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  1. ImpctR

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I would comment it the same way I do for episodes, and it is. It was a pleasant episode, not of my type but better than any Heartswarming episode, and for being 40+ mins that's what it aimed to be. I will start with things I liked mostly as going through the episode: Starting with School 6 appearance, already had their episode in Season 8 so it's normal to focus on Mane 6. The Pinkie family,. Gosh, I love Marble Pie, every time I see her it's the same as what Spike feels for Rarity. Speaking of Sparity in this episodes though... it's through the roof whoever doubted it still lived. Marble is shier than Fluttershy though hihi. There were Big Mac and Sugar Belle. I'm not into songs in episodes but I know it goes with the holiday so it was in place to have them. Again Twilight is poor planner, she has just another day upside-down. What they decide to give as presents in secret is something I've done few times in junior school. Not since. I chuckled at those instant responses from AJ and the Remane when Spike asks 'No I dont have Rarity' As for the Flim-Flam. I know such villains are better than others with magic but are there no others? It was so tiresome to see these boring antagonists expecting them to fail any time. Fluttershy was a bit naive though, did they have to portray her like that? I liked how close Pinkie and Prince Rutherford have become. Now his cottage looked too ordinary but here is a thought on the map: Yakyakistan, whatever it represents, Siberia or any such area, on the north is just one thing, the North Pole. And that's where the Reindeers are. I know you like Derpy talking again: What is this acorn place? WHERE is it? I like the new characters though, Acorns family? Looks like Rarity and this new acorn pony son, like each other Rarity such a two timer. Shining Armor shows he is not a useless husband, I liked that, and Cadence's confidence hah.Yes, I love that beautiful place, and interesting to introduce these new reindeers in the Equestria. The new uncharted world far on the north, in the snow! But even seeing the everfree forest in snow was also cool. The winterchiller (?), such a FURRY thing cute and funny as it grew: Then we get the giant monster winterchiller and that blob trouble but it turns into 'Friendship' is the real present. I like that and the worry what present will be good enough is so relatable for me that it's good to remind us in the end it is what the act of giving a present or care matters. Also good that instead of Santa pony, there are these 3 reindeers to differ from the real life world. There are two types of episodes, adventure ones two parters and these positive ones without much adventure but that are full of light and funny moments that make it pleasant and are more interesting than the Season 1 episodes. So both types I like and being a light and pleasant episode 5/5 a good one.
  2. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Also, changelings allegedly are natural fliers (even reformed) like pegasi, alicorns and gryphons and dragons, and hyppogryphs. Those should probably have never been having trouble flying without magic. And yes, as some said why would she be put near Tirek? For plot of course. One that would be interesting if it involved more villains at once. I post a little more about it here.
  3. Overall I liked the direction of how MLP:FiM grew up. As someone who's not been interested in old gen ponies and they looked lame to me, I was considering it silly to even watch such girly things, I already liked Season 1 and started watching it being a new show to watch. When Season 2 came with The return of Harmony, intro to Discord, I really got intrigued by such episodes and more than ordinary episodes in which nothing happens, like majority of S1. The Canterlot Wedding Season 2 finale, first intro of Chrysalis especially since I made relations to one game that had changelings, I was so making comparison between changelings and changelings that Queen Chrysalis looked like the queen of Blades, not to say the expansion came around the same time as Season 2 finale. Some even made ponycraft clips. The show won me even more, I was waiting for newer and newer adventure episode, and while Season 3 was short, (but introduced King Sombra and the Crystal Empire), there it stands, season 4 with Twi's Kingdom the best episode so far, never felt so hyped watching this, recently did a flashback to it before the Season 8 finale, so the show was already growing on me. And while the show had more and more eps that are more interesting than Season 1, I was still focused on my fave Mane 6 like Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash. Season 5 introduced Starlight and we saw a little of what each villain's kingdom would look, but you know what hasn't been done? I will post this a bit later for Season 9. Season 6, I almost forgot what it was focusing on Starlight doing better and focusing a lot on her, and sometimes but now noticeably less focus on the Mane 6, still anticipating their episodes like RD attempts to get in Wonderbolts. Still, we got new places but it was still pony focused and in the end Changeling focused. It almost felt like Chrysalis' Hive end was more recently and is now so long ago. Season 7, the