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  1. I've seen US things being made clearer and more understandable but 8/7c is the opposite of such things. Does that mean that when they show MLP 11:30a/10:30c the "a" stands for AM and now when this is 8/7c it means 8 PM? Im looking forward to what comes and will comment when done with the two-parter as I suppose the last one will be more of an ordinary ep but a retrospect to all so far. I let a Decade of Pony reveal few cameos in the end and other things and OMG they added that! Will comment on that when the episode comes
  2. It does? As much as I like Lyra and Bon-Bon and enjoyed seeing them since early seasons, I can never say representation is needed when I watch something in general. It becomes as forced as movies in which there always has to be one representative of each race. In gaming communities (although it came as a joke where I saw it) some ask: can we please have lgbt reference in the game please ? Whether it would be a character skin or what not.. And im like (also some lgbt members too) raising eyebrow. It is turning from - it is nice to have into - must have, shove it on everyone everywhere and any time.
  3. Ahh how did I miss that, my favorite old times BG ponies proposing to each other, how cute!
  4. The last slice of life episode (could have named it Pearposal as was heard) And good, Im here for the finale, no matter what the two-parter episodes with some trouble remain my favorite type in the whole show, I've not been watching MLP for romance and SoLs with fewer exceptions. ALAS, I will have to be minority here as I found it to be mediocre never mind written by show favorite Harber and Vogel and there is one remark to episodes recently that I will mostly mention when I talk about the season or the show in the end. The remark is that in too many complaints over 'they didn't not learn the lesson', 'they are learning this again', the writers started adding lines where the characters would say 'See? I learnt this lesson!' and im like this is supposed to be just in comments, no need to show us how much they learnt the lesson by explicitly saying it. And I blame these kind of comments on that. Anyway, as a last such episode, it had pleasant moments but while Big Mac - Sugar Belle were at first something curious to see, I do not really care much about their end story, though the end story had to come for them as well. (heck I even expected Maud and Mud Briar to propose one another as it happens on weddings inspired by the main actors but this was Apple event only, surprised the Mane 6 were not invite). I think a possible Epilogue to many characters without having to devote whole episodes is like I've seen on college movies or such, in which it ends with showing who went to do what after graduation. It could be done as Mane 6 and others gather to tell one final story to all of us. So the episode's order is very chaotic, I got that they are retelling the story how everything went in order after the initial faults... but the repeats and small stories were rewinded or scattered so much, I watch once.. that it put extra distaste on the episode. So many Spike faces, is this his episode for gags? I dont like episodes for this but it was not too much I guess. I see the animators were just doing it for fun, not because there's any purpose. So Discord appears and wants to help, predictably, leading the whole event into chaos. I like Spike's expressions here, they were mostly typical for Twilight, and for Fluttershy, she uses them on Angel. I like these flowers look really pleasant to watch and Rose she's my new fave from the Lyra type of BG ponies. Surprised Miss Cake was not more mad at Spike. Then follows the attack of the predatory apples, funny and the mess they made, well a little, not too amusing. The bowling stallions again, some other story how each Mac part and Sugar's part prepared for the surprise. Then this is a last view of Fluttershy's sanctuary. The apple monstrosity was funny but very little.. Now this is the romance I liked the most from the episode, it felt strong and one that I would enjoy watching. And the lady with the cats, seeing only Apples/Pears, no Mane 6 umm OK. I thought they were closer.So they didn't think of a word like Hustallion (yes I know it sounds not good) and Mare or what not. 3/5 because of how confusing the story was rewinded and because there was not too much that amused, it was a bit childish type if amusing at all on moments. But it's forgiven as next is what 3 EPISODES in 1 day? oO I thought it would be 3 parter for once but maybe it will be 2-parter + Epilogue episode. (WILL THEY GIVE TEMPEST STORM SOME CAMEO AT LEAST?) I suppose not... it's not that im so fanatic about here, my hype has faded as the Movie was long ago but she was the only one not referenced at all since the Season 8 started making references. Anyway to Grogar, Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy they'd better make something nice to fit for 2 parter since the last one will be just the coronation and not Grogar I suppose.
  5. Their age here is like human's 18 or up to 21, I think. It's because they claim they are now grown up kind of can decide on their own but still too young at it. eeh if that was the message (which I doubt), that would be a terrible example to give.
