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S02:E08 - The Mysterious Mare Do Well



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Its going to be a Rodger plot from American Dad...


Turns out Rainbow Dash has split personalities and right now as we see her is her "Blue" personality.


While this one is another "color" of her mane... perhaps her "Red" personality...


I mean its the only possible answer... who else in the world would Rainbow Dash see as a rival.

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My guess is Pinkie Pie as the hero, but Derpy would be great as a superhero. It could be Trixie trying to get attention.


Wait a second, if there is a superhero in Equestria, then does that mean there is crime in Equestria?

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We're probably going to get a new character for his episode, which makes me excited! It's always nice to have more characters to talk about in this fandom. Hopefully they don't make this 'hero' to over the top, and annoying. A lot of shows do that. The show's really popular so they start to make it a little more crazy to make it 'unpredictable.'

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I'm guessing its an earth-pony? If it was a pegasus or a unicorn it would be obvious what it was, I think... unless it seems to be a unicorn but is really an alicorn? Maybe Celestia has come to town in disguise to see what everyone really thinks? Or perhaps Luna is seeking a new role in life?

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im guessing "hero" refers to somepony who goes around doing anonymous random acts of kindness, not a crimefighter.


the thing is, how is this hero stealing RD's thunder? maybe RD was going around and helping everypony and being awesome, and the hero came and did it better or something?


anyway, i hope its trixie. id love to see more trixie :)

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If it ain't a new character, I'm bettin' my bits on Scootaloo.


It would be nice if it were scootaloo, because frankly I was kinda disappointed that there was no scootaloo in May the best pet win, to try and become Rainbow Dash's pet. Also would it not be fare to have apple bloom an sweetie belle have an episode, but scootaloo not :huh:
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