story started focusing more on duos e.g Rarity and Pinkie, so common, the indian pony restaurant? But the pieces coming together in a finale (the ones that lead to Pillars of Equestria) was something already done what lead to Season 4's finale. The different items It wasn't until MLP The Movie that not only opened whole new worlds of explorations but this combined with the Pillars opened so many possibilities that it is hard to juggle with all at the same time. As can be seen. there is no time for Pillars other than to say 'they are doing something away, Star Swirl is reading messages', and appearing some like in 'Rockhoof and a hard place' 'Friendship Uni' to not get forgotten. But with the opportunities the Movie opened, and the School of Friendship, the focus shifted away from Mane 6 but I don't mind it. I actually like it so. In Season 8 not only did we have all these nice moments of continuity from the movie: The Storm King (plenty of references now), Hyppogryphs and Aris ( My first love of Season 8), then the Student 6 that I already started liking more than CMCs for all the CMC past seasons. Smoulder became my fave but even what they develop in these characters is more interesting than 'yay we kids we look for cutie marks', I like them much more. Season 8 was great for showing all these new interesting places, so as finale it was not the best, mentioned why Cozy Glow, too much credit given to her, but the episodes overall were. (Probably comparable are Season 7 episodes related to visiting places of the Pillars). I like these fantasy adventure episodes more. And now season 8 gave us also Kirens, the Holiday special - deers? Either way, it is time for some things to happen in Season 9, call it wishlist 1) Shows have had a unity of villains, it makes things more interesting and I mean more of a Cozy Glow-Tirek union. With Chrysalis out there and the Mean 6 unexpectedly not continued in Season 8, it is time for powerful union, Be it Sombra-Tirek-Chrysalis or any such. The friendship has united creatures so now we have powerful alliances of Yaks, Hyppogryphs, Changelings, Ponies, Gryphons, Dragons, Kirens and this leads to 2) It is time for the big battle, Lord of the rings style.. no I get that it can't turn into this but maybe like the 'Cutie Re-mark' stories, yes make things darker, leave some problems staying for half a season or so. Let the Pillars take part like the heroes they were, let the Mane 6 have a role and the School 6 if they are new bearers or soon-to-be bearers. Dominate the season in such plot episodes, than 'The End of Friend' pointless episodes, it is FINAL? Let Kirens and any new that side with ponies join the final conflict, with the Crystal ponies too. If they can't air 3-parters make the last 24th episode before finale feel like addon to the finale, not like 'Father knows beast' thanks for the useless ep. 3) Tempest Storm bring her (for an episode or more)! There has been Stormking, his guards, Kludgetown reference but no trace of her. Even as evil? 4) Escape Tartarus with Cozy and the others? Find all villains and make the arch-villain league? Something like that. 5) Friendship wise/relationship episodes, it doesn't matter to me how they develop characters, the way they do so far is fine, simply less filler episodes.
  4. ImpctR

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    At first I was like - they made everypony here with normal eyes not like in MLP the movie? Later.. oh it is like a 2-parter merged into one episode, the show, not a movie. When listed on wiki it is listed same way as MLP The movie, so I thought a new movie. And deer ponies, even more world exploration? Can be only Antarctica, whatever the land stands for, or the North pole... that actually has no land mass. This is another world, so they could go by themselves another continent etc. This eliminates the need to ask if it would be related to next season like how the Movie was, and if it would be a 2hr Hearthswarming where nothing happens. It is just a normal episode.
  5. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    for.. sake can some stop using real-life logic and rules and laws in a fantasy world of ponies? SJWs? ... I know this is American show for American public but my cringe-o-meter goes wild when I see some talking about lawsuits and I know these are from teh U.S. 'Cozy is just a kid, just a filly, oh noes, how could she be sent there'? 1. Tartarus just looks like another land, certainly not like hell. A prison place. 2. Cozy was a student of Tirek (as in going by his teachings, not a literal student), who is still the most dangerous villain probably. So she almost repeated what he did, it only makes sense she was sent there. Tirek could have been reformed? What on Earth for? There is no incentive why he should and in Twi's Kingdom he was seen as the prime devil. 3. She went with a "f. you all" response when Twilight told her how she didn't get it rather than trying to learn and beg for sparing. 4. If Cozy hadn't been the lil filly that is greater villain that some others, almost as great as Tirek (I dont like the idea), that wouldn't have been even questioned. She was not just a rook she was the queen who in diagonals and lines took out knights, officers, pawns everything. But why is she sent there? /Sarcasm. I didn't expect it but I don't care. Eeexactly!
