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  1. Equestria is cleary a female dominated monarchy with no voting system, kinda like a gender reversed middle ages britain
  2. So I started a new character in Borderlands 2 and chose to play Psycho this time around. I was playing and just from badass level I unlocked a skin called "Eat the pretty little pony!!" At first I was like ok haha one off joke a dev decided to slip in but then he has several quotes that reference the show mainly "Friendship, is.... PAAAAAIIIIN!!!" Which he screams during his transformation into the Badass Mutant Psycho. Anyway yeah I haven't gone through all of his quotes but it's my headcannon now.
  3. Holy crow i forgot about them both! this is really gonna bother me now.
  4. finally, handed in three due essay's and a physical project.

  5. Oh I thought you were talking about remoteplay in general
  6. Small Soldiers
  7. First of all PC has had remote play since 2007, second of all it's not limited to 720p it's limited to 1080p
  8. Hey guys please go check out a post I made for a project me and my friend Jonny Music are working on

  9. Hey guys. So if you clicked on this you're probably wondering what this new podcast could be? Well wonder no more! It is at the core going to be dedicated to various topics such as Brony/Pegasister news, talking about new episodes, gaming, tech and world news. Now of course we can't do this on our own and we would love to try and get a new person on every other week. That my dear reader is where you come in. We would like you to post a link in this thread to either a demo reel or previous content you have either worked on or created yourself. If you have any questions that you would like an answer too as soon as possible please PM either myself or Jonny Music. Please note however that Jonny Music may not be able to reply as soon as myself. Jonny Music MLP Forums: YouTube: Th3 Arb1tur MLP Forums: YouTube:
  10. I just wanna say I loved the campaign and I think that the whole hero abilities and weapons was really innovative
  11. So my main thought going into this two parter was "how the flip is a character with no dialog gonna support two episodes?" so I was pleasantly surprised when they didn't try to use flurry heart to carry the entire episode but rather use her as a catalyst for the plot. Another thing that was great about this episode was that Luna and Celestia were finally INVOLVED and there wasn't some overly convenient issue keeping them from helping. In short this was a good start to what I hope will be just as good a season if not better.