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  1. Sadly, that headcanon doesn't hold up. Starlight Glimmer and Trixie are seen at the festival at the beginning of the movie.
  2. Spoiler

    I’ve recently noticed something, every single Legend of Equestria tends to have an interesting connection to one of the Mane six… Twilight not only idolizes Starswirl the Bearded, but both have an intense desire to understand as much about Magic as they can, but both often misunderstand the context of what they learn at times. They also both did not understand the power behind Friendship (at first). Twilight breaks away from Starswirl in this regard, but we’ve seen shades of how she could have turned out to be exactly like him in other individuals she’s helped (Moondancer, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon). Their connection to Magic and their focus on Friendship is key to both of their characters, and examining how divergent they are is definitely a part of both of their stories. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity were inspired by Flash Magnus, Rockhoof and Mistmane respectively: Applejack and Rockhoof both share the strength of both character and body to see thing through to the end, despite the odds. They care so much about their friends and family that they don’t have a second thought about putting themselves in danger to protect them, even if the task is well beyond them. Rainbow Dash and Flash Magnus share the hotneadedness, fierceness, and passion that drives them forward in everything they do. They are both brave to the extreme, don’t afraid of anything, and both certainly carry Loyalty with them to not leave their friends in danger. Rarity and Mistmane both see beauty in the world, and both strive to bring it out for others to enjoy. While their methods are different, the end result and goal is still the same: make the world a much more beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. To this effect, they both selflessly give of themselves in different ways to make sure that happens. Pinkie Pie seems to have the same belief in leaps of faith as Somnambula, plus Pinkie Pie and Somnambula both share something that a lot of people overlook in their characters: Faith. Both characters have absolute faith in that the path they’ve chosen to help others will always work out in the end. They want to see others happy, and believe with all their hearts that the road to happiness starts with a smile. And Fluttershy seems to take up Meadowbrook’s mask later, but comparison will have to wait until we get to "A Health of Information" and Meadowbrook’s backstory in "Legend of Magic". I have a feeling, based on the other five stories, it won’t be just that mask that’s the main connecting theme between them. Not to mention the fact that the comics actually indicate that they’ve teamed up before… That got me thinking, what if it’s not a coincidence? What if the Mane Six are their…. reincarnations?
  3. That's not exactly 100% fair, first of all Flash has his own brand of personality that everyone seems to ignore, it just needs to be explored more. Second of all, the same could be said for any other characters in the other movies: Trixie's scenes could've been removed completely since the Dazzlings could've simply trapped the Rainbooms themselves. The Shadowbolts barely had any interaction with their "counterparts" despite all the hype and could've been switched out with other humanized rival/enemeis from the show. Filthy Rich's villany made no sense, he could've been replaced with Glademane, Svengallop,or even his wife Spoiled Rich and it would've made more sense. Timber Spruce gets a buttload of screentime together with Twilight yet he never actually "connects" with anything going on with her. He's mostly there to be Human Twilight's love interest and a red herring for Sunset, he doesn't play any part in in Twilight's issues with Midnight Sparkle and accomplishes little to nothing against Gaea Everfree. If Flash is an example of too little backstory and not much to do with him, then Timber is the exact opposite, too much backstory and absolutely nothing done with it. Him wanting to leave the camp and head to the city? Never brought up after it's mentioned. Him covering for his sister? Done only so Sunset's got a red herring to chase around. So don't single Flash out for being "pointless" when there are plenty of characters in the movies that have that fault. Flash at the very least is built up better and has a little more history. Timber on the other hand.... I was expecting him to have some more vital role in convincing Twilight not to go into the Midnight form, but it doesn't go anywhere. It speaks volumes for his relevance to the story when Spike the dog could easily replace him.