  6. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Okay the Season 8 finale! Finally, reached it and watched it. As much as I was avoiding spoilers I heard it was going to involve Tartarus and Tirek though I imagined it more in some Twilight's Kingdom way. So, I did flashbacks through Season 4 Finale, and the School Daze, What Lies Beneath but also the mean 6 thinking there would be some relationship. The Season 8 finale, I find it much better than Shadow Play and as much as the Pillars of Equestria give me the vibes of the classic fantasies I like the most, they are so forgettable, ever since they appeared and the finale proved their uselessness. Does anyone think that they were better off sent to the past? I did find it curious to be in the present, but somehow I don't care. With that said, I give the episode 5/5, better than Shadow Play, it was thrilling enough for me to like it, kept in in tension what was going to happen but with I give this rating with SOME BIG REMARKS. Let's see what the huge things I disliked and what I liked. Perhaps since it was known from the very beginning What? Some little filly can do so much damage!? I understand she could be some wunderkind but no... just nooo... she is THE MOST DESPICABLE villain I've ever seen because I like villains if they have some level of coolness, power but I refuse to think that some filly without magic can do SO MUCH DAMAGE! Like get out, she is so uncool and so not having the power to do that, so it was UNBELIEVABLE that she was NOT Chrysalis. I was waiting for her to turn into Chrysalis at any time , I don't know whether it was rumored Mean 6 has any relation but apparently does not. In other words, I question the idea all that had to revolve around Cozy Glow, I thought she was someone much bigger, no way! This is my biggest remark. What made me like the episode but not as much as 'Twilight's Kingdom' still the king of the finales IMO (im not Dragonball Z fan or anything but it felt so thrilling, the power of the Tirek, I just saw how many also like this finale the most gj), The Cutie Re-mark and 'To where and back again' that would gradually decrease in likeness. What made me like it is how it went back to Twi's Kingdom and other past episode references, I love when I see those, which is why I thought Chrys would be there too. To break it into parts; Yona is the funniest of the School 6, the cannon ball that falls out of the sky, always kind of chuckle when she's in such situation. And now to the serious parts: oh my Starlight without magic was something never seen since all happened before her appearance. Ever since Cozy suddenly replaced Starlight, I was like 'what?' Some unimportant filly becomes the head of the school? Then I started thinking Starlight might be captured! Predictable okay. Even more world exploration! Tartarus! Well it's not like so much was seen from the place but look: There's vegetation, rain, flies! Didn't Twi's Kingdom leave the impression it was barrens with nothing but rocks? Blueberries! No.. well, maybe eatable. Totally like this gate ornamentation, looks so interesting and ancient or alien lol. Then they enter and I'm like 'Did they just realize? They trapped themselves forever but didn't think before entering'. And the pitch black I thought they were entering some dungeon with hostile creatures not trapped animals. Flutty's animal expert stuff helped again. Then there he is... Tire, not as threatening as he looked when he consumed magic. The resolution was lame imo... really Pinkie driving him crazy is what makes him give them some magic, or whatever happened? Wasnt he or the others unable to use magic? Then Neighsay locks the student - IF HE WERE behind all this, he has the power, the knowledge, it would be believable.... COzy... I still can't believe they gave her so much credit in the episode. Unpredictable because it doesn't make sense, not a good idea IMO. The CMCs to the rescue, well im glad they were used here, made them feel somewhat useful. I love the 'What lies beneath' continuity. Did the tree lose magic too? This scene with Starlight, I would think only Chrysalis is capable, which is why I couldn't believe she is not Chrys. Neighsay is actually a strict member of the edu council but serving the side of good? I'm surprised but not disappointed. I liked his reformation. I never cared if he is a villain or not, what could he possibly do other than try to create school rules, not like stealing magic like Tirek. I mean really, if there is something that pulls the episode for me it is THIS: (IM THE LIL KIDDO THAT TURNS THE WHOLE WORLD, EQUESTRIA UPSIDE DOWN).... "RIGHT" I've seen other shows where the villain could be some kiddo but the episode of that show was not serious. And in the final scene... find it hard that the students would fall for Cozy she was not even believable about the School 6 stealing magic'. And then the tree saves the day. it still had magic? So yeah, reformation by Neighsey, I dont mind it, it shows how even the stubborn heads could start thinking rationally. I never minded him as I said, never saw him as a must-be villain. Plot twist.... Cozy transforms to Chrysalis, wanted to unite with Tirek? Now that would be a villain combo that hasnt been done and needs to be but whatever. That is the end of Season 8. Looking for that movie but if it will not be a high stakes one like the MLP Movie and just a 2hr 'Hearthwarming Eve' might not be my taste.
