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Who wears glasses and why?


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I haven’t had glasses for years. The easiest way to get glasses even if you don’t need them is go to an optical store. They know you just have to see a little bit badly to sell you expensive glasses.

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I started wearing glasses when I was in elementary school in second grade due to the fact I tend to sit too close too the tv and my parents keep sitting back when I couldn't though growing up I was not good at taking care of my glasses I would break them but not on purpose though in middle school  the one pair I had I accidently flush down the toilet when I was taking a bath and didn't realise it was gone till I check the spot I left them and they were gone I don't trust my glasses near toilets anymore I just put them on the sink and have the toilet seat closed but until now I have gotten better of not even breaking my glasses my advise be careful where you put them cause you never know where it will end up 

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