  6. Hmmm the writer of this episode (Ed Valentine) seems to specialize in CMC episodes. I've previously mentioned CMC eps are less interesting to me when they are about learning something (like in the older seasons) but this one had some nice things and I liked it. Seeing what episodes were written like 'The Cart before the ponies' was a quite boring episode from Season 6. Not much to say about the episode but will break it into few things. It starts as a really ordinary CMC ep, where can they be if not in the tree house. Sick Mac, 1st time we see the poor stallion like that... Yeeup. So they have this flower that makes wishes come true and as they are seen grown, they traverse some forest on their way to Appleloosa aand this guy is either the same from the Sound of Silence? when Fluttershy visited Chirens or it is another place. Well this is a swamp, the others was the Aires rock terrain. What's with the faces from under of the three? BFFs? The two fillies arguing remind me of the ones in the Rainbow Roadtrip, very similar plot. What the heck is that purple animal thing that makes a tornado. This may tickle some seeing it so much in Season 9 but Fluttershy is the voice of reason this season.She is the smartest and I liked how she guessed what was going on (or saw) and Twilight's reaction .. "or that" Good to see them btw, whether random that Fluttershy once again saved the rest from animals. In Daring Doubt it was saving Caballeron from tigers now from this thing. Not much to say, for some this would be a CMC episode from past seasons, the only prob is the timing of such episode towards the past seasons. What is really nice about this episode (to me at least)? A view from the future! Imagine this was Season 11, they are now the age of their sisters. And they look so much nicer, im not fond of fillies in MLP in general.Scoot or Sweety Belle cant say who looks the coolest but all 3. What is lacking? Continuity (I suppose just wrong order). Isn't The Last Crusade the last CMC episode? It looks like this ep should have gone before the last crusade. 4/5 for being the old seasons type but still for being a nice ep.
  7. Fully agree. They could let villains remain villains and even with the end of the season just let the viewers decide how their story would continue beyond Season 9. They took the idea that every story needs to end too literally and made some not so good excuses like quick reformations
  8. Yes it was the only uIZOTL name that I could think of (I really hated to look it up) but I can imagine, I know the Q was a dragon thing but for some reason thought this was supposed to be it. I am more aware of different Mayan gods or creatures, the Quetz. thing is the only one I could think of For a plot uniqueness, I will repeat what I mentioned in my OP. I wouldn't mind of Caballeron's story was true, and Daring Do was the bigger plunderer and not seen as the hero. I got tired of her hero plot somehow, that would be a nice spice to the story to show that the praised heroes may eventually turn out to not be so good and not deserve the praise.
  9. Daring Done For Real Maybe a bit mixed feelings of why like that and what some of it meant but here it is, Daring Done (for real). This was perhaps better to be called Daring Done than the Season 7's episode. Overall I loved it, just what I expected from Daring Do episode, an adventure and although I do not think too much about this part of the MLP stories, I did not expect and do not mind Caballeron's reformation. What confused a bit was that the Quetzalcoatl was a talking creature maybe I've forgotten and that it was from the episode with Somnanbula's blindfold episode? And that only raises the question why its reformation and why suddenly such a creature in town (wasn't Daring Do in Manehathan?) Let's break it into parts to discuss also Fluttershy, as her fan I can comment and defend perhaps some of what could come as wrong by her. I do not remember when she became more interested in Daring Do's books than Rainbow Dash or was it in that particular book only. Rainbow acts like a big fanpony here ready to defend and deny any critic against Daring Do. Next they go her book store (for some reason the whole Daring Do thing and the writer remind me of not just Indiana Jones (duh) but the book store in Marvel's spider-man with Stan. Or there are other examples where the writer is the character too. The part with angry fans has been seen (or not?) in Daring Done. I like these DD flashbacks even though it's through Caballeron's lies here. For a seconder I thought the finale of Daring Do was going to be that she is indeed the liar and Caballeron but why not? Lol what a plot twist, nah it makes no sense. And to talk about Fltutershy's naivety. She is nice by nature and being more listening to others even to villains may look unnatural or OOC to some but imo despite her assertiveness in recent seasons, she is still susceptible to such. Was she befriending stallions she could not trust too soon? Did this make her too naive? For the episode to run it would feel rushed but I do not have critics about it. We see her next already on the adventure next seemingly without much hesitation whether to go (there was no umm Im not sure, with you.. ). Ok maybe this was too rushed but for 20 mins it would waste time for rest of the story if they showed slower why