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  1. Happy Birthday, Ichigopai!

    I like your OC, btw! Hopefully you come back ;)

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Working on my new Fluttershy wig! I plan on wearing it to see the movie so I gotta have it done soon. ♡

    It looks really rough right now lol but it's a work in progress!


    1. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      i think it's coming along nicely

  4. Your favourite...

    Game of Thrones! Favorite Brony Youtuber?
  5. Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    The world will end in 28:06:42:12...
  6. What Pokemon is the user above you?

  7. Your favourite...

    Foxes Favorite tv show?
  8. What Pokemon is the user above you?

  9. Animation The last Anime you watched?

    YES Deku is precious and must be protected at all costs
  10. Post your OC!

    @DJ_Bonebraker Aw thank you!!
  11. Describe the avatar above you with only one word

    s-senpai uwuwu thatscompletelyironiciswear
  12. Describe the avatar above you with only one word

    Toothpaste (to be honest, ever sine I first saw Starlight she always reminded me of toothpaste. Her hair? Toothpaste. Those little magic squiggles on her Cutie Mark? Nope, that's toothpaste.)
  13. Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I use this one in my group chats all the time lol Favorite Pokemon, if you have one?
  14. The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted but then you'll never be able to see how they all end >:3c I wish I had better sleeping habits