  7. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    I lol-ed and yea I dont know what that was for in the episode. I guess Xray damage to Twi. Oh and I don't hate Dragon's Quest, I liked it. It was 10 times better. I don't care about 'racism against dragons' because I hate comparing this world logic with the one in fantasy. Should I cry about World of Warcraft racism between nations too? It is also how two worlds whose knowledge of one another is poor and one only knows 'stereotypes about the other one' why there was "dragon racism".
  8. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Hey sometimes I admit I may be influenced by the votes and if I see a mostly positive episode, I'd still give it a good grade but even so, if it is not my type like nothing special happens, I would still not give it highest no matter the overall votes. I noticed this time it is see, and not able to post or do your vote independently. Well I will give my vote alright and I will hit hard this time. Although I've seen bad episodes, something about this one was not only boring but plain lame, not to say such episodes aren't my fave when focusing on some chars unless they are interesting like Molt Down. I give this episode a So what makes it like that: - An episode I do not care much about unless something makes it good (there were some good Spike episodes) - The guy crashes in the middle of Ponyville, and he is not the father!? You know if he were, that might make sense but he has no clue of the castle and suddenly wants to take advantage of the village? crap logic - Sludge was so unlikable, not only that but you HAVE TO GIVE US A SONG OF HIM?? I dont care about songs but this just makes me put the song in the trash can. - Sludge is like an old creep wanting to be around the young dragons, no that's not it since how did he even know he would land near Smoulder and Spike? No he just wanted to take advantage of. I don't know what personality it is supposed to depict. Ugly, unlikable, and giving a song by him, waste of minutes. And somehow he referenced not only Mount Aris but this may be the first time I hear a Klugetown reference? Is he from it? He looks like someone from it if they allow dragons there. It was very believable to some extent, then for disappointment of Spike fans who want to know his BG (well I dont care), it was all wasted. - Somehow the 'Please CRY part' with Twilight's broken heart and Spike did not work for me, probably because it was not believable for either. I mean somehow the disappointment, I dont want to talk to you Twilight came too soon and unnatural. - Spike was almost like 'yes dad, I need my dad-y' and when I just see this word over the internet I facepalm, so stupid.. - Maybe chuckled over this except Starlight was now a garbage background pony. The pluses: What made me like Smoulder even more, was how she helped Spike from the very beginning, like this is what Spike needed, an actual dragon friend to fill in the gap, not a parent. Good busting the fat dragon's real intentions by Spike and Smoulder. Like the writer's worst, idc there can be bad episodes but I will not hesitate to slam and bash.
  9. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    Please tell me this isn't some fanfic that came after first spoilers about this episode. I was completely wrong about Chimera, although it has similar features but is 2-headed goat and lion. I've been talking about similar ideas coming but I've never seen this type of mythical creature, like deer horns, dragon skin and mane/hooves like a horse or any such creature make it ideal for MLP. Then that's bull's eye what Kirins are and where the idea was taken from. And genius since it is so similar to a horse body, so they made them look cute like ponies. That's why I thought they were ponies and their horn was like Mistmane's simply a different horn because different area of the world.
  10. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    Ok, 'Kirins', time to have a Kirin student in Twilight's School!
