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  1. Rescue Rangers is my absolute favorite of all the 90s Disney cartoons! I have them on DVD! As for a reboot though, seeing them change what it was, I don't think I could watch it. It just wouldn't be the same. IMHO
  2. When I first heard about the Duck Tales reboot I was a little skeptical, I mean most reboots aren't (to put it nicely) very good or anything like the original. But today I found out something that makes me want to check it out :David Tennant has been cast as Scrooge McDuck! I know, this doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be good or like the original, but anything with the Tenth Doctor is worth checking out! I know I'm going to check it out, but what are your thoughts? Here's the link to the original article: http://tennantnews.blogspot.com/2016/12/david-tennant-cast-as-scrooge-mcduck-in.html
  3. Merry almost Christmas!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to all my fellow September 29th babies

  5. Nice video, I like the music too Here's a little more of the best DJ Pony! Here's a little more of the best DJ Pony!
  6. All you have to do is copy and paste the link on the computer, but on a tablet, I'm not to sure. Are you using a Youtube app?
  7. Best DJ pony :comeatus: ? No way, Eurobeat Brony is best DJ Pony ! Don't get me wrong, I love the Living Tombstone, but Eurobeat is waaaaay better
  8. Electronic music, now there's another awesome genre. Eurobeat Brony is the best!
  9. I have most of the Funko vinyl figures, like 7 pony shirts, all of the Wal-mart plushes, (except Celestia, which I can't find ), a snow cap, wallet, 3 rubber bracelets, a Rarity Equestria Girls doll , most of the mini buttons from Hot Topic, 50+ blind bag ponies, a lot of trading cards and Trading Card Game cards , MLP Life, 6 tins, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo (still need Apple Bloom ) from Build-a-Bear and a giant art print, which is my favorite pony thing ! I think that's everything, Lol
  10. Sweetie Belle needs to watch out for Sonata if she's going to be Taco Belle for Nightmare night, Lol

  11. I'm no artist, but you nailed the proportions. Hasbro themselves couldn't have done better! Bravo!
  12. Oh, the joys of moving......

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      "A friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move a body." - Dave Atell

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