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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Here is a drawing I did in firealpaca! What do you think? I re did it: Pls comment it'd make my day;-;
  3. ass ass ass rise against omg my life booty what the hell help me
  4. You could describe me like that. A+ you get a cookie. Uhhh... dude.
  5. I feel really stressed, but what else is new. I mostly wanna sleep.
  6. Oh hey, nuther genderfluid person. Cool! /)*

  7. I'm guessing female! Hard mode: here's a picture of me (click on it it moves)
  8. ...how'd you learn to render so well? I suck at values.
  9. KANZEN KANKAKU DREAMER. It's high octane and super awesome.
  10. Oh man I got to like episode 5 of that. I really need to finish it. The second episode blew my mind.
  11. Last album I listened to - Rise Against - The Black Market How would you rate it from 1 to 10? - 8/10 What did you think of it? - HELL YEAH Your favorite song from it? - Sudden Life Which track you liked the least/hated the most? - Probably the title song "The Black Market" Was it from an artist which you were familiar with? -Yeah, a little. I was kinda into them a while back, but this album makes them one of my favorites Are you looking forward into listening more music from that particular artist? -Yessss