she would start trusting them to go on an adventure. As expected, Fluttershy handles the animals ezpz before Caballeron looking in amazement as she later handles the swarm of insects guarding the entrance. I still find Daring Do and Rainbow Dash cute when they fly like that so this pic is for a bye seeing you for last time like that This is the Equestrian Stonehenge? No probably one of the Aztec temples. Or a mix of both, at least inside it is the latter. Oh my gosh Fluttershy no!! And just when I think it is Daring Do's giving a hoof to Fluttershy it is Caballeron. If it wasn't for him she would be... How ? How he cared? He liked her? Do you know what Discord would do to you Caballeron if he found out the danger Fluttershy's been exposed to? The necklace starts having its effect but I think they should've chosen a color other than green, that suggests possession or evil, maybe yellow eyes? Then there's the Quetzalcoatl villain and the stone figures turned alive. Gargoyles.Some nice action and cooperation between the former villain Caballeron and DD, here's the 2nd act of reformation after saving Fluttershy. Then they work together and reformation 2 - the creature itself. A small remark let the creature Quetzalcoatl remain a guarding, now a historian and what he is the new writer or? Even if Quetzalcoatl is really a guardian of artifacts that would take away from Daring Do's purpose and imo best was two of them DD and Caballeron to become writers as expected. I did not get that so it was a little strange to me but since I hold neutrality to this reformation or whatever they want to do with the Quetz. I think it is a fine if not a little too much of reformation. Still good N Dubuc brought yet another story to an end and it is what one can expect, was a nice ep nontheless 5/5
  10. IF there have been any real bodies of aliens, they are likely moved out a long time ago. This was the first and most known place. Who really thinks there are still things there. What about Wright-Patterson AF base and many other places.. so yes that was pointless and as I read besides some enthusiasts nothing much happened. Consider it an alien con
  11. A writer that I do not remember seeing before, and well the episode is .... AWESOME! Starlight and Trixie are the cutest couple * cough*... friends in the entire show! It's like I realize it now in a culmination after starting from neutral about their shipping to liking their episodes more and more! Oh my gosh they are soo cute. The Student Counsel was interesting mixture of adventure and comedy but in this episode the chemistry between these two was through the roof here, so good and pleasant to watch that. And that didn't require many faces like in Student Counsel, well I did say im not fan of gags overdose. Another story comes to an end Never thought about it but now that I do, Starlight replacing Twilight at the School of Friendship is the best and most logical decision about where Starlight would grow next in her development. So receiving the news about it, Starlight did not even look surprised much, it's like she expected it and that about her expectations is justified. Then we see the typical Starlighting? well it is lesser than Twilighting worrying how she can handle all that. Trixie is so adorable in her way to expect that there can be no better match for the job than her. I love her character here. These 4 candidates made up for some interesting interactions with the rest in Ponyville. Big Mac doing something different than the farm even if he is not the best is really nice to see such different interactions with like Ocellus and others. Spoiled Rich (that's her right?) of course would go with her way to get money and would teach 'business' hmm barely fitting word for the Equestrian society. When's the last time Octavia had so much screen time and talking. The students seem to enjoy the music but of course she's from the greatest musicians around. And then we see Trixie as expected not handling her duties well but because Spoiled is known for her.. values, quickly loses the spot first. There is something about Ocellus, the changelings and Octavia that really go well with music. Dr Who(oves) and the Yaks hah interesting interaction. But the most interesting one was Trixie vs Granpa Gruff Watch these two (one former) antagonist go into conflict, so cool! Silverstream's father does portray the concerned father whose daughter has to be in a quality place kind of personality. And Big Mac is not for that. I love that place, looks really nicely made for the environment of Dr Whooves. Hey this is the swamp from a Health of Information with the electric bees or umm whatever they were. Got to give props to the animators again, really nice effects: The disaster was expected but we know them Trixie is able to forgive such behavior their relationship is not without tremors, but it is so good and realistic because of that energy between them! Have we seen that already in Road to Friendship ? Trixie sticking her face like that gives me flashbacks to their wagon adventure in the desert Sunburst for the vice-head-mare, he does look like one with this goat beard and glasses, you could tell what better match? And that concludes his place in Equestria and Ponyville too woo What a great 5/5 or 10/10 episode, really nice continuity, doesn't need any further ending.