  4. Um, did you even really watch the movie? There's literally no line of dialogue that indicates that Flash even knows Moondancer. No, sure there was a lot of bumping into each other but Flash did speak to her and actually came to her defense when she was framed with no one else did. And had the guts to ask her out as well. Timber on the other hand immediately starts flirting with her out of the blue. Not to mention the fact that he didn't really play into anything major aside from giving Sci-Twi a break from this Midnight Sparkle stuff. I think you should actually watch every single movie before making these judgments. Not only do Flash and Twilight dance at the end of the first movie but they come close to kissing in the second one and we're only interrupted by Trixie. Flash and Twilight had more buildup in there romance in Timber and Sci-Twi did. Flag of the Raley's waited until the second movie to try kissing her, Timber meets Sci-Twi and immediately the two look ready suck face off the bat.
  5. Technically she did do something though, she comforted her when she needed it and told her story that helped her calm down. Also there's this little scene: She knew exactly how she felt, hence why she did the best she could to make her happy.
  6. First things first, few people would say that Scootaloo is acting very out-of-character here.... but in all actuality it makes sense that she'd be freaked out from time to time, considering that the last time she came here she suffered from sleep deprivation but also nearly fell off a waterfall, it makes sense that she had a bit of PTSD, especially since she's still a child. Plus it says wonders for her character development since she's not trying to play it cool this time and genuinely lets her fears be known, and seeing RD make an effort to comfort her and be a good big sister to her is just heartwarming. Also the Fly-ders.... Christ, why do we need flying spiders!? What idiot thought that was a good idea!? What's the Discord?! I'll bet it was Discord!! Seriously, we need to exterminate those things immediately! *AHEM*.... anyway, on to the stories, it actually brings to light what I personally love the most about this episode, for those of us IDW fans, this is the first time we ever see ANY characters from the comics make an appearance in the show! And the show does them justice of the highest caliber! First off is the origin story of good old Shovel Knig-I mean Rockhoof, and man that was scrawny when he was young! But damn if he didn't have the determination to do what was right for his village! I mean, digging a giant trench all on his own despite the odds being against him? This guy's got some huge stones right here! Not going to lie, at first I assumed it was his cutie mark story until I realized he already had it, this does raise some questions for me... exactly what did he hit that made him grow so quickly, an evolution stone? Anyways, onto Rarity's story. There's another nice show of character development since she actually shows the ability to see beauty and everything, even things that are potentially ugly at first sight. Something I don't think season 1 Rarity has ever done... though I suspect that kind of mindset also comes from her repeatedly going it down to the Diamond Dog mines with Spike.... Also Rarity's shadow puppets.... HOW!? I think our fashionista has been hanging around Pinkie Pie too long... Anyway, onto the tale of Mistmane, first off I have to say that I love the ancient Chinese setting, really sets the tone and mood of the story. When I heard Rarity's story, I can simply say that I didn't expect a Magic Duel to be in it... Especially one with magical fighting dragons! And the way she defeated Sable Spirit was both clever and humorous. Sable Spirit: Ha! Missed! Mistmane: Wasn't aiming at ya! I really like this Mistmane character, she actually feels like a combination of both Twilight and Rarity, looking past ones villainous deeds to extend the hoof of friendship once more, and yet being so generous as to give up one's physical beauty restore the inner beauty to everything around her... very nice. While I will admit Rainbow Dash causing a cave-in was a bit boneheaded on her part, they didn't really have any other options, not to mention the fact that those insects are apparently confirmed to EAT other ponies... seriously, those things need to be exterminated and fast! And now we move on to my personal favorite story told by my personal favorite Pony! Flash Magnus (a possible ancestor of Flash Sentry) taking on not one but two dragons to save his comrades! Not only is this an amazingly action-packed story where we get to see Torch before his Dragon Lord days, but it's also a perfect blend of both military strategy, and another showcasing of friendship and true loyalty. With our man Magnus not only managing to hold his own for an extended amount of time, but also successfully lures them into a massive thundercloud and comes out on top! One of the best stories in my opinion! And with the stories finished, our friends find their way out of the cave as well as a shortcut to the falls. All Things Considered, Not a Bad episode! Is episodes like bees that prove that MLP is still a great show and other people who say it's in decline don't know what they're talking about. I give it a 9.5/10!
