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  1. Happy birthday Ivory Moth!

  2. I just had one last night. A group of ponies were doing something against the law( I don't remember what.) But then a normal human policeman stopped them, and asked what they were doing, prompting the CMC to start blabbing. But then the CMC were pushed behind a wall by Twilight before they said everything, and then I woke up very confused.
  3. No. I don't want Twilight to stay an alicorn. The problem is Hasbro. It seems they will do anything for a buck, so I think it's permanent. Here is a picture of Hasbro's business plan.
  4. Blue Berry
  5. At this current time of posting, I am in my grandparent's vacation house in Florida. And I have been wondering, where have all you guys traveled to? I am kind of spoiled, so I have been a lot of places most people have not. So yeah, where have you been?
  6. You have a very interesting art style. It makes them look like alicorns, even though they aren't. It also makes the ponies look more mature. I also agree with Sensuna, those can be kind of eerie, you should try making a frightening one, like Sombra. Just a suggestion. Anyway keep up the good work!
  7. Here is a picture. (This isn't mine, just so you know.) They come in plenty of sizes, but I have never seen a different colored one. Usually tourist shops. It's fine, most people have never heard of them.
  8. I love my name! It's really hard to find a really stupid nickname for Ian! But, yeah, I like my name because I don't know anybody else who has it.
  9. I collect laser cubes. They are glass objects with white lines carved into them to make pictures. I get one everytime I go somewhere new.
  10. 1. Not usually, but I do occasionaly. 2. No, I do not. 3. I think it needs to be funny to be good. Yes, but I avoid those. 4. Possibly "Silent Ponyville". Dark, but moving. 5. Only ponies, unless it is Halo related. 6. Not too many, maybe 20. 7.. I enjoy comedy and random.
  11. My theory is that Equestria used to be on Earth, but it was pulled into a separate dimension by Discord, so he could use it as his on little sandbox. So technically, Equestria is Earth, but not on it.
  12. Moth ponies! Okay, I'm a bit biased on that, but it would still be pretty cool. They could live in the Everfree Forest and be awesome and, and....... I got nothin'.