  12. As someone who does not see Rarity as among the most fave of Mane 6, she had quite nice episodes throughout the seasons that made one laugh. This episode was OK, not so bad but not so good either though still decent as written by Josh Harbor. I suppose one thing is put to rest? SPARITY Since first seasons Spike and Rarity had so much time together than Spike's crush on Rarity was directly featured in some episodes. Here this episode not only showed what Twilight taught them that friends could change and that yes Rarity and Spike could still go for gem caves, but something has changed - since the beginning of the episode Spike no longer sees RAarity with heart shaped eyes. It has showed jhow much he's grown and how he's so over this feeling, so much that now Rarity had to take measures against his ignorance. The measures she took such as messy mane we have seen in past seasons, but then trying to make Spike lose Gabi as a friend. I don't remember which first time Gabi appeared as a new griffon, which season but I remember it was when the mane 6 visited Griffonstone? Now we learn that they are pen friends with SPike. good for story development, Another long-standing problem in the MLP waiting for a solution is gone, though what more as a solution to Spike's obsession from the past? In the beginning we see the place she used to go for mining gems with Spike. Then the post office (seen in Between Dawn and Dusk) and introduction of Rarity to Gabi. It was good to see the students we didn't see lately Gallus, Silver Stream and Yona. Then some flashbacks to older episodes where Sparity was featured. Then the Mane 6 try to help her. I find it funny to compare it to real life world and values... so Rarity breaking into the castle and Spike's room while he's sleeping looks normal to me. I thought she would be faking the trips to engage Spike but the places they went to were real. Good it didnt turn into gags episode again around Rarity's crazy look, only on some moments. Power Ponies - con? Flashback to that episode. Since im not Rarity's big fan I do not have so high expectations unlike the previous solid Fluttershy episode and my fave episode of the Mane 6, but I can imagine the irrational way Rarity reacted and as her final episode might be slap on the face for some fans. I would give it a 4.4/5 because even though I dont hate an episode for how anypony's OOC ruined the episode, she was acting a bit unusually irrational and crazy but as I said good it was not more gags. The lesson learnt was from Twilight and it is in place imo not too late in season because she started losing Spike only now after theses seasons and I never cared about Sparity to care about it being put to rest.
  13. You are spot on, I remember that was the case. He wished it was so and he became, not a giant but a pony, and he still unleashed his monstrosity. That I find quite a stretch. If we were to go so over-protective might as well put the children in a bomb shelter to not get any bad influence which is near impossible nowadays. Besides, dont think anything in there would be taken literally and as a behavioral reprogramming
  14. That's what they want you to think! Angel IS a monster lol
  15. Beware, it is Cuteness Time but also it was touching for me, for the first time I felt such touching moment in many episodes so far. Good writing by Nick Confalone, im glad another trustworthy writer for possibly the last Fluttershy based episode. Back when there were no much other creatures, not Princess Twilight Sparkle, Wonderbolts, School Six, Pillars and many other things, I had to choose my favorite pony from the Mane 6 and that was ofc Fluttershy. This (final) episode just reconfirmed it and I'm glad what started as gags did not turn the whole episode into faces, so good. It is also the first time the relationship with Angel has been addressed and the first time so much of the Sanctuary was done. So it's been some time since we saw Fluttery or maybe never saw how much work she had to do. Funny animal chase in the Sanctuary and this was an opportunity to have more Zecora with this episode. The plot itself - totally switched is one I've seen in other 'girly' shows. So having that in MLP started with curiosity how it would develop. Firstly, Im not like - someone acts bad therefore I have to hate this episode to the depths! I don't understand disliking an episode because someone acted badly UNLESS that one was portrayed way out of character, in which case I would agree. However, that's not the case. Angel THE BUNNY is a known GANGSTA i tell you - remember the episode where he turned into a GIANT BUNNIZILLA? I've forgotten the episode, it was Season 4 or 5 or 6. Or maybe even earlier. But now... gosh Angel the devil showed his teeth, so nasty, I felt sorry for Fluttershy, the episode was written really well to make you feel sorry for her. Yes I know they tried to show that Angel's life sucks too but it was not as touching or at all as Flut's position. So we see some salamander or who knows what, some fairy lizard that can breathe fire. This is where I feared too many gags and I didn't need that from A Trivial Pursuit, luckily it was what I thought cuteness and more cuteness Fltutershy! Then we learn how busy Fluttershy is and they go to Zecora that acts like a psychologist and they reveal their probs. Zecora's potions have been causing more probs multiple times, dont know why they would trust her! Then we see switched Angel into Flut's body and his bad boy style or how much of an arse he is. Well, I never cared what he's like like I have no interest in the critters like Tank and that little gator. And from part 3 oh my this part was touching, ofc I knew Fluttershy was gonna be alright but seeing her like that i've never seen her so miserable even as Angel, not by any villain this part touched me, they conveyed the message really well, I rarely feel such things in other episodes. Never got my eyes wet seeing Angel Fluttershy like that And I know some justice bronies may say Zecora totally needs to get responsibility sought from her but... again Equestria is neither US nor any particular place, I dont think they want to punish such characters or have such plots in this show, Im not expecting or wanting that either,. But STOP, no more of her crazy potions. Heck writers. Really touched and melted the ice with this episode a really fine episode for a final focused on Fluttershy and 5/5