  11. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    It was long ago since we saw Mane 6 focused episodes, even though the lesson was for the very target of the friendship quest. It's been some time since I mentioned it but, I like Fluttershy episodes being my fave of the Mane 6, and this with AJ (when was the last time they ever had an episode that would fit?), is simply awesome! Like the last 2 episodes, I give it a solid 5/5 and the biggest of all, from all the creatures and places that exist out there, even more world exploration , Jungle ponies?? I don't know how else to call them. And this time no Starlight, no Student 6, just like previous seasons, a feel of the actual Main 6 season. (some of my text got completely lost, rebuilding it) So this episode starts with a place that looks like Australia with the Ayers rock, then in the beginning Fluttershy's assertiveness is seen again when she is caught by AJ 'fooling around with other critters'. It turned out the flowers were the ones they needed from the very beginning, only after rewinding could I see that lol: I don't know what mythical creatures they represent and what country or ethnicity are they similar to. A pony that becomes a fire creature with horns like a moose, no not even that, hmm. I was watching the village and the silenced ponies with curiosity, whether this was a curse or their nature to be non-talking ponies! This was so interesting seeing this new types that one could only make guesses. Then came Autumn (something) and her ceaseless speaking. And the song that I've mentioned not caring much about songs but okay learning about their story. And these creatures, what are they? Ohh I did a small search, Chimeras.. I know them I just had another idea of Chimeras, a lion and goat but in Equestria single headed lion-goat hybrid. And their queen is like the jungle version of Celestia! And the ponies overall remind me of how the ponies and the Mane 6 became jungle ponies when hiding from Chrysalis during one of the timelines Twi was sent into by Starlight in 'The Cutie Re-mark'. And then after this nice view of their village, a row between the Mane 2 and wow they have the ability to lift like unicorns and just when the Mane 2 were about to be silenced, that would have caused a big problem but still curable if other Mane's came to the rescue, then this pretty blaze wall of blue and red fire, very interesting. Then the new jungle ponies start talking and oh my good job by the artists, this new world, like amazons or I don't know what they are, is soooo good! Loved the new place! And just when you thought the Equestria world already had plenty of species and cultures, a brand new part of the world! Amazing episode! I love posting pics of new interesting places, looks pleasant for the eyes, almost like taking pictures of being there:
  12. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E22 - What Lies Beneath

    I don't know what's in the next episodes so based on the guesses, I like the idea of the School 6 becoming the new Element bearers of harmony, though something tells me they could be new symbols of the Tree, while the Mane 6 still keep their role.Cozy Glow's cutie mark, the two rooks, I didn't pay attention it means manipulation like a chess board until now. I thought it was some sort of 'logic' mark. Though, pawns would have conveyed that meaning better.
  13. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E22 - What Lies Beneath

    Yes of course, that's appreciated, I follow the official releases too.
  14. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E22 - What Lies Beneath

    ^ What's the point of entering here then, does one expect to read posts and not get spoiled at the same time (if the spoilers are for the same episode)? Anyway, the past 4 episodes this inclusive has been with some of the good writers and made nice episodes, this episodes did not disappoint, it is awesome, have some small remarks. Let's see: An episode focused entirely on the Student Six. I've mentioned it and will again, I find these six sooo adorable and I've been shipping them since the first episodes they had them, they are already much more interesting to me than the CMCs have ever been. Here comes a little remark, it seems that when someone asks something (in the air), something non-natural around them will always become alive and start speaking and pointing it out. In Shadow Play it was when trying to figure out how to activate the stone pillars when placing items, here it is the Tree of Harmony suddenly can become a ghost and living being speaking to the Student Six, and in some cases the Map will magically point out or notify the ponies. Like really couldn't somepony figure things out on their own? I will accept this because nature or a tree seen as a spirit like nature's spirit has been done I guess. Cozy Glow is such a lil manipulator, wanting to break their friendship. Does the crystal cave lead to the Tree of Harmony, is it the same cave? Like with the pond of too many Pinkie Pies? Silverstream's place: The grunts, the face of the Storm King, more and more revealing for the movie, that anyone should have watched by now. Gallus: TFW he was just about to exit and messed up the last beam to close it entirely, ouch! Smoulder: I had a hard time knowing she or he, now I know for sure, she has always been cute and my most/2nd fave! Those ponies were right she was cute, before putting on the make-up. Ocellus: Ahh the flashback of what Changelings looked like and Chrysalis appearance in same episode as the Storm King, feels good! So was Sandbar thirsty for leadership? He wants to be more important like the Mane 6. And there I see two shipping materials that I totally dig! This, and this And finally, you lil devil Cozy are totally up to something (I dont watch further episodes by this time), I was only expecting this face from her: (no not fab more like green eyes for evil)
  15. ImpctR

    Spoiler S08:E21 - A Rockhoof and a Hard Place

    Keep these coming pls, for those that are far from TV's and alike right after US airing date. The dailymotion 480p vids, flipped horizontally, probably 1.25 speed that made voices sound childish was not very nice to watch. I rarely re-watch but mid-season finales and good episodes like with Luna in last season, Royal problem and such) deserve it. I would rewatch this, as the poor quality I used was not satisfying. I think this ep is worthy of rewatch too. Yes, and in simpler terms (since I would still need to read it 10 times to figure out what it's saying even though I have studied it), in the episode they are just using the idea of what ancient civs saw in the night sky which was slightly different orientation than how things are now. Which is why the 3 pyramids and other structures perhaps the Mayan temples in South America are kind of representing how they saw Orion's Belt, and there were some other monuments believed to be placed in an order of how they saw the night sky thousands of years ago.