do I need to get 6 azure tails!!!!!?

  7. Need to farm monsters at some point...need more armours and charge blade parts

  8. Just a remindr to all my fellow UK ponies....the clocks go forward this Sunday.

    1. Light Diamond

      Light Diamond

      Thanks for the info! :)

  9. And I've spent the bulk of my birthday in bed ill....wonderful >.<

  10. Hi, and happy birthday! :) Hope this will be a great year for you ^~^ *hugs*

  11. So jst watch the eclipse with a old flower box, a pin hole and some tissue paper....worked really well^^

  12. Saethwr

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Will do^^ Always good to team up to hunt
  13. Saethwr

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    I haven't unlocked him in online yet I'm afaird.
  14. Saethwr

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Just getting though the final 6 star quests before I jump to 7 star. Need to farm S magala for charge blade parts and then I need to farm Brachydios for his. Then I need high rank armours. Meet need to join hunting parties for those.
  15. You know....waiting on 1 piece of post to possibly confirm a job really sucks...especially when it takes a while.

    1. Malinter


      i know that feeling all too well

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