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Fluttershy getting scared until she faints like a goat fan club.


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Who's the cutest pony?... Fluttershy


Whats her cutest moment?.... Her fainting like a goat.



I definitely would like to see more of the cuteness phenomenon that is Fluttershy fainting like a goat. WHOS WITH ME!



Forum rules are in effect (duh)

Be nice.

Have fun.


Member list:


The Pony Pianist

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This fanclub will become the greatest phenomenon the internet has ever seen! :angry:


Side note:@, I like your peep. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

Welcome to the club. :D


Now go recruit... RECRUIT MY CHILD!!

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Yeeeesssss Fluttershy! So sweet and when she faints like that it's so funny! But when she does that, is that a defence mechanism or... Because irl some goats do that defensively (which is useless) so FLUTTERSHY HAS GOAT DNA O.o

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