  7. It takes balls to pull off an episode like this, especially since such a premise can be done horribly wrong if written poorly, just look at TTG's "Return of Slade". But this ep did the concept right in my opinion. Plus it was full of self-referential humor, which is the reason why I found this episode funny at certain points however, I actually cracked up when I heard that one old mare complain "Twilight was better without wings!". If Slice of Life represents the best aspects of the fandom, then this episode calls out the worst.
  8. Says the guy who clearly hasn't properly read what I'm saying and just wants an excuse to whine. Kindly take your pretentious attitude somewhere else.
  9. Kind of is when they act like they know better than anyone else, saying that everything after the point where they quit is going to suck and pretend that everyone who still likes the series is too blind and naive to know better. Tell me, why should I give their opinion any consideration whatsoever? Not everyone with opinions, just those who pretend that they still know what's wrong with the series without acknowledging the new materials that are being presented. Or complaining that the new material sucks without considering anything good about it. Again, if they're going to be so close-minded after they quit, then why should we be open-minded to their biased opinions? No, I'm just listing him as a textbook example.
  10. I'm not saying you're not allowed to like and dislike things as you please. I'm saying if you're going to "give up" on the series and claim not to watch it anymore then you lose the right to have your opinion of the taken remotely seriously when you start complaining about episodes you either haven't seen or won't bother to watch. People who complain about everything being bad after season 3 or whichever season they believe the show started going downhill have a tendency to be self-entitled and pretentious to the point of condescendingly talking down to everyone who still likes the show just for not sharing their opinion. Even going as far as to claim that "they are the real bronies as they only acknowledge the good seasons of MLP and not the trash it's become." It's sickening and pathetic. Dude, there's always gonna be someone being a jerk about it. Case in point: SilverStarApple
  11. Gotta get this off my chest, because people like this really piss me off. As many know, there are people out there who hate what MLP has become, claiming that “the show is ruined’ or “I stopped watching the show, it just isn't good any more ”... And yet they go out of their way to complain about every new episode that comes out and verbally attack it based on the synopsis alone. Question: If you're not gonna watch the show anymore, why should your opinion be taken under any sort of consideration? Why should anyone take it nothing more than a grain of salt? If you wanna go back to when the CMC were still trying to get their Cutie Marks then go ahead and watch previous episodes. If you hate Twicorn that much, then go watch season 2. But here's the thing; the “status quo is God” trope is STUPID. The show and characters have changed and grown since then and your refusal to accept that showcases an inability to adapt to a changing series and its fandom. And those who claim they are “true bronies" by “accepting pre-Twicorn over the modern episodes” are using that excuse as a crutch to disguise their real complaints, which is: “I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!! EVERYTHING HAS TO STAY EXACTLY THE SAME!!” Shit changes, sometimes for better or worse, and you've gotta roll with it. People complaining about the show being ruined need to wake up and stop following the hate-bandwagon. Anyone can go with the flow, in fact, the weak specialize in it. A true strong person is willing to fight the current. But if you're not gonna watch the newer episodes of series anymore, then your opinions on said episodes don't have much weight, and you've basically lost the right to complain about them or at the very least have those complaints be taken remotely seriously. Again, you haven't watched it, so why should we acknowledge the opinion of someone who might not even know what they're talking about? Don't ask someone to be open-minded when you're too close-minded.
  12. This is for everyone who has seen the EQG specials, so spoilers... kinda. In the specials, we never see two certain songs that were leaked... Now why would that be? It's indicated that these are being saved for a future set of specials... Could that mean, dare I say, there's a possibility for an actual episodic Series??
  13. General

    Perhaps, maybe someday....
  14. Actually Spike may not be as young as the show lets on considering that dragons only age due to their greed, much differently than ponies. Spike has had his fair share of moments that him a greatly mature light and even sometimes more mature that some of the mane six. Plus there's the glaring fact that he was allowed (or in Torch's case, outright expected) to be part of the Gauntlet of Fire despite the majority of contenders being teenagers, and yet no one complained about him being "a child" when he got the scepter.
  15. That's why it's better to actually try to make him interesting instead of complaining about how bland he is.